The Story of DNA Polymerase

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Leonardo da Vinci: The Renaissance Man

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Piggy’s Got His Brain

On an island, in the middle of nowhere. A boy was slouched, and was watching the sun set by the horizon. He saw the little ‘uns playing at the beach, splashing water at each other; he heard laughter of joy and delight; he saw the big ‘uns dancing and singing. They seemed to have lots of fun, but he didn’t join in. He couldn’t join in. The only thing he could do was to memorize everyone’s name. A while later, all the group of schoolboys ran back and sat in a circle. They talked and talked, and soon enough, there were bursts of laughter. “Piggy! Piggy!” The boy was called Piggy. Piggy is an intelligent, civilized but timid schoolboy. Throughout the story, Piggy develops a very interesting characteristic which increases the tension and fascinates the reader. His actions and ways of treating others changes throughout the story and the way others treats him changes accordingly.

Piggy is an intelligent and highly rational young man who helps out the group of schoolboys in many different ways. “We can use this to call the others. Having a meeting.” (Golding, 16) “But Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains.” (78) This shows that although Piggy is physically inferior, he is intellectually superior. As Ralph and him found the conch, Piggy knew how to use the conch and made a suggestion, which was to use the conch in order to gather all the schoolboys. “Only, decided Ralph as he faced the chief’s seat, I can’t think. Not like Piggy.” (78) As the story progresses, Ralph realizes that Piggy is the one who thinks among all the boys and he’s the one who’s rational. Without his contribution and intelligence, the story would have changed significantly, as the story’s about the big and small events that happened after the group of schoolboys have gathered up.

Piggy is civilized and acts based on the rules they have made. In the beginning, as Piggy meets Ralph, what he often repeats is “Auntie told me.” (9) This shows that he realizes the importance of rules in the society and tries to tell the others about it. ““Let him have the conch!” shouted Piggy. “Let him have it!”” (35) While the other boys are slightly ignoring the rules they have made, Piggy strictly tries to follow it and is very intent on preserving some remnant of civilization in that unknown island. He’s the responsible one on the island who tries to hold on to the idea of rules and order. Piggy is responsible. Piggy is civilized. However, Piggy is the only one who’s responsible, and Piggy is the only one who’s civilized. ““I got the conch,” said Piggy, in a hurt voice. “I got a right to speak.”” (44) shows that while all the others are not respecting the rules, Piggy constantly reminds the group of schoolboys that holding the conch means having the right to speak. He tries, but things don’t work out as he wants it to. It’s just like a group of students in a classroom, and I, have stood in the position of Piggy. Once the teacher left the classroom, students started to chatter. It began with whispers, but it gradually made its way up, until people were yelling across the room. I have tried several times to help others concentrate and settle down. In spite of that, it didn’t work out as I wanted it to be, just like Piggy. Others started to say I’m bossy, and they continued their conversations in a very disturbing and loud voice level. This happened because as the teacher left the room, students were free from getting watched by, and there wasn’t anyone to stop them from yelling and disturbing others. Without any adult supervision, students can do whatever they want to, and this connects the story to the real world.

Although Piggy is intelligent and civilized, he is timid and timorous. Piggy, throughout the story, is unhappy about the name is being called by; however, he cannot complain about it. In the island with barely any clear rules and order, physical strength is power, and Piggy is physically inferior. Because he’s fat, and because he’s weak, Piggy has to follow what Ralph and Jack tells him to. In the beginning of the story, Piggy was the one who had lots of suggestions about how to survive on the island, but his opinions were ignored. ““You’re talking too much,” said Jack Merridew. “Shut up, Fatty.”” (21) In their own “society”, they aren’t regulated. Nobody admonishes them for making fun of things that other people don’t like. One interesting fact is that Piggy didn’t have the characteristic of timidity since the very beginning. ““We don’t want you,” said Jack, flatly.” (24) As Piggy volunteered to go with Ralph, Jack and Simon to go on an expedition, it clearly shows that he’s interested in getting involved. He was the one who had bountiful of ideas and suggestions, but because he was ignored just because of his physical appearances and other boys treated him disrespectfully, he slowly began to opt out from the social group created by the boys. Regardless of the causes, his actions and behaviors are the clear evidences to the fact that he is timid and timorous.

In an island in the middle of nowhere, the group of schoolboys start to enjoy their freedom from regulations and strict rules; however, Piggy doesn’t. He tries to contribute to the group by suggesting ideas and helping others with useful knowledge, and acts rationally in a civilized way. At the same time, his timidity lowers his self-esteem and makes him do whatever the physically strong boys tell him to do. Piggy and the other schoolboys face lots of different problems, and the problems they face include the conflicts between each other. Other schoolboys had physical advantages compared to Piggy, who didn’t. However, despite the physical appearances and advantages, Piggy had intelligence, Piggy had wisdom, Piggy had rationality, and in all, Piggy had his brain.

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Am I a Renaissance Humanist?

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China in America

A mother who restricts you. A mother who makes you embarrassed. A mother who you disagree with. In this short story Rules of the Game by Amy Tan, Waverly’s mother is a stereotypical Chinese parent. In the story, Waverly and her mother’s different ideas and perspectives results on conflicts. Waverly’s mother is an overconfident, strict but family-oriented person. Her attitude towards others change throughout the story and the way others treat her also changes.

Waverly’s mother is an overconfident person who takes great pride in Chinese culture and her kids. “”Chinese people do business, do medicine, do painting. Not lazy like American people.”” (Tan, 2), “She sat proudly on the bench, telling my admirers with proper Chinese humility, “Is luck.””(4) This clearly explains that Waverly’s mother is extremely proud of their Chinese background. She refers to Americans as “lazy American people”, while she compliments the Chinese and takes great pride. Not only that, she is also greatly pleased by Waverly’s chess skills and her improvements. Her behavior towards Waverly changed significantly, as Waverly’s mother decided Waverly no longer had to do the dishes, and as a result, Waverly’s brothers had to do her chores. However, contrasting from Waverly’s mother, Waverly is embarrassed by her mother’s overconfidence and Waverly’s attitude towards her mother changes negatively throughout the story. Consequently, these evidences clearly indicate that Waverly’s mother is a person who’s overconfident of her culture and kids.

Moreover, she is a strict mother who restricts Waverly from acting in a certain way and continuously pushes her. “”Next time win more, lose less.””(4), I was annoyed, but I couldn’t say anything. (4) Here, it’s evident that Waverly’s mother constantly pushes Waverly by interfering and disturbing her while she’s practicing. As a result, Waverly is annoyed, however she cannot express her annoyance as she knew her mother would be mad. “”We not concerning this girl. This girl not have concerning for us.””(5). This evidently shows that because Waverly got embarrassed and decided to run away at the market, her mother’s attitude towards Waverly changed again. I can connect this story to the Korean culture. In the old times in Korea, Korean parents were thought to be very strict and regulative to their children. If their children behaved in a certain way and their parents thought it wasn’t right according to their tradition, kids were often restricted in their behaviors. This old Korean traditional culture relates and connects to the Chinese traditional culture, as in the story Waverly’s mother is a strict and restrictive mother. Furthermore, Waverly’s mother is trying to preserve and pass down the Chinese traditional culture to her kids including Waverly, while on the other hand, Waverly is wishing to proclaim independence in her actions. Therefore, based on several evidences, it’s clear that Waverly’s mother is a strict and restrictive parent.

Although Waverly’s mother is an overconfident and strict parent, she is very family-oriented. “My mother imparted her daily truths so she could help my older brothers and me rise above our circumstances.” (1) “”This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.” (5) Waverly’s mother is a person who wants her children to live a better life and is willing to teach Waverly the art of invisible strength. Adding on, as Waverly improved significantly in her chess skills and became a national champion, she showed great pride about it by telling everybody at the market that Waverly was her daughter. Despite the fact that Waverly’s mother is a stereotypical Chinese mother who is overconfident and strict, in fact she cares about her children’s growth and is very proud of them.

From all the evidences from the story, it’s unquestionable that Waverly’s mother is a stereotypical Chinese parent. She is overconfident, which makes Waverly embarrassed, strict, which makes Waverly annoyed, but family-oriented at the same time. The conflicts between Waverly and her mother results on the change of behavior towards others and others’ behaviors towards them. Although Waverly lives in America, for her it’s just like living in China, as her mother is strictly based on Chinese traditional culture.

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The Night of Hidden Tuggings

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

A week of 8th grade has been so amazing and awesome so far I cannot exactly describe how I felt this week in words. New grade, new classes, new teachers, and new faces. Friends too, oldies but goodies. It was great to meet my friends again after 2 months of long summer vacation. Every morning this week on the way to school, I was very delighted, and I was curious what other fun things at school would be waiting for me. One small challenge I faced this week was to get to classes on time and being responsible for my own work. I felt the need of responsibility and self-direction. That way, I believe that I won’t struggle to get to classes on time, finish my tasks and much more. It has been a great first week at school as an 8th grader, and I’m excitedly looking forward for the rest of the year!

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What are you looking forward to learning in grade 8 Humanities this year?

I’m looking forward to improve on my writing and reading skills as well as other skills. I would like to read a variety of different books throughout the year and think deeper about it, and I would like to improve my writing skills so that I can express and share my opinion and ideas better to others. I think by the end of the year, my writing and reading skills would improve as in Humanities class, I would continuously write and read. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to learn about different historical revolutions and what happened in different time periods. I’m very excited to share my thoughts on different revolutions and to learn a lot of things in Humanities class this year.

What challenges will you face?

I have some challenges that I’m expecting to face. Firstly, I think I would struggle a little to finish all my work in the best quality I can. This would be a little challenging for me because there are many different subjects and I would have to work hard and challenge myself as I do homework and tasks. Another challenge that I think I’ll face is trying my best all the time. In my opinion, I believe that there would be one point throughout the year when I would get tired and think that I want to do less work. So these are the challenges that I think I’ll face throughout the year.

What is your plan to meet those challenges?

My plan to meet and overcome those challenges are to remind myself what my goal is and what I’m trying to do. I would also have a positive mindset to push myself further. In my opinion, I think that by having a positive mindset, I will be motivating myself to do the best I can.

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Making Cool Handmade Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings!-OneDay 2018

Why I Chose To Make Handmade Gifts for OneDay

For OneDay this year, I chose to work in the Handmade Gifts group. I chose this group because I was interested in making different gifts by myself. I also felt that giving my friends some handmade gifts would be really meaningful, so I decided to work on making handmade gifts for OneDay.


My Plan and How It Worked

Here is my plan that I made on OneDay, but I didn’t completely follow the plan and changed the plan throughout the day as I continuously make gifts.

First, I started with gathering all the materials so that I could use them whenever I had to, and I put all the materials next to me so that I wouldn’t have to move all around the room every time.

After I gathered and organized all my materials, I started making bracelets. In the beginning, I searched up some tutorials on YouTube and made bracelets as I followed the tutorials. I thought this would work well when I started it, but I faced some challenges here. The first challenge was that I had to keep track of all the threads as I followed the tutorial, and it was quite confusing as I had to stop the video, do the pattern, start the video, watch it, and so on. The second challenge was that it took a long time. I planned to make quite a lot of bracelets, and it took me a long time to make 1 bracelet while watching the tutorial. So then, I decided to design the bracelets on my own rather than looking for tutorials and started to make my “own” bracelets.

(The plan I set up at the beginning of OneDay)



I made 2 pairs of earrings on OneDay. It was very interesting for me to find different types of beads and others and attach it to the earrings to make it prettier.



I made 4 bracelets on OneDay. I made all 4 the same because I wanted to keep one and give the rest to my friends so that we all have the same bracelets and I thought it would be very meaningful.



I made 3 necklaces on OneDay. I used beads with different colours and also tried to be creative in making necklaces.


What I Learned

Even though I faced some challenges, I learned a lot from OneDay. I learned how to use different types of yarns/threads for different purposes, and I also learned how to create some cool patterns with embroidery threads. I thought it was amazing to learn how to make heart patterns, zig-zag patterns, straight lines, and many other patterns with just a few strips of embroidery threads.

(These are all my final products)

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My reading reflection

Over the break, I read a book called Animal Farm by George Orwell. This book is based on the Russian Revolution, and the genre of this book is political satire. I thought this book was great because it showed different thoughts of the animals in the story and it was completely different than what I thought the book would be about. The reason why the title of the book is Animal Farm is because the animals decided to revolt on the men, the farmer who treated the animals very badly and decided everything by himself, only considering his own benefits. Then, after their plan of revolution had succeeded and the farmer left the farm, the animals named the farm, and it was the Animal Farm. In the book, the animals were saying “2 legs bad, 4 legs good” and started to make rules for them to live peacefully. In this book, sometimes the animals’ plans succeed but sometimes fails. I think this is a great book and I enjoyed reading it.

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