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The Lacemaker and the Princess

Paragraph 1:

In the Lace maker and the Princess by Kimberly Brubaker, the story is about a poor lace maker who meets the Queen and is able to spend her days in the royal palace- all while during the French Revolution. The main character, Isabelle (also known as Clochette) lives in a small town with her grand ‘mere and mother which are all still lace makers. One day while delivering lace to the palace, she met the Queen (Marie Antoinette) and was given the chance to play with Marie’s daughter Therese. Later on, France goes deeper into debt and this leads to the Tennis Court Oath and the Storming of Bastille taking place.

Paragraph 2:

The theme of the Lace maker and the Princess by Kimberly Brubaker is that the royal life is worse than is good. Isabelle is a poor lace maker that yearns for the luxuries of the royal family, and when she is able to experience these things she sees a different side to the luxurious life. George said that “ ‘I want you to know that life at the palace is not everything’ ” (p 125). George realized that Isabelle was infatuated with the new lifestyle, and he took her to countryside to showed her only a few people who were starving and on the brink of death while the royal family was deficit spending, which made Belle think of all the other thousands of people going through the same thing. Also in the story, Therese says that “She barely glanced at my embroidery. She asks questions, but never listens to the answers. Whenever we walk to the chapel to hear Mass, she always walks ahead. She never looks back to see if I’m with her” (p 100). As a poor unprivileged lace maker, Isabelle assumed that everyone and everything in the palace was perfect, yet the longer she stayed at the palace the more she realized she was wrong. Therese is the Princess and had everything she ever wanted, yet she wasn’t able to have her mother’s love. Lastly, on page 153 it states that “ He’s pretending to be a friend of the peasants,” Therese said as she referred to her father’s cousin. The royal family might eat well and sleep well yet they face the threat of thousands of people from the third estate who wants to overrule them each day, and this causes the King and Queen extreme worry. In the end, the theme of the Lace maker and the Princess by Kimberly Brubaker is that the Royal life is worse than is good.

CER: Enceladus and Comets

Claim: Nasa’s future space missions should be focused on Saturn and Comets.


According to “NASA to decide on upcoming mission to Saturn moon or comet”, researchers think that comets bring water and organic materials to earth. Also, according to “Search for life beyond Earth might only need go as far as Saturn’s rings” by Newsela there is a small, ice-filled ocean world orbiting Saturn’s moon. Scientists has found hydrogen molecules in geysers shooting off the moon.


If future research is focused on Saturn, then scientists could possibly find groundbreaking evidence for life outside of earth. According to “Search for life beyond Earth might only need go as far as Saturn’s rings” by Newsela, Saturn has a moon named Enceladus and it carries hydrogen molecules. These hydrogen molecules could be coming from chemical reactions deep in a ocean. If there are oceans, then the reactions between rocks on the planet and water can cause microscopic creatures. If scientists have found creatures near Saturn, then there could be other organisms on different planets and this could help us understand how life form was formed on earth. Future research should also be focused on researching comets. According to “NASA to decide on upcoming mission to Saturn moon or comet” by Newsela, scientists believe that comets delivered organic material and water to earth. This could contribute to how life started on earth, because there would be reactions between water and organic materials. The article also states that some comets contain volatile molecules which turn to gas and are important for understanding the body’s origin and history. Researching planets such as Saturn and different comets will help us understand how life is formed, and the different components of sustaining early life.

Wooden Dog Bowl Holder: One Day

For one day this year I made a dog bowl holder. My dog is of a very big breed, so eating off the ground is very straining on his neck.


My biggest challenge was sawing straight lines. Because many pieces of wood were cut on an angle, it would not match up to the other pieces of wood. Later on, I was introduced to a template that helped me cut a straight line. My greatest success was using the drill. At first I used the wood glue, but it would take forever to dry. I realized that this will take too long, and I decided to drill the wood pieces together instead. I think that the drill saved my project. Lastly, one thing I would have done differently was to use the template from the very start. This would have saved me a lot of time, and I could have used the extra time to sand my holder.

Here are some process pictures and the final product: