How can you ensure your information is reliable when we search up health related website?

To ensure if your information is reliable when we search up health related website, you first have to know when the information was published or posted for currency. I f it was posted or published a long time ago the, that information might be wrong right now due to new discoveries, and studies. For relevance, you might want to ask some questions like “Who is the intended audience?  Is the language formal or informal?  Is it for teenagers or adults?” or like “Does the language or tone seem unbiased?”. By asking this kind of questions, you can know the usefulness of the information. For authority of the information, you must need to check if the author or the publisher is a profession or a person that you can rely on. After this, you might also want to check the URL. If the URL ends with .edu, .org, it is reliable and helpful. Also, don’t forget to check if there is contact information or “About Us” page. Lastly, for purpose, you should know if the information is to inform, sell, entertain or persuade. In the end, you can check if the information fact, opinion or propaganda.

Journal Entries-American Revolution

This journal is about the main turning points in American revolution. The first journal entry is about the Boston Tea Party, which is the main cause of this revolution. The second journal entry is about the Battle of Yorktown. The last journal entry is about the Treaty of Paris.

The character in this journal is John Smith who is an American colonist. At first, he was just a normal trader living in Boston. However, he fought in the Battle of Yorktown. He signed up to be a part of the militia unit for America. In the end, he came back to be a trader and during that time the Treaty of Paris was signed and it led to independence of America. During the whole revolution, he faced a conflict, man vs society. He became poor because of the Intolerable Acts, so other colonies helped them. In conclusion, this revolution changed America to religious freedom, liberty, and constitutions. Still, slavery, role of women, and white people seizing more power stayed the same.


In the 19th century in China, the Boxers were having a rebellion against the foreign goods and thoughts. During the rebellion, the Boxers killed thousands of people and revolution is similar to a rebellion. It usually kills many people and it is also similar that people want changes and reforms. The difference is that revolution has a bigger consequences than rebellion. In revolutions it is not just a change, it is a turning point in history. There are also many kinds of causes for a revolution.

First, poverty is a big cause of a revolution. People get in to poverty because they don’t have enough money to buy enough food they necessarily need. Even if people work hard to earn money, they might not get enough money to live comfortably because of discrimination.

Second, treating people unequally is also a cause of a revolution. People in a country might have different classes and the people in higher classes will be treated better than lower class people. Since this happens, many of the lower class people have a lot of complains about it. All the people want to be treated equally.

When a revolution has been caused, there could be many consequences such as reforms, laws changing, and a ruler abdicating. People have a revolution to change something because they don’t like the current situation. To stop people marching and shouting for changes, they might need to have a reform or change laws to make their situation better and to stop them. However, in some cases the ruler might not be able to reform or change the laws because if it changes, the country might get uncontrollable. Sometimes, if the people really don’t like the ruler and they don’t think the current ruler is not doing the correct job as a leader, the ruler might have to abdicate to stop the revolution like Tsar abdicating in Russian Revolution.

In conclusion, I think having a revolution is a big change and it will be interesting to learn about revolutions other than Russian, for example, the American and the French. I think the cause most of the revolutions are usually poverty and treating people unequally. When the revolution ends successfully, it there would be a reforms, laws changing or a ruler abdicating.

I think a revolution will not happen again today, but there will be some changes. One of the reasons why people have changes are because they don’t agree with others, and if they think the others ideas are wrong, they might want to change it. Usually many people don’t agree with the laws and they might want to change the laws, so it is more fair to many people. For example, people have different ideas about abortion. Some people say it should be prohibited by law because the baby is also has a life and we should not kill people. However, some people might say that it should be legal because some people might get pregnant when they don’t want to be.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION is going to be easy after this video

Leo, James.H, and I made the video about the American Revolution. In this revolution video it shows about how American Revolution happened, about the key turning points, and the change and continuity. I did the Tea Act, Olive Branch Petition, and the Declaration of Independence. The Tea Act is important because colonists thought it would lead to a monopoly and they threw all the tea into the harbor, which is the starting point of Britain not wanting to be close with American colonists. The Olive Branch Petition is important because it made the Americans to know that Britain doesn’t want agreement but they want to fight. The Declaration of Independence is the most important event in the American Revolution because it declared that America is independent, which was the main reason why this revolution happened. For this video, I am being assessed on collaboration, speaking, and communicating historical ideas. Our team was very collaborative. All of our team mates worked together for cut-outs, filming, and recording, and none of us worked more or less than others. For speaking, I tried to emphasize the important ideas by pausing a little bit before that phrase, and making it louder. For historical ideas, I didn’t put many detailed ideas because the purpose of this video is to make difficult concepts to be understood easily.

April Morning-Theme

I read a book called April Morning by Howard Fast. Adam Cooper, the main character of the book, is the son of the American Colonist family. His parents were very religious and their family came to America for religious freedom and independence. This book is about the Battle of Lexington, where as Adam Cooper grows older, his thoughts on religion and political beliefs are made. When Adam says he wants to sign up for the militia units which is the consequence of the first continental congress, his parents disagrees with him because of their religious thoughts. However, when the British troops came to the town and marched, they killed some people who were against them. Adam’s father, Moses gets killed there. Women and children are sent inside, so Adam was alone. He decided to fight against the British soldiers.  He went against the religion. In this battle the Americans won. After this battle, the second continental congress was held, and in the end, America declared independence.

Howard Fast, the author, believes that sometimes we need to go against our religion and fight for our political beliefs. “a gun is a commoner, an equalizer, believe me” (p. 106). Solomon Chandler, an old veteran who fought alongside the British in the French-Indian War, takes young Adam under his wing, and tells him they must stand up to the British now. “‘Nobody fights in God’s cause’, the Reverend replied harshly, ‘Isn’t it enough to kill in freedom’s name? No one kills in God’s cause. He can only ask God’s forgiveness”(p. 128). Solomon Chandler tries to tell Adam to harden himself to killing, but the Reverend reminds the men ambushing the British on the Lexington road that this is not a holy act though Adam’s father’s belief was different.


One Day – How do we make tasty Jianbing?

Our group decided to make a tasty video of how to make Jianbing. We will take some pictures and videos to make the film. We will also take some videos and pictures of traveling because Jianbing is one of the one day subjects that go out of school. We chose to make a tasty video because it will be easy to make and Kelley is good at editing video. I decided to join Jianbing because Jianbing is really famous as a breakfast in China and I lived in China only for 5months, so I wanted to experience Chinese breakfast culture with friends. I want my final result to look like the picture below. This picture makes me hungry!!!

<How to mak e Jianbing>

  1. heat up the pan enough
  2. scoop the dough with a dipper and place it on the pan
  3. Use a long flat tool to spread the dough thin and round
  4. crack the egg and spread the egg all around the dough
  5. put some sesame
  6. flip the thin dough carefully
  7. drop the spicy sauce a little bit
  8. paste the sweet sauce with the brush
  9. put in some other ingredients(spring onion, spinach, spicy carrot, and sausage)
  10. on top of every ingredients put a big crispy chip
  11. fold the dough by cracking the chip into tree parts
  12. flip it over again
  13. FINISH!


Before I made the Jianbing, I didn’t know about Jianbing and Chinese breakfast culture. After this experience, I got more interested in Chinese culture and Jianbing. When I tired to make the Jianbing myself, it was a bit nervous but I think I was good. The lady told me that I am good at spreading the dough which is the hardest part. I didn’t put the sausage because everyone else was not putting it in. I liked the spicy pickled carrot because it was crispy and I liked sweetness of it. Our team planned to make a recipe video, so we took many pictures and videos. I found some background musics, Paris looked through the footage and airdropped Kelley to edit the final video. I think one day is really good because we can experience things that we can’t do in our normal classes at school. I had challenge with Chinese. The Jianbing lady didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese at all, so when I was making the Jianbing she said something to me and I had no idea what she was saying. I also had some questions to ask her while making the Jianbing but I couldn’t ask her. Paris is good at Chinese, so she asked her some interview questions. I think one day is important because I can have special experiences with friends and I can try something new that I can’t do it at school. It was more interesting and fun experiencing outside school than staying at ISB.