Goals 2018-2019

-Academic Goal: I will try to achieve all “Meeting” grades for all classes, on all assignments. I want to look and the rubric before every test and assessments.

I will actively work towards this goal by learning hard during class, do my homework on time, listen to the teachers carefully when they are teaching, and ask questions no matter what.

-Wellness Goal: I want to increase my strength and muscle endurance, specifically, the length that I can hold a plank.

The time I can hold for a plank before:

The time I can hold for a plank after (after 6 months):

I will actively work towards this goal by doing more exercise and activities when I have free time. This can increase my energetic. I am taking badminton classes now, maybe I will  exercise more in the future.

-Personal Goal: I need to paint at least 3 paintings that satisfies me by the end of the year.

I will actively work towards this goal by carefully choosing what I’m going to draw each class, and draw the art work neatly. Listen to the teacher’s advice, and ask questions if I have concerns.

The Valuable Elements We Should Have

In our world, there’s all kinds of valuable elements existing. I believe we all each have valuable elements, and we should all learn new ones. Even in a story, a character can hold valuable elements! In this story: “Roles of the Game”, the main character Waverly can present to you two valuable elements: unremitting effort, and endeavor behavior.

We can see Waverly’s hard effort by not giving up on chess when she begins learning it. Based on the paragraph in the book: “I lost many games and many Life Savers. But over the weeks, with each diminishing roll of candies, I added new secrets. Lau Po gave me the names.” (Tan,3) Waverly still didn’t give up on chess even she lost so many games during long period of time. It looks like failing is providing a new learning opportunity for Waverly. So many people gave up on things they tried because you didn’t get any reward even you feel like you put in so much effort. But for Waverly, “give up” is not a vocabulary in her dictionary.

Endeavor behavior can be found on Waverly when she works on chess. During her spare time, the only things she would like to do is studying chess pieces. The spirit Waverly has does not allow her to be disturbed. “I loved the secrets I found within the sixty-four black and white squares. I carefully drew a handmade chessboard and pinned it to the wall next to my bed, where I would stare for hours at imaginary battles.” (3) It’s hard to focus or concentrate on something in such a long period of time, but Waverly can. She couldn’t get chess out of her mind 24-hours. It feels like chess is an entertainment for Waverly. This fact is so satire, because in now days the things that can entertain us are mostly iPhone, computer, TV… And we gave up on things quickly. For example, you need to rest after doing one hour of homework. Waverly is different because she can stick to one thing for ages without needing a break.

In conclusion, we can see the valuable elements Waverly holds are unremitting effort and endeavor behavior. Not in the story, these two elements are also important and useful in our lives. From now on, get rid of your bad habits, and start working towards those goals right now!




My First Week

Different students think differently about their first week of school. Well, I think it was typical. There are also things I enjoyed and surprised me.

What I enjoyed during the first week is that I can meet my friends again everyday, and hang out with them. Also my new teachers are pretty nice, I like them a lot. 8th grade is more like a self-control year, there will be no teachers chasing after you for this or that, it’s all based on your decisions. (which is pleasant for me) On the other hand, I’m excited about the activities 8th graders are going to have: Grade 8 formal, mentoring trips, star-night… What surprised me is the cafeteria and the changes happened in our school. So the school totally changed the cafeteria’s decoration, and also the food provider. We don’t have Chart-wells anymore, we now have a new food provider. The food is al-right, but the taste didn’t really change comparing to last year.

Humanities Plan for 8th Grade

-What are you looking forward in 8th grade Humanities?

I’m looking forward to learn more knowledge in history, which is about China’s history, Russia’s history, America’s history, etc. I also want to read as many useful books as I can (at least 10 books) in this year.

-What challenges do you face?

I face the challenge that I’m not really good at history, also maybe I’m not able to finish the 10 books in a year.

-What is your plan to meet these “challenges”?

My plan is whenever I have free time, I can read a book. I can read no matter in school, home, or anywhere. Reading is a life-time procedure. Also I will try to study hard during class, take notes, and remember all the concepts we learned in class.


My First Week Back At School

August 21, 2017

My first week back at school 

  • The best part of my first week at school was I meet a lot of new people and new teacher, they are all very nice. I also get to learn a lot new things in 7th grade.
  • During the first week, I didn’t really enjoy the homeroom mentoring time before lunch because our break got short, I don’t have time to eat stuff so I’m always hungry.
  • During EAL time, I want to focus on improving my vocabulary because I don’t understand a few words in class, and sometimes it will drives me crazy and affect my work.

I would like to share this article – Kids and teens develop empathy for others by taking care of animals from Newsela because I think it’s important for all of us to read. It’s not just about interesting or not, it’s about why you should care about animals. Animals have feelings too, like us. If you treat them very well, they will thank you and know you are their master. But if you don’t care about them at all, they will be mad at you or maybe try to run away. This article also teaches me to be more responsible to animals.

PS: This is the link of the Newsela text: https://newsela.com/read/elem-caring-for-pets/id/26519/quiz/