Sugar Free Week is so no hard (it is hard)

I think why we do this is because to lit us have a good diet with out Sugar. what I did the same is to eat meat, fruit and water. what I did differently is I didn’t buy lunch at school, I bought my own lunch for home. I think I did fine on this sager free week because I didn’t eat to many sager.

For my healthy choice diet for lunch at school is to don’t buy the lunch at school because first most of the food at school is not heathy and to expensive, for my personally change is to don’t eat to many sager thing at home at school at every where. To change my family is hard because there is a lot of people in my family and they all like sager.

Impact Relfection

What did I did in my Impact? Me and Dylan first think what thing to we want to impact on and we think of stop people for smoking and qiut smoking, why do we what to do this is because we don’t what to have more and more people getting adited to smoking this posonis thing and it kill people and it is so icsenive. So first we do all of the peaper in the compter, after that we when to say to the staf at school how to qiut smoking and did some reshch. after we did that we start doing the PPT and the bore and prates the prasotion. After that it is Impact far. At lase it got petey well!

Reading Journal Apr 22

Title of Book: How To Eat Fried Worms                                                                 Summary: One night after the 5 worms that Billy and Tom ate, Billy when to his mom and dad room because he had a stomachack. that his mom switch on the light and she said are you ok he said on so his mom said to his dad to see is Billy ok so his dad said to Billy are you ok so Billy said it is not to dad now so they when back to bed the next Billy con’t say thing and he con’t stand and his mum is saying wake up wake up then his dad call Dr.McGrath.                                                   Connection: people get sick.                                                                                                   Author Connection Character: Billy is eavy to get sick and he have mom and dad.

SLC reflection

least week I did my SLC with my mum, I start with the l21, what is l21 it is a compation of Innovation and creativity, Global and thinking, Communication and Collaboration…. after that I show my mum my math thing and writing because I have no time. My goll is to do thing faster.

Reading Journal march 11

  1. Book Title : The Lemonade Trick. 2. Summary : In school the show. because maxwell did a trick on Kerby and he act so nice, so in the show maxwell when to the kichen  and put a trick in the lemonade to make Kerby back to nromol . Descrition of character : kerdy is not nice but because maxwell put the trick so he is nice. Make A Conntion:  people some time do bad thing.

Reading Journal Feb 26

Book Title : The Lemonade Trick                                                                                           Describe one character : Maxwell is a very very notiy he bolly people like little kinds or bigger kinds but now maxwell is being nice to people and helping people and he is a little spasesh of  thing  . Make a connection :some p.3-5 kinds bolles people.

Reading Journal Feb 19

Title: The lemonade Trick  Author :Scott Corbett  Summary :  Now Matt help his     mum to do her housework and he said “if the magic don’t work in lemonade let’s see will it work in water .”  He did it and give it to the dog , it didn’t real work.  Describe changes in character: he is being good to people helping people. connection : Being good to people and pets and do house work .