SH- OneDay 2018

We chose dance as our one day project because we want to be active with our learning, and also be active with our bodies in general. What we did in mentoring time on ONEDAY is we figured out some steps for the dance and how we will make the mashup.  There are two people in my group including me and Sveva. What I’ve learned is that practice makes perfect. No matter how many mistakes, you can always improve. Try your best, and you’ll succeed.

Inventions- Reading

The story that I read over winter break was in hebrew. It was a short, simple story, that took me long to read. The genre of my book is non- fiction, and it was about inventors inventing new things for the world. The specific one that I read was about food. It included the date, the inventor, obviously, and how the invention was made. Something interesting that I found in the book was that there were some problems with the making. They also showed different variety of ways that they tried to fix the problem, to make the invention successful. Luckily, it was successful in the end.

Wonder, the best book ever!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.44.40 PM

Do you like a book with all kinds of emotions? If you do you should           definitely read this book Wonder, by Eli Palacio. This book is very popular.   It about a deformed boy names August, (or Auggie) and he has been homeschooled for about 10 years. He did not want to go to a real school with his sister because he thought he would get bullied and people would make fun of him. His parents wanted him to go to a real school, but he really didn’t want to. But since his parents really wanted him, to try it out, so they went to the school principal and he told August all about the school. So the principal invited 3 kids to help him around the school named Jack, Julian, and Charlotte. There were also some problems, but you have to read the whole book to find out! You will love it!