Throw a Ball

1. What did you learn from this activity? How is that relate to the concepts we learned in Algebra I?

-I learned how to use linear graphs ( functions) in real life using Logger pro.

– It relates to the concept of linear and quadratic functions we learned in Algebra 1.

2. What did your group do well?

-Our group did well on analyzing the graphs using Logger Pro.

-We also did well on collaborating since we split an equal amount of jobs and worked hard on our individual parts.

3. What were some of the challenges your group faced?

-We had some challenges on throwing the ball because sometimes we threw too short, but sometimes we threw it too high that the ball bounce on the ceiling and came back us again.

4. What aspects of this activity could your group improve?

-I think we could add more details when we were analyzing the graphs because I feel like we only included some basic information.

-Also, next time it will be better if we make a better video with more descriptions on it.

5. How could you do it differently if you are giving another try? 

-If we had another try, I think we will try again on taking videos of throwing balls to create more accurate and symmetrical graphs.

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Reality in China

This video is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal #1 Poverty. It is talking about how poverty is a significant problem in nowadays China and what should the Chinese government do in order to remove poverty permanently from China.

So what?

If there is no action taken, there will be more people living in poverty and this will decrease China’s economy, which is definitely not good for the country’s future development; however, since Chinese government is already taking actions and they have a goal to remove poverty by 2020, there is a possibility that poverty will be removed from China by next year, which is also helpful to other countries to make a better living environment, not only China. Since China is one of the countries that have a large number of population in the world, if China solves their poverty problem faster than in other countries, it will influence them to try to remove poverty from their country as soon as possible. Even though the Chinese government is working hard, they still need more effort to remove poverty by 2020 because there are still some people in China who believes that poverty is not a problem currently in their country, which is definitely a problem since the citizen’s reaction towards the sociological issues is also a big part of developing the country.

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Polymer Journal #5


-This PowerPoint is a presentation that our group made to the “Dream on Team”.

-These are the scripts for our presentation.


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Death’s Resume

The novel “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak has a special character that other novels do not have, which is a character “Death”, the narrator of the entire novel. Death was different from other humans near it. It did not have emotions; yet, Death from this novel is little far away from our common imagination of Death. It is much nicer and has its own thoughts in the novel. “Next is a signature black…”(Zusak, 9) Shows that Death knows how people usually think about it. People think that all the dark colors such as; dark brown and black fit Death, which we call the stereotype and I used this fact for my picture. I used the black color of jackets to show the people’s imaginary about Death. As it describes in the novel, we can see a dark anonymous creature acting very threatening in the image. Death thinks that people have a stereotype of it, readers can notice that Death also has its opinion.

The “Skills” part of the resume also shows Death’s character in the novel. It says, “Have fewer emotions than others, which will make the work easier.” Meaning that since its job is to take away people’s soul, emotions are useless. “It’s the leftover humans. The survivors” (5) Author utilized this quote to support the claim that Death does not have enough emotions to interact with humans. People in our society do not call the survivors to the leftover humans because it sounds disrespectful to the survivor and try to respect them as we can; however, Death used this expression frequently in the novel, shows that he does not really care about the humans who survived. In conclusion, Death’s main characteristics are that it likes to show its opinion and pretty nice, but does not have emotions.

In addition, the word “Himmel” from the Contact part of the resume, means “Heaven” or sky in German. This is making a contrast with Death’s characteristic because people’s stereotype of Death is that it would not take people’s souls to heaven. They think it will take the souls the hell instead of heaven.


-Template from CANVA

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The Difference of Each Other

The Difference of Each Other  

 Did you ever realize that everyone is different? Everyone living in the Earth has a difference, such as personalities, appearance, and preference. Sometimes people cannot understand each other by the differences they have; however, sometimes these differences make people have an interest in each other. In the novel “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, the narrator “Death” is very different from Liesel, who is the main character of the book. The difference they had was not only their appearance, but also their thoughts and living environment, yet as the time pass, Death became to have interest on Liesel because it thought that Liesel is different, but similar at the same time to itself.    

In the novel, there were moments when Death cannot understand humans since it is so much different from human beings. Death does not have very much emotions like humans, and its thoughts are way different compared to how humans think. “A small fact: You are going to die…. does this worry you?” (Zusak,3) This is one of the examples that show that Death’s thought is different from humans since most human beings fear Death because people believe that they will lose their valuable things. Yet, this quote shows that Death seems it does not have something valuable and it does not understand why humans are so scared about death even it is just part of nature that people born and die. “I can’t believe it- She’s alive!…so much joy among the cluttering…I could not fully share their enthusiasm.” (499) The point where it said that it cannot fully share humans’ enthusiasm, explains that Death cannot understand what makes people happy about a person being alive, which shows that Death is death by the point where it cannot feel the happiness of life. Not only because Death has a lack of emotions, but different thoughts is also part of the reason why Death cannot understand humans. “A SMALL, SAD HOPE…No one would bomb a place named after heaven, would they? Would they?” (497-498) This is explaining that Himmel Street should not be bombed by people because it is named after heaven, which is now turned into a hell. The author is showing that the Death is unable to understand humans, who had bombed a street named after heaven and creating a hell for themselves. Death does not get this because it is a creature that does not have a lot of greed like humans, who always wants something more and hunger for more things even though they have enough to live. It cannot understand why people want more than they already have, and this was a time when it saw two different sides of human beings. “I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both.” (491) This explains humans by using two simple words, which are “Ugly” and “Beauty” showing that the author utilized this to tell the readers how Death thinks about humans and that Death has two different perspectives on humans.   

 Although Death cannot understand most of the human behavior, it started to be influenced by human, since Death observed many events when it was staying around Liesel. As it already mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, Death does not have enough emotions that can understand human’s behavior. “It kills me sometimes, how people die.” (464) The author Markus Zusak utilizes this to tell readers that Death has emotion, but at the same time, it also shows irony because Death is something that takes away human’s life and it does not make sense when Death feel the emotion towards people, whom it has to take away people’s life. As the story develops, there are more times where readers can find Death’s emotions. “Another human pendulum. Another clock, stopped.” (502) Which is basically explaining that one another human died and its life ended; however, the author used this type of explanation to show that Death has respect on dead people by saying “Another clock, stopped.” instead of saying “Another person died.” Also, he began to understand humans’ behavior better than before. “He killed himself for wanting to live.” (503) If this happened at the beginning of the chapter, Death might think this person killed himself because he wants to; yet, the point where the Death showed its thought in this way shows that he understands how humans think when they commit suicide. Another evidence of emotions that Death received from the influence of humans is empathy. “He steps on my heart. He makes me cry.” (531) This is a surprising moment that readers can clearly find a difference between word usage of Death comparing to the beginning of the novel. The author is showing here that Death has influenced a lot by observing humans. Death became more likely to human than before.   

 Even though Death seems like it became more like to human than past, there are still some differences between the life of Death and humans. It is obvious in this case that humans and Death are different. In the novel, Death is a character who has a warm heart, but at the same time, it also looks like a bit psychopath because it does not have enough emotions as humans do. One of the major differences between humans and Death is that Death is an existence, who takes away living creatures’ life and since this is Death’s job, it only takes away life and never return or create new life again; however, humans can kill and create new life by themselves even though taking away life is not their job to do. Humans sometimes commit many evil actions, but also give a lot of kindness to each other, which Death cannot do because it is the only one existing in the whole universe. While humans are interacting and help each other to move forward, Death must carry out all the burdens it has only because it has no one to share its thoughts and worries. This is how the life of Death is different from the life of humans.   

In conclusion, the difference between humans and Death also created a connection between two different species. When Death said, “I am haunted by humans.”, it means that he is surprised that the humans are still alive after they have experienced everything including hard times, and beautiful times in their life. It is saying that humans are so evil that they always want more than they have, but at the same time, there are some people who even take risks for others and help them. This was a time when Death mentioned, “I see their ugly and their beauty, and I wonder how the same thing can be both.” (491) The part where Death is saying that it has been haunted by humans has the double meaning of evil spirit and beauty that human being has, and human nature is the one that haunted Death even though Death does not fully understand about the mankind.   

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Polymer Journal #4

-This video shows how bouncy the gelatin polymer is.

-All Icons from CANVA

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Reality of China

<The Reality of China>

Do you know the reality of the country where you are living?  There are issues regarding hunger, health, education, and inequalities in China. The main cause of these problems is that poverty is still prevalent in China. If people do not have income, they cannot receive their basic living components, such as food, health insurance, and education. In addition, poverty is definitely one of the causes of inequality, which will drive poor people out of society, since money is equal to the power nowadays. Poor will be abandoned from society, while riches are being welcome to people. Therefore, it is significant to know what is the cause of this gigantic gap and find out what should the Chinese government do to remove poverty from China. Poverty still exists in China and it is a problem that must be solved. This brings many negative effects to the country even though some people do not believe it is a problem; however, the Chinese government is working hard, and the poverty rate decreased a lot compared to the past.

The Chinese government said that they will remove poverty from China by 2020, but it seems a little bit difficult by looking at the current situation. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Xi described eradicating poverty by 2020 as one of his chief priorities, vowing to ‘leave no one behind in the march toward common prosperity.’” Shows that China is really putting effort to remove poverty from their country, but there are reasons why people are saying it seems little impracticable at this point. As the recent survey shows, 32/41 people see 1-10 beggars in a week when they pass the street, while 9/41 people said that they never have seen any beggars when they pass the street. (Kim) This indicates that even though China’s poverty rate decreased a lot, there are still many people who do not have enough money to receive their basic living components. As reported by the, the poorest family in the site is the Liang family from China. Their monthly income is about $132 and living in a house where there were two more generations lived before them. “Liang family are hoping one day to fulfill their dream of buying enough food for the family.” This quote from the shows that some people do not have enough money to buy food that we eat every day, which is clearly showing us that there are much more people who do not even have this much of resources. The point that Liang family can be introduced in this means that they are one of the poor people in China, but also means that there are more people in China who cannot even live like them so that they cannot be introduced in the Liang family is not the poorest family in China since they at least have their basic living components and were able to be introduced in the These statistics are emphasizing how today’s Chinese citizens are hardly pushing themselves to support their family and tells that if Chinese government strongly wants to remove poverty from China by 2020, they should work harder to achieve their goal.

There are still people in China, who believes that “poverty” is not a problem and this is a big misconception. From the recent interview of local people, 5 out of 7 people said that they think poverty is not a problem in China. (Kim) This indicates that the local people do not have interests in minimizing poverty rate since they think poverty is very far away from China, yet if this continues and there is no action taken in the future, there will be more people with poverty, which will definitely decrease country’s economy and it will make larger gap between rich and poor that finally leads to the inequality problem. In addition, it is true that people have to put their attention to this problem. “Yes, I experienced poverty before when I was young, and our living condition was not good.” (One of the dancing ladies) As the late interview shows, while people with poverty lives in an unhealthy environment, others do not pay attention to them and lived their own life without realizing the reality of China. The local people in China must have a recognition that they are the one who gives actual impact to the country and tries to get to know more about the problem by cooperating with the government to remove poverty from China since not everything can be done by the government.

On the other hand, people say that the Chinese government is already working enough hard as the shows the data, poverty rate decreased by 26% in 2007 to 7% in 2012. (19 August 2015) The interviewees in the said that “China has already lifted more people out of poverty than anywhere else in the world: the per capita income in China increased…between 2000 and 2010, per capita income also rose by the same rate, from $1,000 to $5,000, moving China into the ranks of middle-income countries.” (19 August 2015) These statistics are clearly showing how much China is funding and putting effort to remove poverty from its country; however, the citizens who are included in the middle class are the ones who earn money and lives with more than their basic living components and the problem is the people who are living lower than this level, the beggars on the street. China has been good enough with the actions they made to remove poverty from their country, but they have to continue these efforts if they want to perfectly eliminate poverty by 2020; yet, in this way, the anti-poverty programs will decrease the economic level of China since it costs a massive amount of money. Some people say that the economic boom in China is still continuing and it will gain money that the government can use this money for the expensive programs, yet this is not an effective way to reduce poverty. “But the economic boom that made China rich never came to Chashan… Mr. Li, 72, spends his days limping along dusty roads to collect trash in exchange for tips.” (October 31, 2017) This is a piece of evidence showing that the economic boom cannot solve poverty problem since most of the economic boom goes to the central cities of China and does not impact at all on the countryside.

In conclusion, the Chinese government should work harder to completely remove poverty from China by 2020. Such as telling other residents that poverty is a serious problem in China. The actual rate shows that China’s poverty diminished a lot by the time passes, but what we actually see in our life is far away from the official rate. Even though the rate shows that the poverty rate is decreasing rapidly, the reality of people’s living environment has no difference than the past. Which leads to the conclusion that the government should provide more effective services for the people in poverty. All of these points are strongly indicating that this is the only way that China can remove poverty permanently from their country and make sure that everyone can live at least with the basic living components in the near future.




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Beautiful Days in Pingyao

<Three things I learned during the two train rides>

  1. I learned that the way to the Pingyao is beautiful.
  2. I was surprised/learned that the chairs in the train can turn 180 degrees.
  3. I learned that we can go to Pingyao directly from Beijing.

<Two things I learned by the end of the trip>

  1. Before the trip, I thought that Pingyao will be same as other cities I went for a trip, but I realized after the trip that Pingyao has its own characteristics differ from other cities.
  2. I learned that Pingyao is a city that is very optimized at tourism.

<About Trip>

-When our group was doing the Pingyao challenge, we became to know better about the routes in Pingyao that we will use for next 2days. It was really useful and fun.

Fun time during the trip: At the end of the Pingyao challenge, three of our group members said that “we need a group thing” so we bought the glasses from the store and took pictures.

-The challenging part of this trip was that I was sick. I still do not know why I was sick, but I did not feel good starting on that day morning. There was not much to deal with this problem, but I went to the nurse and get the medicine to rest. I just stayed in a hotel room for both morning and afternoon activities and I think it was a good choice for me. It was little sad that I could not join both morning and afternoon activities, but I spent good time with my friends and that is enough 🙂 However, since I still wanted to join the artist group, I picked up paper and pen from Mr. Northcott and drew my hotel room.

-The most memorable experience in Pingyao was the play we watched. I never saw that kind of play before and it was really interesting, but little scary at the same time. When the first part of the play started and the women bite men’s arm, I thought the women were vampires but realized later that it was not. The most interesting, but also scary part in the play was when the actors were acting the corpses. I did not notice at the first time that the stone looks like an object on the wall is actors, but I was wondering why people are taking pictures of the wall with the stones. Later on, when the corpses woke up and shouted “I want to go back home!”, both me and my friend were really scared.

-Everything about the trip was nice, but if I give the recommendation, I will say that next time it will be better if we have more free time and visit more places that show the culture of Pingyao.

It was a great trip!

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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

<The Stick and Tie Polymer>

-The first picture

-The second picture

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