The Setting of Delirium

This story happened when it’s after sixty-four years since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and forty-three years since the scientists perfected a cure. “Of course that’s one of the reasons it’s so dangerous: It affects your mind so that you cannot think clearly, or make rational decisions about your own well-being.” (page 3) But on the other hand, the citizens weren’t totally free from the deliria in to US.

Lena had a cousin called Grace. She never managed to speak in her life. Lena’s aunt Carol thinks there’s something wrong with her brain, but so far the doctors haven’t found it. Marcia, Grace and Jenny’s mother, is dead now. When Marcia’s husband was suspected of being a sympathizer, everything changed. People whispered about it, but this is a thing the family never wanted to mention. “Marcia’s husband disappeared before his trial could begin. It’s probably a good thing he did. The trials are mostly for show. Sympathizers are almost always executed.”

The evaluation is the last step when citizens can get paired. The evaluators will do their best to match Lena with people who received a similar score in the evaluations. Soon after Lena graduated from college, she will get married right away.

During the evaluation, Lena basically failed. She said the wrong answer that wouldn’t satisfy the evaluators. Just when Lena thought everything is going to be over… Streaming blur of cows came thundering into the lab.

Because of this totally out-burst, the evaluation was forced to stop. Also, the cows ate Lena’s evaluation paper. Just when Lena thought everything was hilarious-she saw HIM. Lena knew the boy was one of the Invalids responsible for this, and he lived in the wilds. He winked at Lena, and he left.

Since the evaluation got interrupted, later Lena received a new date for the evaluations. Because she did great this time, her final score was: Eight. She got matched up a pair with Brian Scharff. Lena’s best friend Hana also got paired with Fred Hargrove, the mayor’s son.

Everything was looking good, soon after Lena will get married. But somehow, because of interactions and time spent with Alex, Lena fell in love with him. This changed everything Lena’s life was supposed to be.

Love, is the deadliest things of all. It can kill you both.”

Goals 2018-2019

-Academic Goal: I will try to achieve all “Meeting” grades for all classes, on all assignments. I want to look and the rubric before every test and assessments.

I will actively work towards this goal by learning hard during class, do my homework on time, listen to the teachers carefully when they are teaching, and ask questions no matter what.

-Wellness Goal: I want to increase my strength and muscle endurance, specifically, the length that I can hold a plank.

The time I can hold for a plank before:

The time I can hold for a plank after (after 6 months):

I will actively work towards this goal by doing more exercise and activities when I have free time. This can increase my energetic. I am taking badminton classes now, maybe I will  exercise more in the future.

-Personal Goal: I need to paint at least 3 paintings that satisfies me by the end of the year.

I will actively work towards this goal by carefully choosing what I’m going to draw each class, and draw the art work neatly. Listen to the teacher’s advice, and ask questions if I have concerns.