Science HW

Claim: I believe that the NASA should focus on discovering the “Cold Moon” the Enceladus.


Evidence: Based on what the article said,

“NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has found hydrogen molecules in the geysers shooting off Enceladus, scientists announced last week. They think these molecules could be coming from chemical reactions deep in the ocean. These reactions between water and rock could spark life for microbes”

“When scientists find a lot of hydrogen, it is a good sign for life. It means there could be chemical reactions happening between the warm water and ocean-floor rock that could support life.”

“We now know that Enceladus has almost all of the ingredients that you would need to support life as we know it on Earth”— Linda Spilker, Cassini’s project scientist


Reasoning: Scientists have proved that there’s a very big chance of having life on the Cold Moon, because there were sign of hydrogen and that means it would be a place for life to exist.

Rap Reflection


Rhyme words delivered 

Stress notes can’t define 

Turn, syllables, cool

it  weird for a fun 

why can’t you change it,  

You’re just not me 

but agreeing,  and then accepting 

My rap is just like 

Salvador Dalí’s Persistence  

of Memories 

maybe you don’t see 

cause you’re not me 

Not me 

Not me 

Not me 

Not me 

Okay, o,okay,  

lisening to me

Once upon the time,  

I had a cool  dream 

Saying I am king,  

a king above themes 

unpredictable wealth  

deep hidden-in earth 

Don’t ask me why 

Cause you’re not me 

Gold, silver, bronze mines… 

Ha, stone piece 

diamonds, emeralds, rubies jaws… 

Why would I care 

palace along with  

fountains with wines 

silence-est it had ever been 

Don’t ask me why 

Cause you’re not  me 


Heart of the Mountain 

Who is really lonely? 


I get un-despise honor 

And undefeatable armies  

Who really win the game? 

Looking down the bones

I am stepping on, 

Maybe you have a different opinion 

But you’re just not  me. 






What I learned:

I learned the history of raping(Africa Americans started it), what are the elements of a rap song, and how to make rap beats.  I think it’s pretty helpful, because before I never thought about syllables, rhyming, stuffs like that and I learn those. I use to hate raps, I thought it’s brainless, but then I realize it’s not that easy t make a good rap song.


Why it was an important/good learning experience and what would make it better

As I say, it fleshed my mind and let me think of the rhyming, syllables stuffs… I don’t know what you should improve in, maybe that’s just how rap makers do.


What you could have done better

Maybe I should record in my home, cause I am a little shy recording in class. When you are listening to my rap, you will only hear me whispering…

Scallops That Eats Plastics!

As we know that there’s more than 5 trillion plastic pieces in the ocean, and we can’t burn, destroy, or eat them. Nope, this writing has nothing to do with how the plastic effects the marine creatures, it’s effecting us! On December 3rd , on the costal of England researchers discovered a flesh minded fact. A type of scallop called Pecten maximus digested billions of tiny plastic particles, which disperse throughout the body to the kidney, gill, muscle and other organs. This all takes place only within six hours. But when the researchers put those scallop back in to clean water, it only took 3 days for most of this particles and 48 days for all of the plastic to work their way out of the scallop. “Studies like these, that delve into how animals take up and get rid of nanoplastic particles, are key if we want to understand the risk these particles pose to both organism and human health,” Thompson says, head of the University of Plymouth’s international marine research center, “Understanding the dynamics of nanoparticle uptake and release, as well as their distribution in body tissues, is essential if we are to understand any potential effects on organisms”


I think this is pretty flesh minded, like yesterday I was still thinking how undefeatable the plastics are and today the researchers tell me that there may be a way for organisms to immune plastic pollutions. I think they should keep investing in this field, because it’s very useful for a world that includes more than 5 trillion in the ocean. We know that the plastics is effecting the ocean and the creatures in there, so this research is very essential for us. But before we get to the place where we can “eat plastics”, we should still use less single use plastics.





Blog post main body:

  1. Every time I get to the pool, I will feel like I don’t want to swim or something else. But each time after staying in the pool for a while, I feel like don’t want to get up that early (it’s fascination)I don’t feel tired while I am doing 25m spins, but my breath will get harder and harder as the distance increases. My goal was to get better in Diving and freestyle swimming, turning. I think I have succeed my goal, cause from the video, I can see that I could easily do the freestyle turning.

Aquatic world

I kind of like swimming, because you don’t get injured easily and it will make your body fit a lot. I have learnt a little information about how to dive correctly, how swimming education works and how to swim faster with freestyle. I am hoping to improve my speed on freestyle and learning how to “really” dive. Based on the video analysis I decided to keep improving in freestyle and turning. So my coach and I discussed to learn diving along practicing freestyle. (too lazy to write more!)

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap? [Field Trip]

I think that the Boxers do deserve a bad reputation.  Although they were a group of people who hates foreigners and Christianity, but that’s not the reason of killing a lot incense Christianity missionaries, Chinese Christian, and foreign traders. One interesting fact is that the leader group of the Boxers were also a group of people who believe in another religion so they don’t like Christianity, they think bullets couldn’t kill them. But that’s still not the reason of killing people who believe in a different religion than them. The most important fact that made me think Boxers to deserve a bad reputation is that they said they hate foreigners. So if they want to kill them there most be a reason, but what is the reason of killing their own kind, Chinese people? therefor, I think the Boxers do deserve a bad reputation.


The silence of the Lambs—Resolution #1 ADs1

Dr Lecter is incredibly intelligent, well-educated outwivery successful. He fits into society well and would not stand out as an obvious

“Lecter’s a psychiatrist and he writes for the psychiatric journals himself— extraordinary stuff— but it’s never about his own little anomalies. He pretended to go along with the hospital director”

He had done it five times that they knew of, had Bill. At least five times, and probably more, over the past ten months he had abducted a woman, killed her and skinned her.

quotes from the novel. I made the ADs like this because that Cannibal stuffs are interesting, and when ever Starling was having a problem she don’t know, she will trade with Dr. Lecter/ Hannibal for more information about Buffalo Bill.

Protein Synthesis Story

protein syntheses

Midsummer Night’s Dream of Egeus

What was it like to have a daluter that don’t listen to you in morden time (1)


I chose Egeus because he’s a selfish man and he some how wants fully control on every thing he have, so I think it’s interesting (one more reason is the actor who acted this film also exist in “The Lord of the Rings”).

My poster includes the main Decision he made for his daughter in the play and how he tried to pull/include legislation on to his side. I think he’s smart…



Rising Action in The Hobbit

2. Connect with the conflict. Write a text-to-self response in which you connect with how the protagonist overcomes one of the conflicts listed in the definitions above. (You may need to include a spoiler alert.) Who or what has the main character been struggling against? Ask yourself if you’ve overcome a similar struggle. Your first paragraph must explore one type of conflict in your independent novel and provide MLA formatted quotes to show your understanding of the type of conflict. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you describe your own struggle to overcome the same type of conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Include specific examples from your own life.


Rising Action in The Hobbit

The book I read was The Hobbits by J. R. R. Tolkien. This story is about a hobbit tried to do something unexpected by having an adventure with dwarves encountering the bloodthirsty orcs, magical elves, greedy humans, and a dangerous dragon… The novel that included a lot of “miracle” creatures and magnificence geographies. Like the Trolls that liked to eat maddens, the dragons that were avarice, or the hometown of most of the dwarves—the lonely mountain! Just each of those incredible elements with itself, already can make an majestic view in the brain and an fantastic story line for many movies! This will be a blog that explain how the protagonist overcomes one of the conflicts and my similar experience…


I think the conflict that the protagonist was struggling against was Man vs Self. Because it said that hobbits never do something unexpected and adventures, “They never had any adventures or did anything unexpected.”(page 4-5) Even though hobbits never do something unexpected, but Bilbo Baggins tried because he was pushed by other forces. But when I started to follow the story line step by step, we can see that the growth of the hobbit/Bilbo or the protagonist was very big. From Trolls in the forest, “Said Bert. ‘Here you, are there any more of your sort a-sneakin’ in these here woods, yer nasty little rabbit.’    ‘Yes, lots,’ said Bilbo, before he remembered not to give his friend away. ‘No none at all, not one,’ he said immediately afterwards.”(page 35). When Bilbo Baggins got caught by the Trolls and he inadvertently blurt out where his friends were.— pushed by friendship.

to the Riddles in the Dark,  “ ‘what have I got in my pocket?’ he said aloud. He was talking to himself, but Gollum thought it was a riddle, and he was frightfully upset. ”(page 74) when Bilbo was playing riddles with a “small slimy creature” for eider he should live or not. But after tons of rounds he finally decided to be a cheater, so he cheated and it was the causation of the “riddle” above. But why did his mindset grew that fast? Are there any chances that he was avarice or cunning already? One thing that I forgot to mention was that he got the “Ring of Power” from that creature before the riddle started, and it was always in his pocket. So from what I knew already about that ring is that it was the most powerful ring and at the same time the ring of greed. So maybe the he was pushed by the ring’s power. Based on this I think that some of the growth latter might be the causation of the ring, like the “riddle” one. From those fact I assume that maybe most of the brain were “controlled” by the ring at the time he told lies, and maybe he will not do it when he don’t have the ring or maybe he will do it next time cause it worked well.


I am 13 now, so I definitely got some stories about being forced by something and never doing it again or enjoying it next time and next-next time. I remember the first ten classes I had for basketball. It was still a hard time for me when I look at it now. Maybe because of the humidity of Beijing or how dirty the basketballs were, the activity that should have been fun turn in to a nightmare for me… My hands felt itchy after every basketball classes and I always got injure, so what I did a lot of pleading and explaining about how bad it was. Finally one day, my mom got tired of listening and explaining. She accepted my suggestion, but with bad mood, and then I never have any basketball for a long time. I also remember that a day after a long time I told my mom to sign up for the after school activities of basketball for me, because the years between those two event were the “translation” for me. I realised that my basketball skills were much more better than my other classmate… And I LIKE THIS ACTIVITY NOW.