Robotic Petting Zoo

This year in design we had to make a robotic animal to be part of a robotic petting zoo and have first graders up and try them out.

One thing that was suggested to us was to put the head onto a hinge so that we could access the inner workings of the robotic animal in case something stopped working or if the wires became loose.

One skill that I developed was the ability to code different things and problem-solving when we hit a roadblock, for example,  we couldn’t find a way to turn the motor on and off

If I did this again I would focus more on how many classes we had left and on not on how many weeks we have left. I would also make sure I have enough time left to get the programming and inner workings done and planned.

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Made On Canva

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The Martian: 7th Anniversary

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Isolation and Perseverance

Mark Watney was struck by a sandstorm, impaled by a satellite antenna and stranded on Mars with no way to get off, and yet he still managed to find a way to escape the barren wasteland.


The biggest them that you can see from this book is that of persevering until the end. You can see that from when the HAB blew up. (Weir,139) Even though it seemed like all hope was lost Mark managed to fix the situation by salvaging what he had left. Later on, Mark is just about to get to where he has his only chance to escape Mars his rover ends up tipping over he somehow manages to fix the situation although it seems almost impossible to do so. (281)


Another theme of the Martian is isolation. Isolation is one of the biggest themes well because Mark Watney is stuck on Mars all alone (5). We watch as this brave botanist braves the rugged and barren planet. All alone until he manages to establish communications with NASA. The theme of isolation further extends itself when Mark is saying that he is the king and sole ruler of mars.


In conclusion, the two themes of The Martian, perseverance, and isolation. Help set and pave the way for the story unfold, overall I think Andy Weir uses those two themes to their full extent and that The Martian is a great read.

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Magazine Now: Issue Number 563

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Assassin’s Creed Setting

Setting Plays an important role in Assassins Creed Revelations. The world of 14th century Europe shapes how the story plays out. Firstly, it allows the main character to get around easily within the city as it can allow people to easily hide. Secondly, it sets a mood of darkness as the world back then was at war constantly and it put our protagonist constantly against the rest of the government taking action into his own hands trying to do what’s right.


14th century Europe gives our character a lot of restrictions as well as a lot of flexibility. One of the advantages that the setting gives him is how many escape routes and climbable surfaces there are. All the building in Europe at that time were small and had many ledges for our protagonist to able to make a quick and agile escape or an easy route to somewhere. One of the restrictions that the setting gives our protagonist technology. One of the biggest factors that restrict him is technology because he is constantly polishing and wiping his blades and breaking his contraptions. When now in the 21st century we have guns and weapons that don’t need to be polished and are nearly impossible to break.


The setting for Assassins Creed Revelations is helps set a mood for the story. It sets a dark mood as people are getting oppressed by a force called the Templars. Normally that wouldn’t happen today as everybody has a right of speech and opinion and people would not let themselves get oppressed. Everything is gloomy in the beginning when Altair arrives at the castle. ” The rugged snowcapped mountains fenced in the castle” (Oliver, 1)Everything is dark and damp and he gets ambushed by Templars.


The setting in Assassin’s Creed plays an important role throughout the entirety of the book from jumping on buildings to fighting political wars. The setting of Assassins Creed either restrains the character or sets him free

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Antibodies: The War Your Body Endures

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Leonardo da Vinci

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The Student Journal: Assassin’s Creed

I chose these pictures because it shows the author. The second picture of the two men standing on the rooftop shows what the book is visualized like and how 14 century Europe actually looked like. I choose this color for the background because it is an easygoing color and it matches well with the theme of the book.

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Waverly Jong The Child Prodigy

Waverly Jong is an energetic, mischievous, and a very smart young Chinese – American girl who has a passion for chess. She is a character from the Book “Rules Of The Game” By Amy Tan


Waverly is an energetic young Chinese – American girl. The moment she saw an opportunity to play chess she ran all the way home and back just to be able to play “I ran home and grabbed Vincent’s chess set, which was found in a cardboard box with rubber bands. ….. “Want to play?” I asked him. (Tan, 3) Another example in which it is shown just how energetic Waverly is in the same page “Why does she get to play and we do all the work,” complained Vincent. “Is new American rules,” said my mother. “Meimei play, squeeze all her brains out for win chess. You play, worth squeeze towel.”” (Tan, 4)


Waverly also has a negative side in which she is a rather mischievous and an annoying young girl. One example is “”Let me! Let me!” I begged between games when one brother or the other would sit back with a deep sigh of relief and victory, the other annoyed, unable to let go of the outcome. …. he relented.” (Tan, 3) She is unrelenting and that she can also be very annoying to her peers. Another excerpt can also show this but in a less obvious way. “One day, as she struggled to weave a hard-toothed comb through my disobedient hair, I had a sly thought. I asked her, “Ma, what is Chinese torture?”” (Tan, 2)


All in all, Waverly is also a very smart individual and was even touted as a child prodigy. I was touted as the Great American Hope, a child prodigy and a girl to boot. They ran a photo of me in Life magazine next to a quote in which Bobby Fischer” (Tan, 4) As you can see when she tries hard she can be very smart she is even coming kind of close to becoming a grandmaster completely overwriting what a previous chess player stated. This quote shows how she got to this level of chess playing. I borrowed books from the Chinatown library. I studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contained. I learned about opening moves and why it’s important to control the center early on; the shortest distance between two points is straight down the middle.” (Tan, 3)


As shown from all of these examples Waverly Jong the child prodigy has an energetic energy, mischievous and annoying personality, and an intelligent young mind that is the making of a child prodigy.


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