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June 11, 2018

A Farm Without a Business License

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For our final project of the year – Ignite Personalize It, I chose something different to usual. Service projects are something I have never taken part in. This experience enriched my knowledge upon the fact that there are people in the world not as lucky as others. Contributing towards people in need made me feel like I am someone that is caring and is willing to give time and effort to the ones living in a less cozy environment even though they might work double as hard as I do. I want more students to feel this way, meaning that they will understand that food isn’t produced easily. With this experience, they will more likely feel empathy for the farmers and not waste as much.

Our plan is the following :

Students will visit a farm for one period; reached in roughly 5 minutes by bus. At the farm, they will witness/experience the toil and discomforts of farming. This will bring them to appreciate their food and feel empathy for farmers. In the feed the future unit, we learned about food waste and sustainable ways to feed our increasing population.

Visiting the farm will help them to actually experience it instead of listening to a teacher or reading research on it. Words tangentially express our world through logical means whilst physical experience provides an outlook upon the world with no finitude as to meaning itself. By personal experience, they have a whole understanding that is relatable to themselves. Physically visiting the farm allows for focused attention instead of a widespread view on the issue. When we focus on something and commit to it fully we feel the issue from a multitude of perspectives; allowing for empathy and a greater understanding.

The address: Hou sha yu zhen gu cheng. The phone number is: 15910497366

Visiting the farm will replace gardening in the feed the future unit. Gardening at school provides many potential errors and is not relatable to actual farming. When gardening at school we put seeds in the earth, water it every given interval of time, and record the data every week. Instead of gardening at school, we can let them experience farming at an actual farm for one day then be finished. When we garden it is a long-term commitment where we have to keep going back when it is completely unnecessary. If we just have 1 visit to the farm and effectually get across the message without a long-term commitment that doesn’t work it will save a lot of time and work.

I feel like this week has made me grow a lot as a learner and would like to continue contributing to our world by helping others starting from small.

April 18, 2018

Happiness Starts Here

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Overlooking the past two months of our FA entrepreneur project, I think I have learned a lot towards making a successful business, as well as what business is bringing to our world and our society. To make our products high in demand of the customers, we must research the market, thinking about the cost and the benefits at the save time. Our group endeavors to bring joy to todays generation, striving for the global population to meet the three basic aspects of human needs-no poverty, clean water and sanitation and zero hunger. A child dies every twenty-five seconds because of limited access of clean water, 800 million people are living in extreme poverty to this day. Those living in a small village, without education, might not ever think of leaving, to explore their future in the city or out of their country. But with exposed minds of the outside world from Khan academy, a free website that offers courses that can be accessed easily with internet, they could be more of a contribution towards society. Sometimes, the greatest minds are yet to be discovered. Without this wonderful opportunity for people not as lucky as the majority, these minds may forever be archived in their little cages. The brands that we, who may be luckier than the majority, admire, may be someone else’s absolute dread. What we don’t understand is the other side-heads of companies shaking the money tree, taking away 99% of the money, leaving barely anything for the workers. This is why we, as a company, chose to donate our money to an educational website as well as UNICEF, for the new generation, to ensure their education, taking it to the next level; to create a luminous future and tomorrow, where the world is more equal. We strive for one’s elation. We crave for one delight. This is our desire.

December 14, 2017

Two Locations, One Destination

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This is a presentation created using Spark, arguing whether Chengdu or Datong is the better relocation.CHENGDU Vs. DATONG

February 10, 2017

OneDay Basketball Project

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Our project is about how to shoot free-throws and 0 degree shots. In our video we will show you at what angle and degree is the best for shooting. We recorded the results by using a SMART basketball and filmed from different angles so there might be the same shot several times. Enjoy our video!

Watch our video at:file:


December 8, 2016


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Sugar week was something I never have experienced before, no sugar for a whole week?! This really was a challenge, sugar provides energy and a moderate amount is healthy towards the body. Plus, sugar is addicting… This challenge was made to help us understand sugar is not the best for us and learn that we can be healthy just eating natural sugar.

For breakfast, I usually have sweetened cereal but instead, for sugar week, breakfast was porridge and plain bread instead of jam and butter. For lunch, the school had to tag the ingredients of each food and not put sugar in some of the dishes and we couldn’t drink the ice tea.

Overall, I don’t think sugar- free week was the best idea but I think I could of done better of controlling myself better of not having ANY sugar at all.

August 22, 2016

The Master of Suspense

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By: Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker is a story about a teenage boy named Alex Rider, he had no parents (they died when he was two months old) and he lived with his uncle, Ian Rider. When Alex was 14, his uncle died because of a mystery car crash- or was it… This was the change of Alex’s life- he had known his uncle as a banker all his life even though he was very suspicious of his uncle’s actions, why would a banker receive mystery phone calls in the middle of the night then disappear in site? Why would he return back home with scars on his body? Why would he have all sorts of gadgets in his hand bag? But all of this was revealed on Ian’s funeral, Ian was a spy, working for MI6. This led Alex to his destiny- a spy.

I like this story because it is full of suspense and fully action- packed. Alex is packed with high tech weapons and the story leads on to the furstormbreaker-act-free-523451ther books in the series.

July 28, 2016

Hello world!

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