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In the book cover, I tried to show how inseparable Maddie and Julie were by using the two hands stretching for each other; also, it incorporated the meaning that Maddie was so close in rescuing Julie, but at the end had to kill her. They were so close yet so far.

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Poverty is a Problem

Poverty is a Problem

Those of you who’s homes are crumbling,
I’m sorry, sorry for forcing you to wake up to the dust filled air

Those of you who’s feet are covered in blisters and bruises
Because you can’t even afford basic foot wear,
I’m sorry, sorry for forcing you to wake up
to the sun baking down on those crippled and cracked mud roads
that crumples with every step of my leather boots,
but it still hangs on, though it’s battle scars never healed.

Those of you who’s rice bowls were never filled enough to satisfy your basic needs,
I’m sorry for having you to wake up to the sweltering air
dissipating your throats like fish out of water.

I’m sorry for all the pain, the misery, the devastation you’ve taken for us,
whereas we? Cursed by our greed, and blinded by our own lies,
we were too focused on living happy lives,
throwing all the problems behind and avoiding the ones in front of us.
We ditched you and left you with this dreadful land that we’ve deserted,
but you don’t deserve this.

I am sincerely sorry,
But you know what? No…I’m not sorry,
because a mistake will only become something that we’ll regret if we don’t correct it.
You don’t have to be stranded here, in this barren place
not even containing one piece of farmland to help you sustain.
We, the root of the problem, shall unite as one,
and work with you, side by side,
to get out of what we’ve gotten you in to.

This will be the start of the end of poverty,
and we will be the solution.

This poem was part of our humanities project, and the idea was to learn about the UN SDG sustainability goals. I chose the poverty SDG because my mother and father’s generation was really affected by it. I wish to raise awareness and work together to help these people stranded in the state of poverty. Ultimately, poverty is a widespread issue, and I really want this UN goal to succeed.

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Walking to the Past

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Barber or Butcher

“They told me you would kill me. I came to find out if it was true. But it’s not easy to kill. I know what I’m talking about” (Tellez 4). The protagonist’s dilemma was whether to kill his special customer or not. The barber from “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez was a dynamic character who learnt an important lesson throughout the story.

During the exposition of the story Tellez’s barber was very nervous and scared: “I was certainly flustered…My hands began to tremble again” (Tellez 1-2). A clear reason for being nervous was that he contemplated about whether he should kill his customer, Torres, because he was considered an enemy who executed many revolutionary rebels. Later Towards the end of the story the barber was assured to give Torres a shave because he confirmed his decision, “But I don’t want to be a murderer. No, sir. You came in to be shaved. And I do my work honourably…You are an executioner; I am only a barber…Each one to his job” (Tellez 4). The barber pondered over the consequences that he will receive if he killed Torres, and realized that he loved his life, and enjoyed his job; therefore, not wanting to leave all of this behind. He didn’t want to become a blood thirsty murder. Instead, he thought, I am only a barber, and I will do my job with honour. Therefore, all he did was gave Torres a clean shave, and left him looking a couple years younger.

Through the development of the barber, the author emphasized a statement, the theme, that tightly wrapped itself around the story. The statement is: Before you do something, think about the consequences that you will bring with you, then choose wisely.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

True Romance by jianyuan.chen

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