Monthly Archives: June 2018

Food of the Future

During the feed the future, I had a opportunity to design a meal that is sustainable and a better alternative for the future. I made banana ice cream that doesn’t include plastic or dairy, which is a lot more sustainable than normal ice cream. Before, I thought that the food of the future is just plain, such as breads. But now, I know that food doesn’t have to be bland and plain, its more on how sustainable the food is. I think that in 50 years, if we don’t change the habits we have right now, then it would be harder to feed the growing population. I wrote a sci-fi story on how I think will happen in the years to come, and it is in a point of view of someone who lives in that era. Some things we can do that is sustainable is eating less meats and dairy. Feed the Future has taught me many things about food sustainability that will help me in the future.