Leonardo Da Vinci

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Getting Caught by the Police

Imagine one day, you’ve finished your Friday school day and you were walking back home whistling to your favorite song. What will you do if a police started to chase after you? This is what happened to Matt. He was an innocent and really kind kid.


Matt was an innocent kid who got caught to jail for no reason. “I was caught by the police” (McDermott, 32) Even though he didn’t do anything, he got caught by the police. Imagine this was you. Will you argue with the police or will you just carry on? You will probably argue with the police about how it wasn’t you who did the crime. But Matt was different. He didn’t beg the police to let him go, he just carried on and went inside the cell. “I don’t want to stay here anymore, mom” (102) This quote was from when he was in the cell, making a phone call to his mom. He changed a lot throughout the story. At the beginning of the story, he didn’t care if he went into the jail or not. But he couldn’t stay in the cell for 5 more years. He was a kid. He had to go out and explore the world. This quote doesn’t really show that he was an innocent boy but it shows that he changed throughout the story, from innocent to curious. A similar situation happened to my father’s friend in Canada. My father’s friend had the exact date of birth, and the exact same last and first name with him. He got caught by the police during lunch time and got released after a few hours.



Matt wasn’t just an innocent kid; he was a kind kid too. “Will you please forgive me?” (27). This was when Matt got caught by the police after the school finished. Even though he knew he didn’t do anything wrong, he followed the police. He even asked them to forgive him. This quote shows that he’s a really kind kid because even though he didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t complain about anything and kept on following the instructions given to him.


Matt changed throughout the story. He was an innocent kid who got caught by the police for no reason, and he was even saying sorry to them. But as he grew up in the cell for 5 years, he knew had to go out to explore the real world. Just imagine you were walking back home and the police chase after you.  What will you do?


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Elements of being a humanist

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Academic Goal: All meeting 80%, mastering 20% in all subjects. I will measure this goal by the report card I get every trimester

I will actively work towards this goal by studying on khanacademy every math day.

Personal Goal: Bike to school every day unless a bad weather.

I will actively work towards this goal by biking from my house to school.

Wellness Goal: Drink 1L of water every day.

I will actively work towards this goal by bringing water bottle to school every day, drinking enough water during practices and drinking at home too.

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How respectable students acts against their parent

Most students aren’t intelligent, determined and inquisitive like Waverly. Even though Waverly is a respectable chess player, she is also intelligent, determined and inquisitive person. Rules of the game, written by Tan, Amy is a story that talks about how a kid called Waverly learns about chess and going through tough opponents. Sometimes, Waverly’s mom argues with her which led to a bad decision by Waverly, jumping out the window.


Waverly is an intelligent and determined student. She is always on task, hard-working and just thinking about learning chess. In the story, it says “I studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contained.”(Tan, 3) this shows that she is always hard-working, always on task and she wants to learn about her interest. She wants to learn about chess no matter what situation is given and this quote explains it. “Ma, it’s not how many pieces you lose,” (Tan,3) this part is when her mom was mad at her by losing the pieces during some important matches against tough opponents. But she knew she had more knowledge about chess so she was arguing with her mom. “Sometimes you need to lose pieces to get ahead.” (Tan,3) These two quotes show that Waverly understands the point of the game and she has worked hard to get to that level.


She is intelligent and determined, but she is also inquisitive. “Why?” I asked as I moved my pawn. “Why can’t they move more steps?” (Tan, 3) She wants to know how the pieces move and if she is curious, she has no hesitation. She asks if she’s curious about some problems so she can learn about chess.


Waverly is a respectable chess player but she is also an intelligent, determined and inquisitive student.

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Fishing Madness

Fishing Madness

Summer was more than a party.

It was more than Sheila Mant.

It wasn’t about paddling upstream in life.

It was going from the top to bottom

Life was a big mistake.

It was minutes of failing.

Fishing was a big mistake.

Trying to hook the biggest bass.

Fishing was nothing but madness between the fish and I.

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My First Week

The first week of school. What I was excited and worried about. The first day of school, I finally met my friends such as Maxim, Joel, Willian, etc. I got to know my classmates during the first day of school and my teachers too. I forgot lots of stuff about all the subjects, especially for Spanish. I really like how they changed the cafeteria’s company and the tray return system. But there’s a thing I don’t like about the cafeteria too, the lights. It’s too bright that we have to close our eyes every time when we look at the ceiling. But still, it was a great first week and hope the other weeks of school are just like this one.

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Plan for Grade 8 Humanities

  1. What are you looking forward to do in Grade 8 Humanities?

I’m looking forward to the economic unit because I’m really into politics, current events and watching the Korean news channel with my dad. I’m also looking forward to making connections with students and teacher.


  1. What challenges will you face?

One of the challenges I will face is writing. I might make some grammar mistake writing an essay. Another challenge I might face is getting organized. During last year, I had lots of problems with not having the essay in time or not doing my homework.


  1. What is your plan to meet those challenges?

I should have an organization system not just for school, possibly in other activities outside of school. For writing, I should read more books for proper grammar.

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My Book Reflection

I read a book about two friends during the WWII (world war 2). I enjoyed the book in some parts but I didn’t really like the other parts because it was the part when the troops were fighting, and the book was describing how the people died and there were lots of “blood” scene during the story. If you like books about war and killing and those stuff, I’m pretty sure that you’re going to like it. In the story, there were two teenagers who were really good friends. They decided to go fishing and that was not a good decision in my opinion. Later that day, they heard this strange alarm. It was about a war happening right now. The two friends got so scared that they wanted to escape from the country. In order to cross the border, you have to enter the password. So the two friends used their relationship to get the password. Right after they crossed the border, they got caught by a soldier. The soldier asked the two friends to tell the password to them and if the password was incorrect, the soldier will kill them…

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My OCHA Character Profile for the Phoenix Project

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