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Youtube Converting Website

If You click on this link it will take you to a youtube converting website (If it says you are blocked just click continue it is okay!)

The Best website in the world

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The Book I read over the break is called ” Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders” By Kevin Sylvester

The reason why I liked this book is that its a mystery. The first thing that happens in the book is when Neil is still a baby and his parents discover Neil’s Sensitive sense of smell. As he grows up he becomes a world-renowned chef. Until a line of dead chef’s show up dead and the police help him find out who the murderer is.9

Science Gardening



Then I used mini hoe to remove the grass and weed from my area that will help my plant grow better because the weed will take some of the water and this will also make it look cleaner.




LIT Circle Agreements

Working Agreements

These are our Working Agreements for The Hunger Games LIT Circle Group and I Agree With Them

1.Conbribute to conversation, exmpl. ask questions

2.Stay on task, actively ask questions

3.Refer to notes and book when needed

4.Try to make connections

My OneDay Project

Our main goal for one day was to build a tetra box lamp out of juice cartons. It did not turn out so well. We ran out of time to build the whole thing out of juice boxes so we ended up making most of it out of cardboard then cut triangles into it. But we still managed to make the bottom out of juice boxes. About 2 hours of our time went to cutting the juice boxes and cleaning them. I think we should have cut the juice boxes in half before One Day so we had more time. It also took us a while to make the strips and to hot glue them together. David and I both got burned with hot glue a couple of times during the process of hot-glue the pieces together. When we had about 1 hour left, we had to quickly cut the cardboard into shape then carve the triangles into the cardboard. We Hot-Glued in the lamp on the top with the batteries so it would light up.  We also hot-glued a piece of string to the top so that we could hang it from a hook.

This Means War (My Sugar Free Week)


The entire 6th grade was doing a sugar-free week challenge. We were doing this so that we can see how sugar impacts our life it was pretty hard to find something that did not have sugar. I had to change a lot of things because I was really used to sugar and a lot of things had sugar we were not even allowed to have honey. I just avoided everything that had sugar and stuck to fruits and no sugar things.

I think that I should lower the amount of sugar I eat. This week has really taught me how bad sugar is for your body. I am going to lower the amount of sugar I eat by checking the labels of food before we buy them because sugar has a lot of different names. My entire family loves to eat sugar I think I should try to help them to reduce how much they are eating. I think that I should buy things that have less sugar than other  for example instead of getting a muffin I would get watermelon it still has sugar but it is natural sugar so it is not bad for your health.

I think that I will still eat sugar but I must still balance it out with healthy meals and my sports.



I am exited about the battle tomorrow because our robot is ready and it only has some small problems that we can fix easily! 😀

I am nervous about the battle tomorrow because some of the robots look really strong and we have lost some test battles that is what I nervous about!


Our robot Poseidon isn’t ready for battle because it is going to fast so it is turning off the ring.

The things we will do to fix it is we will make the speed slower it won’t run off the ring.


What went well today is that we figured out the problem so we know what to do next time we work!

What we need to work on is the sensors, they just don’t sense so we need to change the sensors. 😀

Our Robot Has Been Fixed :D

Today David and I did:

  1. Change the plugs for the sensors
  2. Changed the bands
  3. Changed the wheels
  4. Tested Poseidon
  5. Tilted one of the sensors
  6. Tested again
  7.  We test battled with other robots
  8. Decided to make a handle for the robot
  9. Started to make the handle