“Throwing A Ball” – Math Activity

I learned what does RMSE means in real life situation, it relates to our linear regression and parabola we learned in Algebra 1.

Our group did pretty well at getting the work done on time. We split up work evenly and finished the video in a short amount of time.

Our group faced a challenge of filming. When recording, Alissa and Audrey sometimes can’t pass the ball perfectly for each other to catch. But after practicing a few times, Olivia successfully got a nice video of each throw.

Our group should improve adding more information (not just RMSE and linear/parabola equations).

If I can do this again, I will change the ball. The ball we used this time was white, so it’s really hard to see in LoggerPro. Next time, I want to change it into a different color, and probably bigger so it’s easier to catch.

A Long Journey With Alzheimers: Video

Due to all of these informations above, Alzheimer is a serious disease that needs to be researched in future. If not, more and more elderlies will suffer from this disease, along with their families. The life expectancy and living quality for old people will only decrease, the research also indicates a huge economic impact is coming on the way. If you want to live healthy for the rest of your life; if you don’t want to worry about your parent’s health when you are still struggling with your job/work; if you don’t want to experience extreme mental pressure: More of Alzheimer’s Disease research needs start right in this moment.

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Not Enough – Prefectionist

What happens when perfections is not enough?

Read on this website about the setting of “Pretties”, by Scott Westerfeld. The truth behind pretty is not always pretty. Sometimes, the world you are living in now might look pretty, but it’s actually ugly.

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Would you be willing to test an unsure pill that could cause brain damage and kill you? Would you be willing to set foot on a dangerous journey and you could never go back? Would you be able to sacrifice all the luxury and fun you’re having, and listen to your heartbeat that might/might not lead to the correct path? Tally Youngblood sacrificed herself so many times at different places, having different identity, with different looks.

When Tally was still an Ugly, she volunteered to return to Pretty Town and get cured in order to test on Maddy’s cure. But unfortunately, lesions also transformed her into bubbleheads, she cannot remember events from the past, even David, and her actual purpose to become pretty, just like Shay. “Tally wondered why she couldn’t remember. Was it really because of lesions-the scars on her brain that the note had warned about? Or did she simply not want to?” (Westerfeld, 91) But when Tally and and her new boyfriend, Zane, climbed up the Valentino transmission tower and discovered a letter she wrote to herself, Tally remembered the whole truth: how the lesions had changed her brain, that’s why she couldn’t remember the Smoke, and she’s supposed to take the pills to regain memory. The most important of all, the Smokies are out in the wild, still waiting for her to return. Also David defiantly have no idea about who Zane is…

Under the pressure of Special Circumstances right behind the door, Tally decided she and Zane each take one pill. She had no idea what could be the consequence, but there’s no more time to waste. They need to escape the city to the wilds. The problem now is, Special Circumstances don’t trust them anymore because they couldn’t give any explanation of climbing the Valentino tower and appearing in this room 317, Tally and Zane both were forced to wear an interface bracelet. Interface bracelet is just like interface rings, they track where you are, the only difference is you can’t take it off. Zane suggested to starve themselves to get thinner, but no matter how much weight they lost, the bracelet is still tighter than their wrist bones. Tally kept on hearing news about Smoke, she arranged various of tricks to spread information about Smoke as well. But over the time period, Shay found out Tally and Zane were already cured but she didn’t know any single word about it, Shay got mad and severed ties with Tally. Situation started to conflict a little, until Fausto, Tally, Peris, and Zane figured out an escaping plan.

Wearing protecting gloves, Tally and Zane successfully got rid of their interface bracelets with extreme heat of hot air balloon. Abandoning all the comfort she had with New Pretty Town, Tally jumped down from the hot air balloon so she could land outside of the city’s boundaries. But Peris suddenly changed his mind, decided not to jump, which caused Tally to jump late and landed on a lake, miles and miles away from where Zane and Fausto landed. On her feet, Tally finally made it to the Smoke, and met David. After a brief explanation, Tally found out you are supposed to take two pills together, one of them will continue to eat and break down your brain nanos, and the other one stops this. Unfortunately, Zane ate the one that continue breaks down your brain, and his life is now in danger. In this very moment, Special Circumstances is going to arrive and capture the Smokies all in less than 10 minutes because they secretly hid a tracker in Zane’s tooth.

Tally decided to stay with Zane while others left. She didn’t resist, all she wanted was to protect Zane, be with him the whole time. Tally thought Zane would be safer with her, no matter what they are going to face, they can face it together. “Zane was the one person in her life she had never betrayed, and she wasn’t about to start now. She took his hand. “I’m not leaving him.”” (Westerfeld, 355) Even though she didn’t expect the impact and changes that will fall on her, but this is more of the later stories…

Tally would be the bravest, and the person who’s willing to sacrifice the most in this book, and the whole series. She always chooses to fighting for her life, and accomplish goals that would be the best for her. Born with ugly, mind being special, face being extreme beauty. This is Tally Youngblood, the person volunteer to sacrifice for everyone.

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