Dead, But Not Really…

“Cast Two Shadows” is a historical fiction novel written by Ann Rinaldi at the period of the American Revolution. It follows the life of Caroline Whitaker, a fourteen-year-old girl living in South Carolina whose father is in prison, her brother contributing in the war as a loyalist, and she, her mother, and her sister are restricted to a room as British colonel, Rawdon, occupies their vast plantation. As the story progressed, Caroline encountered numerous problems which helped her grow, learn, and finally lead her to overcome them.

Throughout the book, a consistent theme is: The death of a friend or family may be a devastating loss, but they will never fade from our hearts. Rinaldi started her book off with the death of Caroline’s best friend, Kit. This death directly impacted Caroline’s thoughts on the British, and her as a whole; “…trying to ponder a way to be rid of the sickness inside me. It hung there like Kit’s corpse, rotting” (Rinaldi 21). Before everything, Caroline was full of joy, riding her horses through the trees and enjoying nature, without much hate towards the British; however, right after the British hanged Kit, Caroline’s hatred towards them turned from zero to hundred in an instant.

Moreover, this death later impacted her to join the rebels and fight against the British. Later on, during the resolution, Caroline reflected upon the past few months of her life with Mrs. Milendy, her grandmother, and realized that several more people now hanged in her, “I’ve got three people hanging in me now…my friend Kit, my real mama, and now Agnes of Glasgow” (Rinaldi 208). This exchange between the two not only led Caroline to another realization: The older you are, the more people will be hanging inside you. It also led her to understand that “Those people you got hangin’ inside, they make you different. Better” (Rinaldi 209).

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How Can You Ensure Your Info is Reliable

The CRAP test stands for Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose. The CRAP Test is a list of questions to help you evaluate the information you find. Also, Its main purpose is to ensure that whenever you’re searching for info online, you will be able to find reliable resources. To ensure the website is reliable, you have to make sure that it has listed the author’s name, the date of publish, it has contact info, and that it is honest and transparent.

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The Believer in the American Revolution

My name is Creed, and I was born near the Gold Coast of Africa and raised by a literate negro. She taught me how to read, write, and speak English because deep inside, we all know that I- a strong, healthy boy- would not be able to avoid being abducted by slave traders and eventually sold off to America. She wanted me to have the skill to be able to interact with the people and not feel too much like an outlier.

After the revolution many things changed, but many other things had remained the same. Some of the most significant changes were the new Government, and the Senate. The government detached from Britain’s monarchy system and became a democratic nation; the senate on the other hand, was a modified parliament to aid the president in making decisions. However, since it was still a revolution, not everything changed like slavery. The domination of wealthy land owners/merchants on society and politics. Although the first line of the declaration of independence stated that all men are created equal, in practice, they only meant rich white men who have power. Not only that, wealthy land owners and merchants had the most say both before and after the revolution because they have money and power.

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American’s Desperate Struggle

The American Revolution started after the end of the French and Indian war, one of the most significant causes of it was because the Colonists were offended that they didn’t have a say in the British parliament; not only that, the British tried to collect taxes through multiple acts on the colonists because their economy was depleted from the French and Indian War.

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Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Future missions from NASA should focus on exploring one of Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Recently NASA scientists decide to revisit Europa because of the discovery that it may contain plumes or geysers which were spraying water vapor. The finding is raising hopes that we might be able to find other lifeforms outside Earth.

Exploring Europa is very important because we need to be aware of our solar system, and how we might not be alone here. If there are other lifeforms in our solar system, humans might be able to find a new home keeping in mind that the resources on Earth is minimal, and will deplete in a short amount of time due to our consuming rate.


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