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My OCHA profile for the Phoenix Project

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Garden August 25

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I grabbed out some grass and I throw the paper away


Lit Circle Working Agreements

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Here are the agreements my lit circle group has made, I agree with them.

1.look at the speaker(eye contact)

2. Acknowledge people ideas

3. Ask questions and share your own thoughts(respectful body language)

4. Stay on the topic

My First Week Back to School

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  • The best part of my first week at school was the “Amazing Race” because it helped me to learn more about my classmate and it was fun!

  • During the first week, I didn’t really enjoy in the new class, because I didn’t really make new friend 🙁 🙁 🙁 

  • During EAL time I want to focus on improving my vocabulary and speaking, because I am not very good at those and those two are very important in English.

  • I world like to share this article-https://newsela.com/read/eclipse-animals/id/33775 from Newsela, because it is talking about what will happen with animal when the Eclipse is coming. I like nature so I am interest about this and  Eclipses are very rare to see.

Reading Journal-Apr 22

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The Sea of Monsters

Story say Percy is a boy. The bad boy Luke catches his friend, so Percy wants to find his friend. First he doesn’t know he has a brother. Then he finds out it(his brother is a monster).His brother tells him his friend was in the monster sea. Then he was going to help his friend.

My First Blog

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Welcome to my blog.