The Pale Blue Dot/The Hubble Deep Field?


The Pale Blue Dot had more of an impact on me.


  • The language in the video is more inspiring.
  • The tone feels more professional
  • It gives the audience a mood about our truly existence, and why is our home important.
  • The quality of the pictures is more clear.
  • The language sounds more interesting.


After watching The Pale Blue Dot and The Hubble Deep Field, I believe The Pale Blue Dot had more impact on me, and it’s more interesting to watch. Because the language in this video is more inspiring: the talking of speed, the chosen of words, it attracts our attention.

This is a scientific educational video, information needs to be contained within the quality of entertaining. I’m not a science-video person, but I have to say this video caught my attention from the beginning second.

It also mentioned: everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being, is in that dot. How insignificant we are!

The tone of the speaker feels more professional, it gives the audience a mood about our existence, where we are in the universe, why is our only existence (so far we know) important.

The quality of the picture is more clear, the language objective and the choice of pictures are more interesting. Not like “The Hubble Deep Field”, the tone is boring, the pictures are blurry, topic became less attractive to audience, which means, less inspiring.

Here are some high-quality pictures attached from the video~

This is the link of the video, if anyone is interested to watch:

1 thought on “The Pale Blue Dot/The Hubble Deep Field?

  1. I think you did a great job on this CER. I see a very clear claim and many evidences. There are also some screen shots at the end of your post. Your reasons of why “The Pale Blue Dot” had more impact on your are diversify. You considered many points that why this video is better and also compare to the other video.

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