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“’Just like you’ She said. ‘Not the best. Because you not trying'” (Tan 3).

I failed my parents many times after the piano incident “I didn’t get strait As. I didn’t become class president. I didn’t get into Stanford. I dropped out of college” (Tan 7). How did the protagonist disappoint her parents? By not being thankful. In Amy Tan’s short story “Two Kinds”, the protagonist, unlike me, is an ungrateful child who needs to work on appreciative skills with our parents.

The protagonist is a churlish youngster. At the rising action of the story, after her mother informed her of the scheduled piano lessons that were merely once a week, the protagonist shrieked and cried, “‘Why don’t you like the way I am? ’” (3). The protagonist does not realize that her parents are trying to lead her to the right path, so she can take care of herself and grow through society from a starter to a veteran with tact. Still, the protagonist retained her naïve idea: “If [my mom] had as much talent as she has temper, she’d be famous now” (3). This quote from the book also shows that the protagonist is unthankful of her mother because her mother has previously traded a week of housekeeping for her piano education. Even if the protagonist dislikes her mother, dislikes piano lessons, dislikes a bright future, she should never make her mom regret. Her mom has grand ambitions, what could make her want to be a nanny? Only the success her daughter. To make her mom like her more, to gain more friends, to be a more successful person later on, she should learn how to be appreciative; however, she is not alone.

The protagonist of this story and I had similar problems but different in how we resolved the issue. Just like me, the protagonist had quit piano because we both disliked it. I have disappointed my parents by doing that just like the protagonist did in the short story, but the protagonist did it way worse. At that point of the story, the climax, the protagonist wanted to see her mom’s anger burst, so she shouted unforgivable words to her mother. Suddenly, her mom’s face went “blank, her mouthed clothed, her arms went slack, and she backed out of the room, stunned, as if she were blowing away like a small brown leaf, thin, brittle, lifeless” (7). Her mom was disappointed and gave up on the last diminutive hope she had on the protagonist. While, I convinced my mom by explaining that it is not worth it to continue on something I dislike. Rather than that playing piano, my mom decided let me tell her something I enjoyed as a hobby. At the end, me and my parents concurred on that basketball would be the best choice, because I like playing basketball, and she thinks it benefits me through exercise. Therefore, the little girl, divergent with me, is an thankless child who needs to work on having the feeling or showing thankfulness or pleasure with our progenitor.

“The Difference Between Failure And Failing.”, 26 Apr. 2012,

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Discovering Disastrous Decisions

The conflict forces the character to make a decision because if he waits to long till he pulls his canoe on to the shore the bass would be gone; however, if he pulls the antagonist, the bass, up then Sheila Mant will think he is dumb because she dislikes fishing. During the climax when he has to make decision since the shore is around the corner, he decided to cut the rope. This leads to the end of the plot, the resolution, where the protagonist learns that “People often sacrifice the things they hold dear for love; however, this often results in sadness.”. This show that he is dynamic and thus grew through the story. This story greatly demonstrated the conflicts of Man vs. Nature and Man vs. Self. The protagonist thinking over and over about the choices and him even not listening to his crush, further emphasizes that the decision was one of the most significant in his life. 

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Basketball Shots

I worked with Jason and Haojia and our project is about, basketball and recording data about the shots. We shot from free-throw line and 0º angle, we had cameras and phones taking videos and pictures. At the with all our data and videos we made a MP4.

Click Here To watch our video


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“A SINGLE SHARD” (Reading Report) : ) Have a nice holiday!

Spoilers Alert!

Tree-ear, the main protagonist, has changed over time, turning mature over the years by volunteering to go to Songdo ,and trying to be an apprentice for the potter, Min. At the beginning he was free and happy, like a diligent bee working all day. Moreover he is a big help for “Crane Man” ,who is Tree-ear’s friend and a one legged man. Eventually, at the end of the book, “Crane Man” died because of a big shock. During the process Tree-ear learnt lots of things on his way to Songdo and growing much more mature when he came back from Songdo and get the news that “Crane Man” accidentally died. Therefore Tree-ear became much more mature when the story ends in a mysterious way.


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What we did was a sugar free challenge, we can’t eat man made sugar(we could eat natural sugar) for a whole week. We were doing it because we think sugar are not healthy, and because some of us are eating a lot of sugar.

It was very easy for me because I normally do not eat sugar, also my mom does not let me eat sugar at home. So in my house we did not make a big difference. The challenging part was not drinking ice teas and drinks in school. But overall it was a pretty easy challenge. What I want to change about the challenge is to make it more challenging  like no meat(not no protein) or dairy challenge. Then more people will try to participate because it is more challenging, but for vegetarians it will be easier.

Last of all what I got out of the challenge is that sugar gives people more fat, and makes their body less “functional”. We also learned about different types of sugar like fructose, galactose, and glucose. Therefore sugar changes our life dramatically, a person ate sugar for 2 month and his health result changes from a extra healthy person to a below average with lots of sickness person. That is why we should eat less sugar and consider about it in our lives.

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What is a Great Book?



I think a Great book is one that is catchy.When you start to read it you just cant stop reading it. I think a book that can be called a great book is the Percy Jackson series, it is written by Rick Roirdan, I like to read it, I read it more then once. It talked about a half blood which means “half blood” called Percy Jackson. There is a camp called the half blood camp, it a camp where half bloods go to, so their are 12 cabins in the camp and it is all names of god. Percy Jackson has a mortal mother and a father, Poseidon. In the story it said that whatever Percy Jackson does it is included in a Greek book. This book is famous, so you can find it in the Library. I recommend you to read this book because of the reasons above.

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Our presentation is too hard no one under stood what we mean. So next time we should improve on our teaching skills or else no one will know what we mean.

If no one know what we mean then the project dose not do any thing because no one will know what we mean then we can express what we mean.

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Friday April 15th


Its about a kid going sailing in his grandmother’s house. He tried to find money and a ship wreck. He loved sailing and finding island. Until he saw robbers trying to steal the ship wreck.

I made a connection tho when I was sailing.

Tony: He was brave, he like treasure and he was smart. He like sailing and others.

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Student Led Conference Reflection

L21 was very important for SLC because it shows what I should improve on. We showed the L21 by using Evernote and Picto-Chart also explaining it to my Mom and Dad was a challenge they kept on asking questions I don’t know how to explain to them and in the same time showing them what L21 means and why we use L21.

Curriculum are important for our future studies the curriculum includes Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Social Study and Science.  We study them but in  5th grade we don’t do that much science and social study we mostly do Mathematics, Reading and Writing.

My new goal is to get better at writing and write better story.  I don’t want to be rated as a bad student. I don’t want to be recommended to literacy lab.

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