French Revolution Story

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Crazy Koala!!

-This image is an image showing how our robot moves. (coding)

My biggest obstacle was that our coding was not working properly. After we finished building our robots, we started coding following the procedure that our teacher showed us. However, even we followed all the procedures correct, our servo does not move. Therefore, we asked our teacher if he can check our coding, but he told us that he cannot find any problems in our coding. Later on, our teacher told us to change all the robotic components we used for coding, but still, it did not work. Even the sensor was working! This lead to the conclusion of there is a problem with my laptop, so I decided to change my laptop to my partner’s laptop, nevertheless; it was still not working. At last, we tried to code the same thing again in my partner’s laptop and finally, it worked!

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is that I will use acrylic paint when I paint my Koala robot and also stick the servo stronger on the robot. Since our team did not have acrylic paint, we used watercolor paint with a little amount of water. We thought it would not be work, but it actually did work! However, the problem was because we used watercolor paint, the paint was kept sticking on our finger. Also, our servo on the Koala’s left arm was not working properly because we did not stick it strong enough.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to make sure to manage the time well and plan well. Also, if they do not want to work on weekends at home, I recommend them to use office hour or after school to finish their project earlier than others. I also want to recommend them to finish building their robots about two to three days before the exhibition and use the rest of the time to code their robot, since coding is not that hard. The reason I am recommending two to three days for coding is in case they face the problem that our group faced before as I mentioned in my first paragraph.


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Friendship? or Survival?

<Friendship? or Survival?>

In the novel “The Lacemaker and the Princess” by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, the lacemaker Isabelle is delivering lace to the palace. At the palace, she surprised about the size of the palace and experienced differences between the estates. The guards were ignoring Isabelle only because she was a lacemaker of the third estate and she was mad about this. Later on, Isabelle was invited to the palace to hang out with the princess of France and became a friend with the princess. After the time pass, she heard rumors that there will be a revolution in some days and the royal families will be forced to move to Paris. She had to decide between the friendship with the princess or her own survival.

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French Revolution in a Plain English

The French Revolution lasted for ten years, starting from 1789 and ended in 1799. The French Revolution was basically caused by the third estates of France. The third estates were mad about the inequality between the estates since the third estates were paying all the taxes for their country, while the first two estates were enjoying their wealthy life. The revolution also caused a huge impact on the future government and politics. The impact of the revolution changed the social and political structure of France. This was significant because by these changes, French citizens experienced various political situations. For example,  their political changes were based on the changes in the government. In conclusion, the French Revolution was giving a huge change to France.

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天意小馆: Food Trip

<天意小馆: Food Trip>

在2/22中午我们去天意小馆。天意小馆是组名的中餐馆。2/22的天气很好了。天很漂亮因为我可以看蓝色的天。天意小馆在 Shine Hills, 我们做学校的汽车去 Shine Hills。此外,我们做汽车大概五分钟。茶馆小了,比较我想想的。但是,很多的人在餐馆吃饭。我很喜欢天意小馆的装修因为参观用中国传统的装修。我点了一碗炒面和一瓶可乐。炒面好吃,但是一点点油腻所以我没吃完。炒面和可乐一共四十二快,所以我想两个菜都不贵了。我喜欢炒面因为炒面很好吃,也是我很高兴在茶馆小了吃中国菜!

中餐馆 (天意小馆)




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Where should NASA focus on for future missions?

Question: Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Claim: NASA should focus on researching the planets that have a possibility of life in our solar system

Evidence&Reasoning: In 1997, NASA’s Galileo spaceship went to Jupiter’s moon, Europa to collect data about the planet. While the research was ongoing, the scientists found something strange and that strange thing concluded as a watery plume, which was spraying the clouds of the water vapor. This showed a possibility that the Europa might have living organisms inside the planet. However, they have to make sure if their hypothesis is correct or not, so they let Galileo to take 11 trips by Europa. Their conclusion was that the Europa has high possibility of having living organisms because the water exists, yet scientists still need more information.

In addition, there is another planet that has the possibility of living organism call Enceladus, which is the moon of Saturn. Since Enceladus’s surface is covered with large frozen ocean (=water), it also had a possibility of life. NASA sent Cassini, the spacecraft to get more information about Enceladus and they succeed on it by founding hydrogen on the planet. There was another important evidence that Cassini found, which is the chemical reaction inside the planet. When rocks and water bumps together, sometimes they produce a creature that is alive. Those pieces of evidence support on the possibilities of life in other planets.  In conclusion, in the future, NASA should focus on the research of the planets that has possibilities of life in our solar system.

This is an image of Enceladus, which Cassini was sent to explore.

This is a picture of Europa, which Galileo spaceship went to explore.

This is a Cassini, which went to explore Enceladus.

This is an image of Galileo spaceship, which explored Europa.



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The Power of Persuasion!

In the book “Heads Up! Psychology” by Marcus Weeks, there was a category that made me very interested, which was “Social Psychology”. I was already having an interest in “Social Psychology” because I usually wonder about how people act in certain situations. It makes me interest when I study about people’s mind and actions. In the category of “Social Psychology”, the topic that I was most fascinated on was “The Power of Persuasion“, since sometimes I was having trouble with persuading somebody when I really want to persuade them. This topic was basically talking about the power of persuasion in real life and also the psychology of people when they are being persuaded.

My favorite part in the category was the experiment part, called “The Fear of the Unknown”. This experiment was a part of the five methods of persuasion, “Inducing Fear”. As the infographic is showing, “Inducing Fear” is a way of persuading people using their fear.  This experiment was about how people react to strange object and how does their psychology changes after they see the strange object repeatedly. “People feel more comfortable with what they know, and tend to feel uneasy about new ideas…” (Weeks, 130) Shows the usual respond people show immediately. However, “Repeated exposure makes us more comfortable with things, and our attitude toward them changes”. (130) This means when the strange thing is repeated, later on, people get comfortable with that strange. In addition, this is making a contrast with the previous quote, that people react uncomfortably when they see a new object. The author of the book “Heads Up! Psychology”, might want to explain easily about how people think and behave. Finally, that helped me to understand more about people, and “The Power of Persuasion” was giving me a great inspiration about the way to persuade people. I will use the five methods of persuasion to persuade people.

Citation(Images): Canva

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Colorful Life


<What’s important about the One Day?>

-One day is giving a chance of developing creativity to students and also giving some challenges that gave better strength to many students. There are only some schools, which has a event like One Day that students can concentrate on one thing that they are making. Therefore, I think One Day is giving wide

<What did I learn?>

-I learned I should not give up even it there is a challenge. By making friendship bracelet, I realized this and also after the challenge, there is always something that I achieved.

<My challenge>

-My biggest challenge was making friendship bracelet, since it took about 2 hours to understand the method of knotting. It was very challenging to me because this was my first time of making something by knotting. Again, this was very challenging experience that I will never experience again, but at the same time I had a lot of fun on concentrating to make something challenge by myself.

Friendship Bracelet

Braided Leather Bracelets for Valentine’s Day

-I chose to make friendship bracelets because I thought it will be a good match on Summer clothing.

<Procedure of Making Friendship Bracelet>

  1. Get four different colors of strings. (Image: White, Yellow, Brown, Black)

2. Cut the strings into 160cm. (1.6m)

3. Fold the strings into half.

4. Start making the Chevron knot

5. Continue it until you finish


Dream Catcher (Macrame)

No-Sew Project: How to Make a Macramé Dreamcatcher

-I chose to make this dreamcatcher because I want to have a good dream.

<Procedure of making Dream Catcher>

  1. Get the wooden ring and the macrame string.

2. Start cover the wooden ring with the macrame string.

3. Keep going, and tie the end

4. Glue the end to prevent from starting all over again

5. Cut the left over string

6. Start decorating!

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Was the Russian Revolution Worth It?

What had changed in Russia form 1905-1939?

  • January 1924: Lenin, the leader of the USSR died
  • Politburo was separated into two groups. (Rightist and left opposition)
  • Russian were no longer under the Tsar’s ruling.
  • They were under the Soviet/Bolshevik’s ruling.
  • This was benefiting to the Russian because the workers only had to work 5 days a week instead of working the whole week.
  • After Lenin died, Joseph Stalin became a new leader of USSR.
  • Stalin made the education stricter for students.
  • It was successful because people between the age of 9 to 49, 94% of the town citizens and 86% of countryside citizens became literate.

What had stayed the same in Russia from 1905-1939?

  • Russia’s social class stayed the same.
  • Most of the peasants were still poor and lived in a bad environment.
  • The two main emotions they had was fear and hunger.

In 1939, how were Sergei’s and Alexander’s lives the same or different from 1905?

  • In the beginning, Sergei had no family and had no hope because he lost his mother during the Russian Revolution. Then, he also joined the Red Army to revenge. After he came back from the war, he stopped to revenge people and began to turn back to his normal life before the revolution happened.

Was the Russian revolution worth it?

In my opinion, the Russian revolution was not worth it because thousands of people died by the revolution and there was no change about the social ranks in Russia, which was basically one of the main problems.

Picture Source:


Reflections on the Russian Revolution of 1917

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Hubble is Amazing!

Claim: The video, “The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken” had more impact on me than the video, “The Pale Blue Dot”.

Evidence/Reasoning: “For the rest of us, these numbers are so big we just end up with a blank stare on our face when we hear them the problem is they’re just too big to be meaningful…” (1:03) This quote is one of the parts in the video that made me agree with it because I also had an experience related with this. When I went to the observatory, I watched a video about how big is the universe and the number I heard was enormously huge that I cannot even draw an image in my brain. Also, the part in the video when it says, “So we go about our daily lives driving to work, cooking dinner and posting videos on YouTube and it’s all too easy to forget about the rest of the universe” (1:10) made me realize something that I do not really think about before. I notice that those normal daily routine are really minimal thing compare to the universe.

-All the dots and smudge in the image are the galaxies in the picture that the Hubble telescope took. (Hubble telescope looked at the unremarkable section for few days)

-All things inside that galaxy are starts and many of them have planets orbiting around them.

-When we look up the clear night sky, we can see about 3,000 starts with our eyes.

-Hubble did the same thing as (1st pic) again in 2003 for 11 days and this calls Ultra Deep Field.

-This is the farthest of the universe we’ve ever seen.

-About ten thousand galaxies are in that one image.

-Each of those galaxies has millions of stars in it.

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