Where is our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Nasa’s future missions should be focused on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

In 1998, NASA’s Galileo flew by Europa to take data and now reports suggest that there is a salty ocean about twice of Earth’s hiding under the ice. The finding is raising hope of signs of life outside of Earth.

Exploring Europa is very important for Earth is dying, Earth’s resources are being drained by its large population, the importance of finding another planet mankind can inhabit in replacement of the dying Earth should be our number one priority. Water is the origin of life, if there is a salty 0cean beneath the layer of ice in Europa there could be living organisms as small as a bacterium. In addition, the icy depths of the moons are thought to contain vents like oceans on Earth do. These vents could provide the necessary thermal environment to help life evolve like the origin of life on Earth. 

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one day chess project

IMG_7987for one day  I did life-sized boardgames. I was in a large group of six consisted of Erick, Centauri, Richard, Zhiqi, and I. We made a huge chess board and chess pieces out of cardboard. We mass-produced base and body of the chess piece by tracing a stencil we created in the beginning.  And cut out the different shapes of the of the chess pieces in 2d and attached them together using the slot and notch technique. After we would paint half of the pieces black and leave half of it white. We created the board by painting in black squares with paint. Although we were sometimes off task and messing around but overall the process was fun. If we had a second chance maybe we would’ve designed the chess pieces neater and labeled it. I learned the importance of teamwork and how it could achieve things with very high efficiency.  Everything went