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Snakeboard Express It: Define & Inquire

For this ignite week, I chose Masterpiece With A Message. The idea is to sell skateboards to the ISB community, in order to fund Skateistan, a non-profit organization that donates skateboards to children in Afghanistan. Skateistan aims to empower the children of Afghanistan through skateboarding and education since there is a lack of skateboards there. I was inspired to do this project because I wanted to improve my Creativity & Innovation. I’m hoping this project will be easy, but I think I might overestimate my ability to draw and ruin my skateboard.


Consumption and Sustainability

Overview and Reflection:

For Project Consume, we were tasked with answering the driving question: “What is the relationship between consumption and sustainability?“. We each picked a plastic product to research about, and I chose a bag of Doritos. Over the weeks, I researched everything about it, from the oil it was made from, to the way it was transported, and use my research to understand the impact of our consumption. With this knowledge, I made a video intended to inform the people at ISB of the impacts of our consumption habits, and have answered my driving question. The most important thing I wanted people to take away from my video, was that we are directly causing harm to our planet, which I think I succeeded at. When I interviewed the 1st graders they said that they were shocked by the impact our consumption had on wildlife and also said they would buy less unnecessary things.  However, one thing I would do differently next time is to talk more about the broader idea of consumption as most 1st graders took the video’s message to be “Don’t buy phones”, instead of “Don’t buy things you don’t need”.

What is the relationship between consumption and sustainability?

 Some interesting things I learned about are how our consumption habits promote harmful competition, how detrimental plastic’s effects on the planet are, and most importantly, how to influence others to do better. For example, consumerism forces companies to find the cheapest way to manufacture and transport their products to us, however, these methods are almost always incredibly harmful to us, wildlife, or the environment. So our consumption directly impacts the sustainability of our planet, because we cannot continue to harm it forever, eventually, we will cross the threshold and destroy our world.

How can we make a sustainable change?

How we could solve all this, is by reducing our contribution to the market and minimalizing our consumption of unnecessary products. We could reuse our old items for as long as we can, repurpose our garbage, but most preferably, consume less, because no matter how much we reuse or repurpose, eventually, it’ll end up in a landfill or ocean. Reducing our waste will make sure our future generations won’t have to pick up after us and deal with the mess that we made, so it should be our priority as citizens of this planet.

Catchy Title: I swimmed lol

I chose swimming because it’s my weakest sport and I don’t want to be the worst in my class. I’m hoping I can improve my strokes.

I would like to focus on my breaststrokes and freestyle strokes because looking at my video, I realize they’re bad and I forgot most of it. I also want to work on my stamina because I can’t swim for as long as others and I panic a lot in the water. I am also interested in learning diving. The coaches gave me some pretty constructive feedback about my strokes. They pointed out my bad technique and taught me how to actually do breaststroke through continuous practice.

Avatar Post

This represents me because I find it funny and I would definitely wear that as a costume for Halloween. The massive forehead also represents my goal of acquiring a massive intellect.




Make It Develop and Plan

During this project, we will use hard plastics as well as plastic bags for the back of the card and the transparent part in the front. I will learn how to work with drills, saws, and files, which helps with making the hard plastic part, and I’ll learn how to use irons for the transparent part. I will learn these skills by experimenting with them as well as learning from the experts in the Fab Lab, who will also provide me with valuable feedback. I got my ideas by brainstorming and researching the available materials, as well as asking for feedback from teachers. Below is a sketch of my design and my first prototype. The first prototype turned out to be unsuccessful as we ran into a major problem, which was how we would make the transparent part of the card-holder. We tried ironing plastic bags together but the wax paper required for it kept leaving traces of wax on the plastic bag. More research on the subject is needed.

Make It Define & Inquire

In Renewed Rubbish, we try to solve the problem of plastic waste by recycling the plastic and turning it into useful items, in order to raise awareness for this global issue. My partner and I decided to make card-holders for the students and faculty members.

After watching some videos on plastic designs, as well as experimentation with the shredder in our Fab Lab, we decided on making card-holders, because tons of them are wasted each year, and it makes sense to try and reduce the materials that are wasted. We also plan on improving upon the original design, such as making it easier for the student codes to be scanned when borrowing library books, and making the card sturdier so it doesn’t break as much. After visiting the Precious Plastics Instagram page,  we also decided to add colors I think the most challenging part of the process will be the fabrication of the card-holder as we don’t have much experience with making them and they might turn out wrong. We will continue to research the methods for making these plastic items and the tools needed for this project.

Sustainable Foods Project

 We can create more nutritious and more sustainable food with less impact on the environment, reducing climate change, and also reducing mal-nutrition with a healthy meal. Through the unit, we have learned many things about pitching and presenting, such as proper eye contact, standing position, and conversation flow, as well as some tricks with writing. We also wrote a sci-fi story in which I imagined the world to be separated into wealth groups. The higher class living happily, while the lower class lives in hunger and poverty, highlighting the issues of humanity.

Hogwarts Café Driving Question Reflection

Driving Question: How do we use the principles of entrepreneurship to meet a local and global need?  What problems did you try to help solve?

By being an entrepreneur, we can use the profit we earn on our sales to provide for people in need through donations. For example, through our lessons in marketing and the previous bake sale, I was able to construct a good business model, that propelled us to success, raking in almost ¥2000 in total. The extremely fun and helpful field trip was also very impactful, during the trip, we pitched our ideas to multiple professionals who then gave us feedback and helped us improve our business by suggesting ideas for marketing, advertisement and even such obscure (or so I thought) details as stand placement. After much thought, we decided that the profits should go to the Chab Dai Organization and The Spitler School Foundation, addressing issues of Healthcare, Hunger, Insufficient Quality Education and Strong Institutions.

In conclusion, the benefits of social entrepreneurship are undeniable and its impact on a global scale should be mirrored in all businesses.

Science Project: Cup Insulator

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