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“The Monkey’s Paw”


This poem is a collage of words taken from “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacobs. To make this poem, I simply took screenshots from a digital copy of “The Monkey’s Paw” and arranged them on Key Note. This story is about Mr. and Mrs. White and their story about a magical monkey’s paw. The aspect I chose to make my poem on is setting. I chose the gloomy, rainy background because on page 1, it states that “Outside, the night was cold and wet but a fire burned brightly in the small living room of Laburnum Villa.” Even though there is a warm fire inside the house, it is cold and wet outside. Also on page 1, it states that “ ‘Of all the wet, isolated places, this is the worst. The path is a bog and the roads a river.”. Since the story states that the environment outside of the White’s house it wet and flooded, it further proves that it has been raining excessively. I chose the sentences “the night was cold and wet” and “a fire burned brightly in the small living room of Laburnum Villa” in the poem to let the reader know that it is quite a gloomy and dark setting, but the Whites are quite warm and welcoming. This poem also includes “ ‘Listen to the wind,’ ” and “ ‘I’m listening,’. This dialog was said on page 1, when Mr. White and Herbert were playing chess. Not only does this represent the bond the father and son shares, but it gives a warm, family tone to the story. Also, the sentences “Twenty-one years ago,” and “old temples, and fakirs and jugglers,” were necessary for this poem because it shows the struggle Sergeant Major Morris went through to get this monkey paw, so it gives the story a sacred tone, as the monkeys paw is a sacred object. Lastly, I chose “two hundred pounds and his son” to wrap up the poem in a way that makes people wonder about what else happens in the story.

About the Blogger (Dot Me Diagram)

About the Blogger (30 Word Poem)

I move my mouse to draw 
that can be interpreted into 
never-ending meanings.
Can’t be labeled as an
or extrovert,
It depends on the place,
the people around me.
1. Interpreted: Interpretation means the explanation of something. In this case, it is the digital art I create. When I draw, I might start out with one solid idea but it grows into many more.
2. Never-ending: Something that seems to have no end. I chose this word because people interpret pictures differently. Ideas latch onto another ideas of what the picture could mean and it grows into one big meaning that could be different to everyone. I am really passionate about drawing because it gives me a way to communicate to others without using words.
3. Labeled: A word that is descriptive of one person or a group of people. I chose this word because most people fall under the “introvert” or “extrovert” category and is labeled as such.