Leonardo Da Vinci during the Renaissance

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Meaning of mother to Sal

“Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.” In the book I read, there is this quotes. This quote shows the meaning of the book. And understanding the theme of this book. But however in the book “Walk Two Moon” from Sharon Creech, related to the mysterious title, also there are two major conflict in this story.


Firstly, in the book ‘Walk Two Moons’ there is a main character vs itself conflict. From the beginning of the book, main character Sal’s mother leave Sal and her father because she was thinking of divorce with Sal’s father. She wanted to spend time alone so she left her home. “On night that we got a bad news-that she(mother) was not returning” (Creech,3) However, because of this, Sal thought her mother left because of her.  “Gram and Gramps knew that I wanted to see Momma, but that I was afraid to.” (5) And Sal was afraid to see her mother again.


Also there was conflict with Sal, the main character, and death of her families. “I was with your mother and held her hand in her last moments.” (257) Almost in the end, when Sal is able to be happy without her mother, her mother dies because of the accident. And her grandfather, Gram also dies because he was too old. So within short period, Sal lost two of her family. Especially mom’s death would be most effective in this conflict.


Conflict in this book helps to understand the title and theme of this book. Sal travels two months to see her mother. By traveling two-month journey, Sal changes by being more independent from person around. I felt that author showed that Sal was changing with the way she tries to solve the conflict on beginning and in the end. So I thought there are two major conflict in this book and conflict is doing important part of this book.



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Elements of Humanity

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Being A Good Mother Means…


What would be a meaning of a ‘good’ mother? Respecting their son and daughter? Or leave them to do whatever they want? “Rules of the Game” is a story by Amy Tan. And the book is about the girl who won all the chess tournament. There is a character who was opposite of a “good” mother in Rules of the game. In this story, Mother was disrespectful to others, has fixed mind set and also overconfident character.


Firstly, she was disrespectful to others in this story. She often didn’t respect others like Wavely and also brothers. “Next time win more, lose less……Lost eight piece this time. Last time was eleven. What I tell you? Better off lose less!” (Tan,4) Even though Wavely was having good result on tournament, she kept say that she should lose less. Without any positive words, she kept force her daughter. “I was six…… Bite back your tongue, scolded my mother when I cried loudly, yanking her hand toward the store that sold bags of salted plums.” (1) Also even when Wavely was just a little kid, she taught in unhelpful ways to the kids. I think if she was a ‘good’ mother she should respect kids to express their feeling and learning new things.


Also she had fixed mind set and overconfident about her daughter, Wavely. She was Chinese and she kept repeats her thought about the difference of Chinese and Americans. “Chinese people.do many things,” …… Not lazy like American people. ” (2) She has fixed mind set about American people. She says that American peoples are lazy. But the characterization is really depending on what you what to do, not racism. “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way…….So shame be with mother?” “Embarrass you be my daughter?” Her voice was cracking with anger. “(5) She was overconfident with Wavely. When Wavely won the tournament more and more and Wavely gets more famous, mother was proud of Wavely too much so she showoff to anyone on the street. This can be just mother who really loves her daughter, but she pushed to answer to her question.  


To conclude, Mother was not really a great mother because she was disrespectful to others, had a fixed mind and also overconfident of her daughter, Wavely. Parents are really affective to their kids. Before the kids go to school, they learn things from the parents. So to become good teacher to kids is important for child’s behavior outside of house.

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Inside of River, Outside of River

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

This week was my first week after 2 month of summer vacation. When I came back to school on Monday, one thing I noticed was school has changed things. I think the biggest change was cafeteria. Before the vacation, cafeteria didn’t have really bright light and theme of the cafeteria was yellow and red, it changed a lot. There is lot of lights theme changed to white.  And small things like bathrooms, high school hallway, and also changed classroom were surprised on the first week of school.

I really enjoyed these things that changed. Like new classes, new classmates, and changed school. I also liked because all the class changes, I can meet with friends that I didn’t know well. And I am looking forward learning new things in different subjects too.  I wish that I can improve in many different ways.

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My first writing in grade 8 Humanity

What are you looking forward to in grade 8 humanities?

In grade 8, I really like to improve my skill on reading because I need the improve on reading at grade 7. I liked the process of reading at the starting of the class and I thought reading more will help improving my reading skills.


What challenges will you face?

I think I will face problem about joining in collaborative discussion because I don’t talk much while doing a group work.


What is your plan to meet those challenges?

I will keep practice talking more than I did before, sharing my ideas to everyone so that I can be a part of the work and also be a part of the community.

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