Earth Should Not Die in Our Own Hands

This is a non-fiction book called “The New Ocean”. It’s written by Bryn Barnard and it tells about the fate of life in a changing sea. When technology became more advanced, there’s one problem that we didn’t pay attention: environmental issue. Pollution, global warming, overfishing is all creating a New Ocean that will look very different from the beautiful blue seas we now today… Unless we change. This book is called “The New Ocean” for a reason. We humans are changing to ocean, transforming it into a hotter region, and emptying it. If we want to avoid extinction, change should start now. Because human extinction event may actually begin ten thousand years ago, when people invented agriculture. The idea of the book is telling us we should all contribute something to the ocean.

In the book author included 6 types of sea animals, 4 types of them are already endangered. Orcas gets broke up in Marine parks, their tanks are, from orcas’ point of view, the size of bathtubs, soon they die from hopelessness and boredom. Turtles swim into plastic six-pack rings, which can stay on their body for their entire life. Humans catch 40000 million tons of tuna per year, wiping out variety species of tuna. Coral reefs gets killed because of global warming…

“Study nature. Study science. Science helps us understand what is happening to the Earth. Science helps us find solutions to problems. Science is our best hope of survival. We need science. We need you.” (Barnard, page 21)

This is also why the author wrote this book, and what this book is about. Earth should not die in our own hands.

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  1. 保护环境真是个大工程,从点点滴滴做起,减少使用塑料和不可降解的包装是每个人可以做到的,地球母亲只有一个,银河系只有地球才有蓝色的海洋!随着科技的发展,希望有一天人类能找到让塑料生物降级的办法!

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