Found Poem Bear Grylls Gold of The Gods

I chose my book name “Bear Grylls Gold Of The Gods” because I really want to read survival books also this book is about Bear Grylls who was intelligent about surviving. I created found poem of the exposition because I thought this is the best way to show exposition. I use “howler monkeys clung to the lower branches” because I want to make mood in jungle to describe where he is and make it serious about colombia’s environment. Also I used the quotes “enthusiastic and excited teenagers” because to indicate the mood of the bear grylls and their friend and shows some characteristic. In the background I used bear grylls picture in the water because I really want to show demonstration about their environment and how hard is surviving.

am i a humanitst

Two hundred pounds

This poem was created with the words of story “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacob. In the story, Mr. white family met some old man and the old man left the monkey’s paw. With the monkey’s paw, you can make 3wishes and you have some risk to accomplish the wishes like you can be injured or death. So, Mr. White family doesn’t care about the risk and just say 200 pounds for the wish. After that Herbert died who was son of the Mr. White family. Now they realize the reality and whished the son alive. I wrote the poem about the theme and the theme was the fate cannot be pay by anything. I know this because in the page 1 it said, “he wanted to show that fate ruled people’s life and that to interfere with fate only caused deep sadness”. In addition, in page 3 and 4 Mr. white family wished 200 pounds by the monkey’s paw. This caused the bad results. This cause the Herbert’s death and they got 200 pounds. In the poem, I used the “My Boy, My Boy” because I can emphasize the Herbert’s death and the theme. Also, I insert the word “dark” because I want the reader reads the poem in the darkness mood and I wanted to show frustration on the dark mood and kind of being serious about their situation and make it horror. In the background, I picked this picture because color really describe my poem and the mood is exactly what I wanted. So, in the yellow I wanted to show the mysterious of the poem. I used dark green to illustrate the dark mood. In the last, I choose the red color of monkey’s paw because I wanted to indicate the death because I didn’t describe the death exactly. Also, I choose the monkey in the FrontPage to make the scary mood before reading.


dotme IK.KIm


30words poem

I, 14 years old,
Positive and passionate,
Sometimes calm,
Being brother,
Glittering medals,
All grades, some athletic balls.
hard worker,
Kia Tigers and Korea national soccer team, and it’s me.

Ik’s adventure by Jordan and Ik

Before Oneday, we prepared many things. we brought mouse and computer equipments to work faster. During the preparation we finished the plan to make it but in Oneday our mind changed because it’s not funny when we are doing only stick man so we connected to real life. After we got permission. We went out the class room and we went to cafeteria than we prepared all things to filming our videos. After set up, we started to make stick movie this is our picture When we were making

start of our movie making. First, we made our stick man and we consume 2hours in Oneday to edit our movie and other things. After we finished our stick man making movie making we started to connect real life in our movie. So, we used jelly cam and we started to take photo but, there was problem we don’t have many member so we couldn’t make our movie longer. Also we tried to said to my friend to come out our movie but they rejected. After finish edit our movie and film our movie we watch our movie many times so we can post our movie now.

The Oneday was a great experience to know my friend and trying many things in our school. Also we cooperated closely with my friend Jordan. Jordan imply me the great experience of our school activity.

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