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French Revolution: In Plain English!

Video by: Kate, Scarlett, Andy

Our video shows causes on why the French Revolution started, and how the revolution changed France. A revolution is not easy, and our video shows what France had go through. The country went from a Ancien Regime to an Emperor, and we walk you through the timeline! Our video is assessed on collaboration, speaking and communication of ideas. During the making of the video, Scarlett and I did a lot of work while Andy did less. For speaking, Most of our audio is of good quality, and the speaker speaks in an enthusiastic manner. Also, our video communicates important timelines in the French Revolution.


Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap because they were only trying to defend their own beliefs and country. Imagine learning and trusting in only one religion for your whole life, yet years later many foreigners are trying to convert their own religion to your people.

Paper Towns by John Green

Design a book cover. Book publishers release new editions with updated covers. You could create it by hand or use Photoshop or Gimp or Pages or some other application to design it. Your design must show understanding of a theme. Remember that you still need to meet all of the expectations, including an MLA formatted quote.



The book I chose to do this project on is Paper Towns by John Green. In the book, the main character’s (Quentin Jacobsen) crush goes missing and he’s trying to find her. On page 281, the book states “Margo Roth Spiegelman sits in a black leather office chair, she has choppy bangs above her eyebrows and everything is mussed-up, as if to emphasize the asymmetry- but it is her. She is alive.” Proving that Quentin does find his crush (Margo) at the end, and adds a tone of relief to the story.x The theme of Paper Townsis that even if you work hard for something, the outcome might not be the way you want it to be. In the story, Margo is very unpredictable, running away when she feels like it. Every time she does run away, she leaves precise clues. When Margo ran away this time, Quentin felt like the clues where meant for him and he pursued all the clues to find Margo, but at the end he gets an ending he didn’t think he was going to get. On my book cover, the background is Margo’s bedroom, with Quentin on the right side. Quentin is looking through Margo’s things, looking for clues. That is how the whole adventure started. The title text is made of magazine letter cutouts. These represent the different steps that Quentin had to take and the different challenges he had to face to find Margo. Also, the “S” letter represents the outcome, so that’s why its slanted and looks like it’s about to fall off. On page 292, Margo states “And then you surprise me, you had been a paper boy to me all these years- two dimensions as a character on the page and too different, but still flat.” Quentin finally finds Margo, but she feels as if he was just another person, while Quentin says he’s in love with her.





Life Magazine: Hermia

The character I chose from William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is Hermia. In the top left, you can see that I chose to use LIFE magazine, because ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ portrays a story circling around the lifestyle in the year 1605 (which is also the edition of the magazine because that’s when the play took place). On the bottom left, it says “Helena: None but your beauty, would that fault be mine! -Line 201” which shows how Helena thinks or Hermia. Helena is jealous of Hermia, because the person Helena loves is in love with Hermia. Helena thinks very highly of Hermia, and almost became obsessive about what Hermia has that she doesn’t, such as beauty.

Some other things that I added on the magazine cover are two lines that show traits Hermia has.“I give him curses, yet he gives me love” (Lines 196) shows that Hermia has empathy and compassion. Her father doesn’t allow her to marry the person she loves which will bring a lot of unhappiness to both Lysander and Hermia, but Lysander still gives Hermia love and Hermia understands how he must feel. Not only is Hermia empathetic and compassionate, she also has determination. Lines 202-203 (“Take no comfort: he no shall see my face; Lysander and myself will fly this place”) show that the couple was planning to elope, and go against her father’s wishes. Hermia is determined to marry Lysander and is willing to do anything to be with him. Also, in the picture, Hermia has rosy cheeks because lines 128-129 state: ‘Lysander: “How now my love! Why is your cheek so pale? How change the roses there do fade so fast?”’ suggesting that Hermia has rosy cheeks which fade when she is upset.

Picture of ‘Hermia’: