Future Missions


NASA should focus on Saturn’s moons for future missions.

Titan, a large moon of Saturn, is recorded to have the fundamental ingredient needed for life, water. On the other hand, Enceladus, another moon orbiting Saturn, consists almost all of the ingredients that is needed to support life as we know it on Earth. In 1997, NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft was launched to Enceladus; however, it is nearing its demise and does not have the ability to detect life.

Therefore, launching a more advanced version of the space craft should be included as one of NASA’s future missions. In addition, future research should be focused on Saturn’s moons because there is a high possibility of finding of life forms there due their life-sustainable environment.

ONE Jian饼 please?


I have selected 煎饼 for one day because I enjoy eating 煎饼outside of school. After a brief discussion with Alice and Kenneth, we all thought that 煎饼 is the best choice because we are all passionate about food. Food is an essential part of the Chinese culture and learning to cook something is quite meaningful. We decided to present our product with a film because we were inspired by Keith and Tony’s documentary about 煎饼. I think the ability to show and present this special part of Chinese culture is excellent and we are all excited for one day and I think this will be a very good learning experience for all of us.

Persistency was a merit that we had. For the first couple of times, we were not successful; however, none of us gave up. We kept trying with the help of the chef. Eventually, we did it!

After today’s experience, we learned how to make 煎饼and how hard working the 煎饼chefs are (making 煎饼is not easy!).

To make a perfect 煎饼, one needs to have a perfect 饼to begin with; however, making a round, big饼isn’t easy. We failed several times, and a lot of 饼 were thrown into the bin: sometimes it’s not round enough, thin enough, gets ripped, has too little batter… etc. We got better after practices and learning from our mentor chef.

One Day is a student-led learning day; middle school students can design their own learning and follow their passions using the entire day. One Day is important because students get to choose froma myriad of different activities and experience one through an extraordinary way. One Day is a unique way of learning and provide student with the opportunity to explore their passion.

The Pale Blue Dot


The Pale Blue Dot is a more awe-inspiring video than the Hubble Blue Field. The Pale Blue Dot shows an image of Earth taken from a record distance of 3.7 billion miles, by NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft. The narrator in the background mentioned how everything that seems really important to each individual and the society (Politicians, creators, destroyers, cultures, beliefs, family, friends… etc) is really minute compared to the universe. On the other hand, Hubble Blue Field only displays pictures that were taken from Earth. Pale Blue Dot compares Earth with a part of the universe; Earth is a tiny speck in the cosmos. This shows how small we are and humbles us. The narrator also makes a great connection with the audience and introduce similar ideas. In contrast, Hubble Blue Field doesn’t compare Earth with different solar systems and the audience may not realize how small Earth is. Whereas in Pale Blue Dot we get a picture that shows a direct compare. Therefore, Pale Blue Dot is a more humbling video than Hubble Blue Field.

Picture Citation: Teitel, Amy Shira. “Exploring Space and Finding Our Own Pale Blue Dot.” GCC News | Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, 22 Aug. 2013, www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2013/08/201381394254724388.html.

Fatal Fight


The movie poster shows a major external conflict in The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton. The greasers, Johnny and Ponyboy, got into a fight with a group of Socs (Socials) led by Bob and Randy. Ponyboy’s head was pushed down into frigid and he eventually blacked out. When he regained his consciousness, he finds out that Johnny has killed Bob, a Soc. This conflict was resolved in the resolution of the story as Ponyboy and Johnny turned themselves in after saving a group of children at the church. They did not get into trouble because of their heroic actions and that they were self-defensing from the beginning.

Picture citation: “Blog.” The OutsidersS.e. Hinton, cherryoutsiders.weebly.com/.

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Far From Fair


This is a poem about the problem of gender inequality (SDG Goal). The poem depicts a scene when the mother decides to punish the girl when the boy did the wrong thing. I hope you like it


Far from Fair

Frost covered the window,

and a raging fire was kindled.

A plate shattered,

its’ shards scattered.

Like puzzle pieces on the ground,

with the last piece that can never be found.

The girl stared at the boy, frowning,

the mother soon dashed in, questioning.


“She did it!” The boy shouted.

What a congenital actor, the girl thought.

As they altercate, the mother was quiet.

Pulling out a stick, the girl looked disquiet.

The mother did not see the whole picture,

and shouted at the girl, a mother’s stricture.


Then, the stick went down, bang and bam,

the girl looked at the boy, taking a scam.

The girl could tell,

the boy resisted a smile.


“What did I do?” The girl asked.

The mother stayed quiet, and stepped back.

The pain soon spread to her head,

as hope, in her mind, turned up dead.


The scales of fairness were never balanced,

instead, tilted to one side, unbalanced.

The fire extinguished,

as the girl relinquished.


She stopped to care,

“This world is far from fair.”


Bellicose Boxers


“From his throat a stream of blood would flow on the sheet, over the chair, down on my hands,”thought the barber as he imagined the scene when he kills the barber(Tellez 4).This thought has deterred our protagonist, the barber (a revolutionary), from killing Captain Torres (a counter revolutionary). In the short story “Lather and Nothing Else”, Hernando Tellez creates a dynamic characterwho undergoes an important inner change through his internal conflict of choosing between becoming a murder or just a barber. The barber is nonplus at first,but then becomesdetermined.

The barber started out as an apprehensive and was confounded over what to do; he was a proud barber but also an ardent revolutionary. In the rising action of the story, the barber struggles to choose between his two identities: “I was secretly a revolutionary, but at the same time I was a conscientious barber” (2). Asthe barber recognizesCaptain Torres, who was counter revolutionary, he “started to shake” (1). The barber thought, “I was certainly flustered” (1).He questioned himself, “And so, which will it be? Murderer or hero? My fate hangs on the edge of this razor blade” (4).The barber shows his nervousnessand indecisiveness through his actionsand internal dialogues. He didn’t know what to do; he didn’t knowwhich choice benefited him the most.However, during the resolution, the barber was lead to a conclusion after weighing the pros and cons of killing Torres. The barber becomesresolute with his final decision; unlike how he started out, wavering betweenhis options.Due to the barber’s love of his profession, he convinced himself: “But I don’t want to be a murder. No, sir. You came in to be shaved. And I do my work honorably. I don’t want to stain my hands with blood” (4).At last, he discovers his own identity and makes up his mind: “You are an executioner; I am only a barber. Each one to his job. That’s it. Each one to his job” (4).After pondering about the consequences that might be caused by his action, the barber figured that he had more to lose than gain if he had killed Torres. Thus,he decided not to kill Torres and he was adamantwithhis choice.

Books connect with their readersand readers learn from the messages that the authors include. In this case, Hernando Tellez deliberated out the message through the change and final decision of the barber.Hisultimatedecision was made up of careful ponderation. Through this long internal conflict, he madeachoice that will not let his conscience suffer; in other words, the better choice for him. However, if he didn’t contemplate and thought about the consequences thoroughly, he might have made a choice that would have resulted in a lifetime of suffering. This altered the barber and taught us the importance of careful consideration; that before making important decisions,we should think about all of the possible consequences of our action.

I can connect with the message the author has included. I do my best to think through decisions and one of the biggest decisions I have made is to go to a foreign country for high school. To me, the cons of this decision are: Homesickness and the unfamiliarity of a new environment and culture. On the positive side, I believe I can learn how to become more independent, step out of my comfort zone, embrace new challenges, and get to learn more about American culture.  Overall, I strongly believe that the pros overweigh the cons, which ultimately swayed my mindset.

Picture Citation- List of Synonyms and Antonyms of the Word: Lather, canacopegdl.com/keyword/lather.html.




This magazine cover focuses on the characterization of Egeus; a character from the play, “A Midsummer’s Night dream”, written by Shakespeare. I have used a picture of a angry elder man to depict Egeus because in the story, he appears as an domineering father who doesn’t believe in true love and flatters the king. I used white, black, salmon pink, and crimson in my title in order to match with the picture of Egeus at the back and keep the uniformity of the entire magazine cover.

Picture credits: http://www.assisted-living-directory.com/images/assertiveness_senior

Broken Butterfly


“When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another.”- Edward Norton Lorenz. The course of destiny can be blown in a new direction by the beating of a butterfly’s wings. In “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, the author conveys a theme of the importance of all events and actions.

The story teaches us that events are interconnected with one another. For example, in the rising action of the story, Travis informed Eckels: “‘Say we accidentally kill one mouse here. That means all the future families of this one particular mouse are destroyed… you annihilate first one, then a dozen, then a thousand, a million, a billion possible mice!’” (Bradbury 5). This shows an example of how events might be interlinked together, killing one mouse could possibly lead to the killing of billion possible mice, of foxes, of lions, and finally a single caveman because of the lack of prey which leads to starvation. That man could be the hope of the future human generation. Thus, in the story, Travis stated an example of a possible interconnection between events; the killing of a mouse could possibly lead to the killing of the entire future human generation because of how events are linked together.

Furthermore, this relates to the importance of actions that might seem minor. Since events are interlinked with one another, a small difference can possibly change the subsequent events. Therefore, a small difference can have an enormous impact on future events. When Eckels noticed the abnormal sign in the room, he shouted, “‘Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly! … Killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important!’” (Bradbury 14). By stepping on the butterfly, Eckel altered the path of history; the spelling on the sign was changed, and a new man was elected president. When Eckels questioned the importance of the life of a mouse, Travis answered, “‘The stomp of your foot, on one mouse, could start an earthquake, the effects of which could shake our earth and destines down through Time, to their very foundations’” (Bradbury 5). Travis insists that interrupting any of the natural processes in the past is unacceptable because it could have an irreparable repercussion for the future. This story reminds us of an idea called the “Butterfly Effect”. The Butterfly Effect states that a very small event can have large unintended consequences. One small choice, although it might seem minor, can affect not only the course of your future but others as well. In conclusion, the story delivers the idea that sometimes little things can create a big difference because events are interconnected with each other, thus, one should also pay attention to choices and actions that might seem trivial.



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