Polymer Journal 2

Our goal for the Polymer Project is to create a polymer clay that is 100% eco-friendly and has the properties of polymer clay (mold ability, softness,  flexible). Our target audience are kids who are looking forwards to using their imagination and making their own toy. This clay allows you to make your own toy and is also a toy itself.

Polymer clay is the widely known and used modeling clay. Unfortunately, it contains PVC and it is extremely harmful to you and the environment. According to CBC 90% of all toys are made with plastic. With our polymer clay (made of cornstarch, guar gum and water) it is 100% environment friendly and also 100% safe for little kids.

We use cornstarch and water to make the dough- the base. We added guar gum to give it a bouncy, stretchy and soft texture and to keep the clay from drying too fast.


Heres our second prototype for our eco-friendly clay



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