DNA Polymerase

In DNA unit, we have learned about what DNA is and how protein synthesis work. We also learned about mutation and different types of protein. This video is for Protein story project and it will explain about DNA polymerase and DNA replication.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

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Did you ever had to stop yourself from laughing? You might have watched a smiling challenge on Youtube or had to stop yourself from laughing during class. It was all possible because you had emotions. However, in The Giver written by Lois Lowry, the government censors emotions of their own citizens. The government chooses people’s jobs and controls their freedom. Furthermore, the government requires to all people in this society to be equivalent with others so people will not question or think. The setting of The Giver is a dystopian society where people have no privilege to ask, freedom of choice, and emotion.

The government is eliminating questions and thoughts to prevent rebellion. “No one mentioned such things; it was not a rule, but was considered rude to call attention to things that were unsettling or different about individuals.” (Lowry, 20) Most people in this society have dark eye colors which are considered to be normal but Jonas and Gabriel both have blue colored eyes. Equivalent looks of people might seem unimportant, however, in this society it is very crucial. When everything is equal, people does not question the difference which means they will not think. Thinking provokes people to ask questions and starts rebellion but by promoting sameness it will prevent discrepancy in people’s thoughts. “I suppose the genetic scientists are still hard at work trying to work the kinks out… them crazy.” (95) According to the Giver, scientists are working for the people to have same colors of their hair to achieve sameness. In “JONAS RECEIVER OF MEMORY,” (68) rule number 3 states that the Receiver of memory is exempt from rudeness and can ask questions to anyone. Since, only the Receiver of memory is exempt from rudeness it proves that normally people aren’t thinking or asking critical questions. This clearly shows that the government is creating a fake feeling of sameness to promote the dystopian community as utopia.

Freedom of the citizens are censored and their lives are determined by the government. In this dystopian society, citizens do not have the freedom to choose their lives and their future. Jonas has been selected to be our next Receiver of Memory.” (60) At the Ceremony, Twelves are assigned with jobs and Jonas was selected to be the new Receiver of memory. People like it or not, they have to follow the instructions of their jobs. “The children all received their bicycles at Nine: they were not allowed to ride bicycles before then.” (13) Jonas’s sister Lily, who is not age appropriate for riding bicycles are not allowed to own or ride a bicycle which means even leisure is controlled by the government. Choosing to live and sacrificing its self is also determined by the government. “Father had not had to release a single newchild this year, so Gabriel would have represented a real failure and sadness.” Gabriel is a new born baby with poor health conditions who have been acknowledged to be released. In this society, babies with poor health conditions or old people are forced to be released. Release is considered an event to be congratulated, however, people does not completely understand that release is death. The government have taken over the lives of people and manipulates their citizens to follow their directions.

Lastly, people are not supposed to have emotion in this society. “Attention. A reminder that stirrings must be reported in order for treatment to take place.” (37) Jonas dreams about desire of wanting one night. He had a stirring for him to grow up as an adult and have emotions towards love. However, the community is treating stirrings as illegal and requires medication to stop it. “But the feelings had disappeared. The Stirrings were gone.” (39) Eventually, after taking the medication, Jonas was not able to feel the wanting that he wanted to experience. Relating to the second point, the government is controlling the emotions to manipulate the citizens. Love is not allowed due to the job assigning and anger is also controlled because it can cause arguments in the fake utopian society.

Imagine your life without thoughts, freedom, and emotions. Whiteness and dumbness will have the possession of people’s minds and no privilege will be given to you. Love, the emotion that exists every part of the world representing friendship, family, and yourself will not exist. The government of The Giver is limiting questions to restrict rebellion and censoring information to spread. With no choice, citizens have to follow the directions and marry someone with no emotion or has to die when the country requires death. The society of Jonas’s world is a dystopian society with utopian mask to cover the truth.


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The Champion of Games

Chess is the game that makes people more smart and knowledgeable. Waverly from the story Rules of the Game written by Amy Tan is the world champion of chess games. She constantly asks questions to fully understand a topic. Also she ponders at the pieces to figure out the beeline to victory is the power from diligent mindset of Waverly. However, sometimes Waverly has her own world and becomes disobedient to her parents. Waverly is a hardworking, curious, and a disobedient girl.

Waverly is a girl who is full of curiosity. “Why can’t they move more steps…children?”(Tan, 3) When Waverly first encounters the rules of chess she asked questions even though the rules were permanent. “Why must you always ask stupid questions?” asked Vincent.” Just like Vincent, people who are not filled with curiosity would not have asked the question because rules are not changeable. Waverly’s is filled with curiosity and with her curiosity she was able to be the world champion of chess.

Waverly’s victory in chess doesn’t comes automatically, it is because Waverly is a sedulous person. Waverly not only learning the rules, she contemplated at the chess pieces and achieved profound meaning of chess. “I studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contained.” (Tan, 3) Furthermore, Waverly visualized chess games in her head and envisaged many situations. “I carefully drew a handmade chessboard and pinned it to the wall next to my bed, where I would stare for hours at imaginary battles.” (3) She imagines the scene and prepares her next move for actual battles. By practicing for hours, Waverly has fully become a master of chess.

Lastly, the champion of chess Waverly who listens to her mom is actually disobedient. At first, Waverly listened to her mom and took advices from her mom. However, as the story continues Waverly reveals her real personality. “Why do you have to use me to show off… chess?” (5) She actually criticizes her mom’s behavior and decides not to listen to her mom’s instructions. “I rose up into the air and flew out the window…move.” (6) At the end of the story, Waverly suicides to find her freedom of choosing her own life.

During the story, Waverly has shown different characteristics of herself. She was always curious about everything and diligently investigated each chess pieces. Waverly not only showed kind side of her personality, but also have shown that she is disobedient and has her own world of thoughts. Therefore, Waverly is a curious, hardworking, and disobedient child.


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Melancholic River

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

When I received the homeroom arrangement email I was really elated because some of my friends were in same class as me. In 7th grade none of my close friends were in the same class so I was very excited for the school to start. However, when teachers elaborated about our curriculum, I was a little worried about 8th grade. Well that was just my thoughts on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday when I went to class my worries about the 8th grade was gone from my mind. Since my brother was a 8th grader two years ago he told me his experience about his 8th grade year, which made me nervous. However, experiencing 8th grade by myself was really different from my brothers perspective. Teachers were all nice and friendly and there were some teachers that I knew from last year. Even though I started 8th grade with concerns I think I successfully ended my first week.

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Grade 8 challenges

  • What are you looking forward to in grade 8 Humanities?

I am looking forward to books we are going to read in grade 8 Humanities. I always read books without thinking about the deep metaphoric meanings of the story so I want to learn how to find out the meanings behind the story.

  • What challenges will you face?

Challenges that I will face are understanding the vocabularies in the book because I have struggled with vocabularies past years. Second challenge is to know what is happening in the world because the current events are mostly connected to stories.

  • What is your plan to meet those challenges?

I am planning to read more books as many as I can and listing the vocabularies that I don’t understand in the books.

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Making Dream Catchers

For my 2018 oneday project I chose to participate in Hand Making Gifts. I decided to make dream catcher for my good night sleep. First, I made the web inside the small circle and organised it by bead. Second, i sticked the small circle with the big circle. Next, i connected two circles with strings in X shape. In this process, I had many problems because strings were tangling and it was too thin. Lastly, I made three tails with beads to decorate.

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