Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

I think NASA should focus its future missions on Jupiter and its moon, Europa. In 1997, a spaceship found a watery plume. Scientists also suspect that there is a warm, liquid living under Europa’s thick ice shells and there is a high chance of life existing on Europa. NASA should focus on researching the Jupiter and Europa because if life are found on Jupiter or Europa, it means that the condition there is well enough that a life could exist there. This could also mean that humans might also be able to live under the condition there, so NASA should also focus on researching if humans would be able to live on there. If it would be possible, it would be a great advantage for us because whenever we need to, we could move there, rather than just staying on Earth.

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One Day Progress

Session 1:

For the first session I drew outlines of the picture and add some details in there.

This is what I’ve done in the first session:

Session 2:

On the second session I added more details on the face, hair and the clothe. After drawing the complete outline, I colored in the hair and added shadows on the face and the clothe to make it look 3D

Session 3:

On the final session I colored in the hair with more detail so the hair would look more realistic. After drawing more details on the clothe and the face (mostly shadows), I drew the background of the art class. In the end I outlined around the person again so the background and the person won’t get mixed and look messy. Overall, I think I did a good job on making the drawing look realistic and look alike to the actual person and the background on the picture.

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One Day post 2

My plan for One Day is to finish up at least one or two realistic drawings from a photo. First, I would put 3 lines across the printed photo (one straight, 2 diagonal) so there will be 6 sections on the photo. On a different piece of paper, I would also divide up the sections into 6 and make sure which part of the face is going on which section. On the new piece of paper, I will draw basic outlines of the shape of the face and which parts of the face goes where, comparing with the photo. Then I would draw small details of the face and add shadings on them. I will use different types of pencils and other materials that can make the drawing look more realistic.

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One day Post 1

Stretch and explore:

For realistic drawing, I used several types of pencils (2B, 4B and 6B) on a sketchbook. I also used tissue to smoothen the pencil marks so it looks more realistic and I can show the shadows of the skins and other parts easily. For my final artwork I’m going to use 4B and 6B pencils on a sketchbook, because these types of pencils are easier to smoothen and easier to fix the mistakes. Other than those, I’m also going to use tissues and also swab because by using swab, it will be easier to smoothen pencil marks in smaller parts (when using tissue in small parts, it would mess up the whole thing).


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Pale Blue Dot


The video Pale Blue Dot was more humbling and inspiring


In 1990, NASA’s voyager 1 spacecraft captured an image of earth from a record distance of 3.7 billion miles.


This picture, taken by Carl Sagan, was taken in the furthest distance away from earth. This picture is humbling and inspiring because every piece of life is born on earth, and the earth contains a lot of things compared to its size. The earth is not the biggest planet in the space, but it contains every lives, and everything that doesn’t exist on any of the other planets. Pale Blue Dot was also interesting because even though the earth might be a big thing for us, compared to the whole space, it is just a small mote of dust. As the picture shows, when looking from far distance, earth is really small and it only looks like a pale blue dot. Even though from our point of view the earth is a place where all the lives were born, from the whole universe it is a tiny planet. This video gives an inspiration of how the whole galaxy could be so big and how there are still lot of things that are undiscovered.

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