DIY Master Sword

For Oneday me and my partner (Henry Ma) used foam boards to make a master sword from a game called Zelda. First we gathered materials (foam boards, files, paint, and knives). We found an example on YouTube which helped us out throughout the day.

First we used the outline we printed and traced it on the foam board. We also used our knives to cut out the outline.

The we filed the edges of the blade to make it look like a sword.

We painted the blade and added the hilt and dried it.

Throughout the process we encountered problems. Which were the foam boards being hard to cut. Also we couldn’t stabilize the hilt.

Half way throughout the project we found a box a knife blades which make it easier for us to cut through the foam boards. We tried to stabilize the hilt by hot gluing it however it wasn’t strong enough to hold the blade. Dr. Hill came in and gave us a advice, which was to use a pencil and stick in in between the hilt and the blade so that it would be stabilized.

Next time I think we could’ve managed our time better, which would have allowed us to accomplish more and add more details.

Final Product


Magical Holes


Do you like adventurous and mysterious kind of books? Well if you do like these kind of books you must read this book this book Holes, by Louis Sachar. In this book Stanley Yelnats gets mistaken that he stole a famous baseball player’s shoes for the punishment he went to a camp. Every day he got to dig a hole 5 feet deep. Will he ever get out of the camp? Read the book to find out if he will ever get out of the camp.

week 2 in planet x459

This week we’ve been working in our house and also mining for better tools like iron shovel, axe, etc. we are almost done with our house. We have plenty of food to survive. We’ve also planed to make a shop to trade and craft for them. We are planing to make a bigger farm also having gaurds to protect our iron, food, etc.

Planet x459 Week1

For our governace unit we’re using minecraft. We’ve elected a goverment which is cheif choi and our concil is Patrick, Leonor and Michelle. Our villiage name is 4PR’s awesome village. It was succesfull for Nathan, Lucas and me. I’ve almost finished my house and also farming. We had some problem becase some people was suspecting us that we took their item. Next time we’ll have a guard and finish building our house.