ONEday Project 2017-cooking a meal

thumbnail_image-copy-2 thumbnail_image-copy-5 thumbnail_image-copythumbnail_image-copy-3 thumbnail_image-1 thumbnail_image-copy-9 thumbnail_image-copy-8Our goal (Hina and Kate 6-5) was to improve on our cooking skills by making a meal to eat so that would help us with our future. We first made a honey garlic chicken by cooking chicken breasts with the sauce on (Sauce is made out of soy sauce, honey, garlic and ginger). Then we made mashed potatoes with salt and butter mixed in. Ten we made the gravy to put it on either the chicken breasts or the mashed potatoes. But the gravy came up to be yellowish because we used the white flour instead of brown flour. Our succeed were that we learned something new in our project, and people liked our meal. Our challenge was that since my partner (Kate) had to leave school early, so we had to finish the cooking quick for her to taste our meal. We will continue keeping up these skills we learned, and use it for our future when we have to make food by ourselves.