Code Name Verity Repost

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One Day 2019 Stop Motion Movie Making

I am working with Gary, Jeff, and Kelly. I want to make a short, real life stop motion movie.

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How Big is Big Self Directed Lesson – Pale Blue Dot

I believe that the Pale blue dot shows more of how tiny the Earth, which is fascinating, noting that its a world we live in everyday. It is a picture took on February 14, 1990 by the voyager 1 6 billion kilometers away from earth, Earth from that far away is not more than a tiny speck of white. We live in a world that is no more than a dot from that far away, it is just so fascinating. Can we one day be able to travel that far, and see the Earth as so small? I wish. The Hubble Deep Field is observing the world from Earth, and that is so less challenging then to go out of Earth and see Earth from so far away.

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A Real Friend for a Collaboratrice?

The book I was reading is called Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, I think that Maddie is a real friend that will never give up her friends. To first explain my covers, the heart and the strings show the two protagonist’s relationship. While one died after a devastating bullet from the other, due to the fear of getting tortured. Thus, one died and their relationship is lost like a scissor cutting a string. I used a black background to show the sadness and depression in the text I was focusing on, the falling action leading in to the resolution. I think that Maddie is a real friend that shines in to ones heart like a flashlight, as showed in the back page. She tried convincing others that Julie was not who they believed she was, a collaboratrice. Due to them assuming Julie being a collaboratrice, Maddie was mad and angered. She punched the one that said and spread rumors about Julie, Maddie believes that Julie is good and will never betray their country. After that, she received the texts Julie had, and realized that she never told the Nazis anything, not even Maddie’s code name. 

Book Cover for Code Name Verity

Book Back for Code Name Verity


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Of Water and Men

I chose this SDG, clean water and sanitation, because of the impact it has. Without water, who can survive. Without sanitation, who will not get sick. People take these for granted, but many people in the world do not even have these basic needs. Them, having to cure disease caused by drinking water with their own excrement. This cannot be imagined. We together should work with the UN, and the world to solve this pressing issue described by the fantastic poet. His speech would, agitates the crowds, and the worlds attention. You, should start, by yourself.


Of Water and Men

On that day in June, we trekked the trails of “Desire”.

It is inevitable to deem this trek now as monotonous, boring, after hiking daily from the age, 6.

And now, I am 18.

It was the four thousand three hundred and eighty-four times.

“Eternal” greenness and liveliness was replaced by “eternal” grayness and dreadfulness:

The piles of plastic on the sides of the gravel road;

The disappearance of the last traces of the once animated trees,

And, the fetid, unpleasant smell of the contaminated brooks and rivulets.

It hit me hard.

It hit me hard.

It hit me real hard.

I wanted my last experience with “Desire” to draw the perfect period;

I wanted to summon joyful, ecstatic memories of “Desire”, when looking back and in retrospect,

My small dream, destructed just because of the not cared littering in the world,

But, these waters!

Ugh, these waters!

They smell like the pungent air of vomit.


I heard screams.

Following the source,

A heart-aching scene entered my sight.

What happened next truly sculpted me into who I am today:

An engaged enthusiast on this urgent matter of having clean water.

A group of tribal men and women stood gathering around a young boy.

Disease, infection swirled around the juvenile,

All because of the dirtiness in their water.

Pale-faced, purple-lipped, cracking-skinned, he was surrounded by an aura of death.

Like a tense rubber band, mysterious yet unknown of the outcome.

That was not supposed to be the case.

He was around ten-years-old—

An age where one is still enjoying themselves,

Like a bird without fetters, still free and careless.

Then, the verdict was announced.

“He will die. This is inevitable. The constant drinking of the polluted waters has caused this heart-stabbing consequence,” said the witch doctor of their tribe.”

The boy’s family cried,

Tears of abysmal despair for the unfortunate death trickling down their lifeless, pale cheeks.

I cried.

From that day,

I have always worked towards solving the pressing issue of water pollution at hand.

Although I stopped going to “Desire”,

My desire to clean all waters on this planet has never faded,

And it is ever-strong.

But through recalling I remembered,

Even for the most significant issues,

One has to start within.



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Awkward Boxers

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Ditched… Jealous… Helena (Repost)


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The Assassin

Even the most innocuous profession could be the most devastating assassin, a barber, with the least expected weapon. A complicated internal conflict swirling around in the barber’s mind, on whether to kill or not, the weapon used is a razor… The barber in the short story, Lather and nothing else, by Hernando Tellez is dynamic because he changed his mind about wanting to kill the captain throughout the novel.


He is thinking about to kill the captain at the exposition of the short story. His thoughts known by the readers all show that he really wanted to kill this man that captured his companions. All the barber has to do is to let the razor sink in: “it would be so easy to kill [the captain]. He deserves it”(Tellez 3). Murderers are despiteful killers that take the life of other peoples. The barber was thinking about to do that, though this may seem unreasonable, he is doing so because he is part of the revolutionary. He had a conflict within on whether killing a person than winning a war considered a hero or a murder. His thought changed throughout the story further proving that he is a dynamic character.


As the story moves on, he stopped wanting to kill the captain because he thinks that only a murderer would do so. The barber thought, “But I don’t want to be a murderer”(Tellez 4). The barber states himself earlier on in the story that the captain deserves death, but later on, in the story, he does not want to murder anymore, thus showing a change in the protagonist’s thoughts. The captain strolled carelessly for his accessories and “from his trousers pocket he took some coins to pay for the shave”(Tellez 4). This showed that the captain was acting as if there would be nothing but then said, “They told me you would kill me. I came to find out if it was true. But it’s not easy to kill. I know what I’m talking about”(Tellez 4). To have a contraction on the previous carelessness. These quotes from the book show that the barber did not murder at the end and the captain knew that he might have wanted to kill him, so the barber made the right choice.


In the end, the protagonist, the barber, learned not to be a murderer, and to be harmless is the right thing to do because the captain knows that he might kill him. Throughout this short novel, we experienced the change that happened inside the barber’s mind. Though the duration of the scenes is just a few minutes long, the mental processes of the protagonist change dramatically. This is caused by the complexity of the thinking the protagonist has considered while shaving. These mind-processes and complexity of thinking all contributed to the change the protagonist on took throughout the story. In the story, Lather and nothing else, the protagonist, the barber is Dynamic. After reading this piece, is the barber a villain or a sparer?


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A Mixture of Attributes… Helena…

Helena New Beauty Magazine Cover

After reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, the characterization of Helena deeply interested me. Though the oath of her and Demetrius, she still inevitably falls in love with Demetrius. My character, Helena, is stubborn towards love and jealous of Hermia of being loved by Demetrius.

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A sound of thunder…



“There was a sound of thunder” (Bradbury 236). What is that… A roar? A stomp? Or a gunshot? Who or what is it shooting… The “thunder” stuck because of one simple mistake made by an ordinary personage. It struck merely because of a lack of aplomb, if he stayed calm during the issue and returned to the machine under control, none of the consequences would occur.

The exposition introduces the two protagonists of the story, Eckels and Travis, and specifically explained the two presidents with their attributes for foreshadowing the future event of president change. The author was setting up contrasting characteristics. Travis who was calm, and Eckels, the antithesis, who annihilated man-kind. “‘[The tyrannosaurus-rex] can’t be killed,’ Eckels pronounced” (230), as if it was a decided verdict. The author strengthen his point through the use of motif and repeating this thought. At this period, instead of staying calm, Eckels failed to control his emotions, which led to him stepping of path and he was treated with the scream: “‘Not that way!’”(231). If he controlled his unbalanced emotions, the pathetic end would be prevented. Differently, Travis sustained through the crisis with composure. When the dinosaur arrived, Travis discouraged Eckels’ emotional imbalance and persuaded him to go back to the machine by saying, “‘Turn around’…‘Walk quietly to the Machine. We’ll give you back half your fee’”(231). This use of language by the author is a type of word of the wiser, Travis tries to teach Eckels to stay calm and follow orders, because Travis is wiser and more experienced than Eckels at Dinosaur hunting. Even though Travis discouraged Eckels from being frightened, Eckels continued to remain scared which eventually led to him stepping off the path. After that other people’s opinion of him changed, even Travis said, “This fool nearly killed us”(233). This contradiction of characterization strengthens the author’s theme statement about staying calm even during the most threatening condition. At the climax of the story, the death of the butterfly caused a ripple effect and changed the future. Which even more fortified the statement through the description of the consequences and the use of a foreshadowed AHA moment.

Throughout the book, the theme statement – stay calm under pressure or dangerous conditions, is consistently showed.  The author used different strategies to convey this statement; however, the author left the ending to the reader’s thoughts. Was the last sound of thunder, to shoot Eckels, or to suicide?


“Plot.” IMDb,,

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