Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Question: Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Claim: NASA should focus future missions on saturn moon.


There is water (ice).

another chemical reaction spotted

gravity of jupiter (24.79) is much higher than earth (9.~~)

saturn moon 500km diameter

found hydrogen molecules

reactions between water and rock could spark life for microbes—that is, microscopic living creatures.


Reasoning: Based on our evidence we know there is water on saturn moon but formed ice. Saturn moon, Jupiter and mars, they all have water. Jupiter’s gravity is 24.79 and Earth’s gravity is 9.807. Jupiter’s gravity is 2.5 heavier than Earth’s gravity. For now technology it can only endure 10. This means going to Jupiter cannot work right now. We are allow to send robots in Jupiter but we cannot receive while our technology improve, so jupiter doesn’t make sense. Saturn moon encladeus gravity is 0.01.

Based on our evidence tha reactions between water and rock could spark life for microbes. Also, there are icy particles by vapor of water. We can know that new some molecules chemical and also this could be the chance to finding new life except human.


one day “chuar”

Things needed

  • Lamb, Chicken Wings, Sausages
  • Sauces
  • Seasonings
  • Oil
  • Coal
  • Skewers
  • Grills
  • Vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Rice
  • Ssamjang (Sauce)

Recipes: instant noodle soup with lamb.

spicy sauce with korean traditional style (gochujang, chogochujang, mashed garlic, seasame oil)

soy sauce with korean chicken style (soy sauce, mashed garlic, honey)

really spicy korean instant noodle sauce.

cumin chuar:

  • 1/3 cup peanut oil or cooking oil
  • 2 tablespoons ground cumin
  • 2/3 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon Spice Mix ground: cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds powder
  • 1/4-1/2 teaspoon Szechuan peppercorns crushed (optional)
  • 2/3 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder or 2 cloves garlic peeled and minced


Final Product

(Picture & Video)

8:20 met in the Mr. Jeng’s class room

8:30 took bus to the local market

9:00 arrived to local market

10:00 finished buying ingredients

10:30 started making our chuar

1:30 started cleaning up

1:40 airdrop the pictures and start bloging

2:00 writing blog



(Learning, Challenges, Solutions, Overall experience)

In the mentoring class, I grouped with harry.Seo. We planned what we have to bring, what we will going to do, and how much money do we need. So, we decided to bring drinks and sauces in our home and buying other stuffs in local market. I brought spicy chicken sauce, home made soy mixed sauce, and instant noodle sauce. Our best challenges was to marinate sauce well. In this part I made a little scratch on the chicken wings to make sauce penetrate into chicken. In the case of the lamb, we made a instant noodle soup and leave it for while. After 10minutes we skew lamb and chicken wings in the wet wood stick. When we finished our preparation we started begin grilling. we ate our chuar after we finished grill it one by one. We learned the process to make foods and how to cooperation with friends to make better foods. This oneday activity was the best activity that I experienced. From preparation to cleaning up. We did all the steps that we have to do. We were the customer who only eat the things that made it before but we tried to do all the process, finally it was successful.

Science, reflection

How big is our universe? before answer this question we need to answer a question, “How big is our solar system?”. Past few centuries scientist tried to figure out the fine distance of the diameter of each planet and the distance from the sun. With the evidence, a exact distances, we can conclude that our solar system is extreme big and our universe in much much bigger than our solar system. In isb grade 8th science astronomy activities such as exact scale model, exact distance made us to feel universe is vast. The main thing that made us to feel solar system is vast is the running the campus and measure it with a 1m=50,000km  scale really helped us to figure out how far from the sun we are and other planets also, how small we are.

The solar system is consisted of 8 planets except Pluto: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are inner planets and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune are outer planet. Inner planets are terrestrial planets.


Based on our data table we can see that inner planets are really small compare to outer planets. Inner planets’ diameter range is 0.098 to 0.256 but outer planets’ diameter range is 0.972 to 2.84. Inner planet average diameter is 0.208 and outer planets average diameter is 1.8. outer planets average diameter is 8.6 times bigger than inner planets average diameter.


science, the most important image in history

I do agree that this is the most important image in history.

I think there are life expect us in the universe

  1. space is big thousands of planets and the stars are filled in the space but we don’t even know the exact number or size of the earth, by the picture the distance that can camera catch the image is limited so there are still a vast space that we didn’t look. so, actually is not thousands it’s more than millions. I think that millions of the planet have a another planet that consisted by oxygen. Based on our study because of the oxygen the organism can live in the planet but it’s already passed billions years so I think many organism in other planet did evolve and adapt to their circumstance such as no oxygen, gas.

EAL rap song

This song’s name is experience. This song is about all the things that I experience while i’m a live. I wrote the things that world should change and me myself.


people are always living in the present

but we should look at the past

in the present time we do experiment

but we don’t consider the result of the past

we all experience and experience we all experience new things

But we are obsessed with and old stuff

we have to try inventing

to get rid of the old stuff

revolution is good for the world

like a people reaching dream world

reflect the past in your world

but if you really need hep

show your way to the possible word

threat your life with your life

Being rich is the best thing in the world

most people think like that

But if you really want you need help

if you don’t let’s make it now

we all experience and experience

i commute to ISB which is international school

people say i succed already

but i’m don’t think i’m ready

cuz i don’t look better than i think

and now i’m writing with my ink

we all experience and experience

be a brighting star in your team

but i’m the guy who like the stream

effort and progression is what i needed

now is the time to show my self

i’m a small rapper

i rap like a prorapper

i feel better than others

it’s fact that i’m better than other

most people don’t believe me

we all experience and experience

Current Events

2018 June 12 there was first meeting between North Korea and America. They both had the purpose for denuclearization. North Korea’s lead Kim Jong Un and America’s head Donald Trump will have second meeting for perfect denuclearization at 2019 January and February in neutral country. This meeting was important because unknown country North Korea started to open with America and they tried to communicate with other country except China. North Korea had war in 1950 with South Korea, two of vast communist country helped North Korea to make a communist country and USA and world alliance helped South Korea to end the war but, it didn’t end. Because of this North Korea blocked the door and only communicated with communist country so, they made nuclear weapons to protect themselves and they tested a lot. This was the biggest issue in the world about nuclear weapons so, most of the country tried to stop it but they failed. The thing is they started communicating with America also, they both have good feeling about the first meeting. “Mr. Kim “fell in love” during their June meeting”( nytimes). This is why next meeting is important. We can expect good results of perfect denuclearization. 

I strongly support about this meeting because I’m the South Korean. Because of this events the war can occur in peninsula and Korean have duty to work on military for 18 months because of preparing war against North Korea but because of this meeting this military policy can abolish it. This meeting also bring us a lot of profit. we can open the trade with North Korea and we can remove the 38 lines which blocked the way to go North Korea. For this reason I strongly agree about the meeting.






Do Boxers Deserve as a Bad Rap?

What Boxers did than they deserve as a bad rap but only one thing the causes they don’t deserve as a bad rap because they tried to protect them self with their own power. They tried to innovate government also they killed the key people but they failed in the last. For example, in the British legation they tried to kill all of the western who located inside of legation so, they burned the Handing academy to kill British in a process.


The hardest part when I was making robot, It was building robot. when I was making robot, building basic of the robot is the hardest because, I had to connect two big cardboard.


In the coding part it was challenging because i have to change the movement of wings at a same way. I had to change all the degree of the wings. Finally it works.

This experience was refreshing because I never made robot like that and the exhibition. It was good experience for me. Doing this project I’m being satisfying.

independent task resolution The BFG

I chose The BFG by Roald Dahl because Mr. Handy recommended for me. In the book cover, I wanted to show differences between when they first met and they are close. I chose this (Sophie faced BFG) because I wanted to indicate the differences between Sophie and BFG. In the front they depends on each other and trust each others also, this is a happy story too. It feels comfortable when they both cooperate, imply the warm mood before readers read. So, they became a friend that is why I chose this picture. In the quotes, I put quotes by Steven Spielberg because he made the film version so I want to get other perspective of movie director. Give readers hint about the story. I put the the world story line no.1 because this makes the book valuable and represent a lot of meaning. If people already knew the book before they are going to read and the no.1 story doesn’t mean anything but when people first met the book and it has a no.1 story line it will be a great thing that can persuade people to buy a book. In the back cover I put quotes of Sophie to emphasize hardness when they first met and put quotes of BFG to show different view to read the book. For example, reader can immerse on Sophie otherwise they can immerse on The BFG that is the reason that I put the quotes, to emphasize different perspective of the book.  One more quotes is to show more about the story like spoil some of the scene to make reader interested before they buy it.

science protein story

IK.Kim science project