One Day 2017 Reflection

For One Day, me and my friend Christina decided we would work together to make marshmallow fondant, since every time when we tried to make marshmallow fondant, the marshmallows always burn when we melt it in the microwave, so our goal for One Day is to find the perfect timing for melting the marshmallows without burning it. Also, to make successful fondant to decorate 2 iced cakes and some cupcakes.

We learnt that the perfect timing is about putting the marshmallows in the microwave in 20 second bursts,until the marshmallow fully melts. Something that went well was that our whole plan was successful! And the result is amazing!

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Next time, we will hope to get in the kitchen so we could bake the cakes and not pre-bake them the day before.

This is my One Day Process Journal:


…..And my One Day Video:

Sisters, the amazing book!

Are you the type of person who likes books that are SistersAWESOME AND FUN?! If yes, I highly recommend this amazing  book, Sisters, by Raina Telgemeier! This book tells (our main character)Raina’s childhood… Raina always wanted to be a big sister! But things aren’t quite how she expected……In this book, there is fight, there is tears and there is…… Love