This week is sugar free week, we did it because we can experience how it feels to not eat sugar for a week. I had to change some of my food choices to avoid consuming sugar that has been processed. It was very hard to completely avoid processed sugar, but I did fine I had to check the ingredients of all the food that I eat to make sure that there is no processed sugar in it.

Now I have learned that sugar is really bad for your body, I would have less sugar. Three things that I did do differently was to check all the food before I eat them  so I can make sure that they don’t have processed sugar in it. I also had to control my self on Friday to not eat sugar because Fridays are my danger zone. For the whole sugar free week I brought home lunch because I thought that the school lunch have a lot of sugar in it. Also during dinner time at home, I would ask my ayi to add less oil and salt into the dishes that she will serve.

This is my diet during the sugar free week challenge for three days:

Morning: Porridge, Milk, Bread

Lunch: Egg-Fried Rice, Yogurt

Dinner: Rice, Vegetables, Lamb


Morning: Porridge, Fruits, Milk, Bread, Egg

Lunch: Sushi, Yogurt

Dinner: Rice, Vegetables, Pumpkin soup


Morning: Porridge, Fruits, Milk

Lunch: Steamed Bun, Soup, Meat, Vegetables

Dinner: Rice, Tempuras, Juice


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