Finding Your Own Choice

In times of our life we all need to make choices. Choices could drive people apart, or bring things together. There’s not a thing called a good choice or a bad choice, it only depends what attitude you want to face it. Deciding what you want to do, and who you want to be is always important. In this story called “The Fifth of March”, Ann Rinaldi will show you what choices could bring you, but how influential choices could be. Think attentively while making choices during your life!

<<Some brief outline of the story>>

Main Characters:

Rachel- An American colonist who had friends on both sides (British & American). She was working at the Adams’ but later got expired because she accommodated help for the British.

Mr. Adams- He was a lawyer, played an important role in the Continental Congress. Being a kind and impartial person, he took the case to defend British soldiers who caused injuries during the Boston Massacre on court.

Matthew- A British soldier who fell in love with Rachel but later escorted back to England.

The Unicorn

  • Skills that I learned or developed were?

I learned how to create a robot-this is the first robot I’ve ever created in my life. Also I learned how to program and correctly use an IR sensor, which is pretty amazing. I conquered challenges and achieved goals. I would precious this memory as one experience.

  • One thing I’d like to change is?

I would want this unicorn to move. Unfortunately due to the construction of this unicorn, me and my partner couldn’t think of any way the unicorn should move. Also a little accident happened so we couldn’t manage any parts to move. Next time, I would think of something and program it to move.

  • One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is… 

MANAGE YOUR TIME, MANAGE YOUR TIME, MANAGE YOUR TIME! (important things says 3 times) I’ll tell you what, you are not gonna get it done on time, there’s at least one official hours/ stay after school you need to attend. Do all the work as fast as you can, do not waste any time.

  • Overall, I think this product was successful because…

The little kids loved this robot very much. They all wanted to touch it, asking for permissions. Even they usually ripped some parts of cotton off accidentally, but overall they were adorable and cute! Dr. Hill’s daughter was hugging the unicorn the whole time, not wanting to let go on this last moment. If I could, I wish I could give this unicorn to her.

American Revolution (Common Craft Video)

We all must admit that history could be a bit confusing at times… Especially when there are all sorts of dates to remember and teachers trying to explain simple events in technological terms. So here is a video about the American Revolution in plain and simple English. It contains most of the key events that happened during this revolution, hope you like it~

In this time era, America’s government changed from monarchy to democracy. There’s no king anymore, many laws existed to make people’s lives better. The change was important because then America became the first country in the world that has a president,  and American finally became independent, not part of British, relying on anyone anymore.

*Key points that are included:

-Townshend Acts

-Boston Massacre

-The Declaration of Independence

-Battle of Saratoga

-Battle of Yorktown

-The Treaty of Paris

Future in Space

NASA should focus on studying saturn in their future missions.

A tiny, ice-encrusted ocean world orbiting Saturn’s moon is called Enceladus.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has found hydrogen molecules in the geysers shooting off Enceladus, scientists announced last week. They think these molecules could be coming from chemical reactions deep in the ocean, and these reactions between water and rock could spark life for microbes-that is, microscopic living creatures.

The moon of Saturn (Enceladus) could possibly sustain life.

A liquid ocean exists beneath the icy surface of Enceladus, clouds of water vapor spray from the cracks on the south pole of the moon.

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This is a good sign to explore Saturn when scientists find a lot of hydrogen. If there’s hydrogen existing, there’s water, also carbon dioxide. This means Enceladus already have the basic elements for organisms to survive.

What if… There’s already lives existing in Enceladus? And we don’t even know.

So far Enceladus is the only planet in the solar system, beside Earth, that could possibly support life. With almost all of the ingredients to grow species, humans can learn more, probably bacterias already existed there.

Even there’s still a long way to go, NASA should start studying Saturn, studying Enceladus, that could possibly hold/will hold signs of life, in the future after all.

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Girl

[OneDay blog post]

Working hard with my friends

I decided to choose this project because Chinese embroidery sounds interesting to me, and I always wanted to try something new. Also because my friends are here, I could enjoy a comfortable environment in this classroom.

I did well on completing this project, because embroidery is known as a long process, but I finished it in a few days.

The actual package didn’t arrive yet, practicing embroidery. 

I learned how to embroidery since this is the first time of me trying, I also learned how to sew different patterns.

Challenges I faced was I couldn’t finished it on time. Even though I started this project earlier, I still didn’t finish it on OneDay. After arriving home, I worked on it for another hour to finish it. Really, this is a challenging work. Also, I managed to learn a whole sets of embroidery patterns. Some pattern is really complex and difficult to learn, I failed a lot of times, got confused, stressed… But at the end, I successfully learned all the patterns and completed my piece.

Chinese embroidery is also mentally and physically challenging. When you continue to work for a long period of time, you will get bored and stressed about the work you completed-for example finishing a flower bud in 30 minutes. If you keep on sewing, for the first 1 hour your finger is going to hurt, sometimes you accidentally stab your finger with needle, and it bleeds.

Working in progress right now… Just finished the hair of the girl.

OneDay is important for us because it helps students to express their own hobbies and feelings, to try new things, just leave schoolwork out for one day to see, if we can achieve something. In addition, students can learn something they wish to learn and want to learn. This is what OneDay truly means.

“The Girl” embroidery completed picture

In the end, this is my finished project! It took me 9 and a half hour to complete it. Even this is tough, but I still feel proud when I’m finally done. I would really like to thank my teacher to be so supportive and kindly to help.

Bye bye~