Things about diet pills

Diet Pill

Would you recommend this to a teen?

No, first there are some harmful ingredients in Diet Pill.

Those ingredients increase heart rate and high blood pressure. Even FDA banned those ingredients because there are harmful. So, I think teens may not use diet pills.

Long -term effects

The good thing is people could lose weight in a short time. But, it could cause serious consequences. Scientists found that taking diet pills makes people six times more likely to get pulmonary hypertension, a disease that increases pressure on the arteries in your lung. It is a breathing problem.

Short-term effects

And if you keep taking diet pills you will be addicted to pills and it will be ineffective than before. Also, you will depend more and more on drugs than exercise.


1)Analyze your own daily tech use and behaviors (time spent gaming, time spent on social media, time spent on Youtube/Instagram/Pinterest, notifications during homework, notifications when sleeping)

First, in the modern era, technology is highly developed. So we could share our thoughts on social media and playing the game by computer. Technologies are anywhere in our life. We could think that technologies are helpful and funny, but there are many bad things at technologies. We need to use technology very carefully.

Cuban revolution E-Book

This is my 3 days journal. His name is Diego. He has one brother and his parents died during a revolution. Member of the Cuban government wrote this journal. He volunteered to join the army. He was a resident in the hospital, a medical soldier in the army and now he is a member of the Cuban government. He was in the Cuban revolution and the Cuban missiles crisis.

Whatever, this diary tells you a lot about the Cuban revolution and well organized. You could specifically know what events happened during the Cuban revolution.  So please enjoy it.

90 miles to Havana Theme

I read  a book called ’90miles to Havana’ Main story is, there is a family in the Cuba. Mom and Dad and three boys. And main character is the youngest guy in the family. His name is Julian. One day mom and dad decided to send 3 sons to Miami, USA. Because Cuba was too dangerous for them.There was revolution and civil war in Cuba. They went to Miami camp and they stayed there until Cuba is safe. And they met very important friend, Ryan. He told some informations and facts. They knew real things of Cuba.

In this book, after Ryan told somethings, they know that Cuba government isn’t thinking about the Cuban people. The government makes policies that are in favor to fill individual greed without making policies for the people. Then they realize that each of people is more important than one nation, if nation doesn’t think people is important. And they showed in the book that the individual is more than the state.

Cuban revolution


Revolutions happened a lot in the past and in history. First, we need to know about what revolution means. A definition of revolution is change the country’s policy, system and basic structure suddenly. And in dictionary, it says revolution is ‘a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government typically due to perceived oppression.’

   So, what causes revolution? Well, things that cause revolution are bad policies, political conflict, a tyrant, and incompetent government, and social antagonisms between two groups. Also, poverty and hardship make citizens more miserable. These people even become revolutionaries. These are the main causes of revolution. 

Next one is the process of revolution. First citizens need to gather people who want revolution. (we need a lot) After they gathered, protesters should go to the government or leader and protest to them. If they succeed, they could get the chance to change the government and the tyrant. And there are some effects after the revolution. When the government and policy change.  But there are some effect after the revolution. When the government and policy changes, people would think every thing is done. But it isn’t. New things are become a huge change, so right after the revolution it will be more difficult to make a new government and new policy. And they need to solve that problem. 

When we watch the news, we can see that people are arguing with the government and protest against them. They are arguing about policy about taxes, relationships between countries, or other things. Also, sometimes there is corruption in government, like voting issues and bribery. I think a revolution is going to take a place in a communist country like China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba. The reason why I think the revolution is likely to happen to the communist state is, ordinary people can’t get involved in politics. People are communicating about this conflict, information and their thoughts by awesome social media. Then everyone in the world will know what government are doing and these things will become more and more of an issue.  And if they come together, decide to make revolution, I think it is possible that revolution will happen again today.  

Creature in Jupiter?

Claim:  From old days to the present, NASA and lots of country try to discover space to know information of space. And I think it is very important to know if there are life on other planets. I found some interesting information. NASA is searching Europa, moon of Jupiter. I think NASA should search Jupiter that Jupiter have enough conditions for life that creature could live.

Evidence: In Newsela, It says that NASA’s spaceship found the water in Europa and took the photo. In photo, thick ice and water stream found. Specifically, liquid water lives under Europa’s thick ice shell. Given that, this moon is considered a “top candidate” by NASA for life on another world in our solar system. Also, Hubble telescope saw sort of water in the Jupiter. And scientists are keep saying that there will be a creature in Jupiter

Reasoning: By claim and evidence, water stream is in Europa, Jupiter’s moon. If water is in Europa, there is a high possibility that life will live on Europa because water could make enough conditions for life. In conclusion, I think NASA should focus on finding creature in Europa and it could be helpful.

Chuar Reflection


Today, me and Bill, Andy, Tony made Chuar. It was tasty. We went to Chinese local market and things that I need. Lamb, Chicken wings, and other ingredients.   It was a new experience to me. Because I never went to Chinese local market. It was first time that I go to Chinese local market.

And then we made Chuar for chicken wings and lamb. Both of them are tasty but I think chicken wing is more tasty than Chuar. And it was special for me to cook Chuar for first time. It was awesome that make Chuar for grill and fire. These make Chuar more delicious and having more fun. Whatever, by this experience, I get interest about Chinese food and I will try to make more Chinese food in my home.

Other information


-Chicken Wings


– 2 oranges

– cooking wine

– light soy sauce

—oyster sauce


— sugar

-cumin powder


  • Wash the raw chicken, soak in cool water for more than one hour
  • Cut the fur of scallion and ginger, slice it
  • Add the light soy sauce
  • Add oyster sauce
  • Add cooking wine
  • Add thirteen spices
  • Add salt, depending on personal favor, stir up the sauce
  • Wash the orange, cut its fur and put it above the chicken wings.
  • Preserve the chicken wings for forty minutes
  • Bunch the skewers with chicken wings, two skewers one wing
  • Barbecue the chicken wings on the racks, keep the temperature at 200 c for 15 minutes, need to use ovenware, put some water on it.
  • Brush sauce (cumin powder and cooking oil) on the chicken wings, barbecue it for five minutes, then reverse the side, brush the sauce on and barbecue it for another 8 minutes.






Space is very large that we can’t imagine. There will be many planets in the universe that have a similar environment to Earth. And I think there is a new life in the wide universe.


Science Reflection

Before I went out in Science class, I thought that distance between planets in our solar system are not that big. But it is not true. Look at my map that shows solar system. Mecury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Distance between these inner planet is very short compare with distance between outer planet. Distance Mecury to sun is 58 millions km but sun to Neptune is almost  300000million km.  Also, I found out mistake in my map. I should make distance between inner planet short, outer planet more long. And, I felt that our universe is soooo big by video we watched at the end of class. Sun is much bigger than Earth. But in universe there are lots of planet bigger and bigger than sun. If we compare Earth and those planet, Earth is just one spot of them. By this Information, there are so many star, galaxy and solar system in universe. I think space is awesome and mysterious place.