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Sustainable Foods Project

 We can create more nutritious and more sustainable food with less impact on the environment, reducing climate change, and also reducing mal-nutrition with a healthy meal. Through the unit, we have learned many things about pitching and presenting, such as proper eye contact, standing position, and conversation flow, as well as some tricks with writing. We also wrote a sci-fi story in which I imagined the world to be separated into wealth groups. The higher class living happily, while the lower class lives in hunger and poverty, highlighting the issues of humanity.

Hogwarts Café Driving Question Reflection

Driving Question: How do we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need?  What problems did you try to help solve?

By being an entrepreneur, we can use the profit we earn on our sales to provide for people in need through donations. For example, through our lessons in marketing and the previous bake sale, I was able to construct a good business model, that propelled us to success, raking in almost ¥2000 in total. The extremely fun and helpful field trip was also very impactful, during the trip, we pitched our ideas to multiple professionals who then gave us feedback and helped us improve our business by suggesting ideas for marketing, advertisement and even such obscure (or so I thought) details as stand placement. After much thought, we decided that the profits should go to the Chab Dai Organization and The Spitler School Foundation, addressing issues of Healthcare, Hunger, Insufficient Quality Education and Strong Institutions.

In conclusion, the benefits of social entrepreneurship are undeniable and its impact on a global scale should be mirrored in all businesses.

Science Project: Cup Insulator

Kamsen’s Cool Video

One Day 2017

My name is Kamsen and I am working on a project with Eric, Peter and Gang Gang. Our goal was to create ISB in Minecraft. The project still needs some work, but it’s mostly finished. I think we did well at decorating the rooms and making them look like the actual places. It was kind of hard to guess the scale of each room because rooms get really big in Minecraft. We will continue our project after One Day since it’s not finished and possibly send an interactive version of this to the Middle School Office so that it could act as a guide for new teachers and students.2017-01-26_08-05-15


To my cool partner Joshua and all the other cool people that are reading this,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I am very excited about the cool robot competition that will happen tomorrow, because I think our cool robot is ready for battle and we already battled several times with our  cool classmates. I think we should change the name of our cool robot because R.I.P is actually just a quick name we picked since the time was running out, so I think since our cool robot is already ready for battle we have a lot of time to think of a better and cooler name.

Cool Suggestions And Ideas

Note to Joshua,

I think we should put some platforms on the back of R.I.P. It would also be cool to put on some platforms on the top just for emergencies like if our robot fell over and the other robot is gonna crash on to our cool bot, the bot would defend itself from attacks.


Welcome To My Cool Blog :)

Hello Cool people that are reading my cool blog!

Welcome to my cool blog, this is where I talk about cool stuff like making cool robots. We call it the R.I.P bot, my partner is Joshua who is cool. Now we are trying to get the robot to move its wheels and defend itself , its frustrating to work with another cool guy with another cool idea.

So, cool people keep reading my blog to be cool :).

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