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French Revolution: In Plain English!

Video by: Kate, Scarlett, Andy

Our video shows causes on why the French Revolution started, and how the revolution changed France. A revolution is not easy, and our video shows what France had go through. The country went from a Ancien Regime to an Emperor, and we walk you through the timeline! Our video is assessed on collaboration, speaking and communication of ideas. During the making of the video, Scarlett and I did a lot of work while Andy did less. For speaking, Most of our audio is of good quality, and the speaker speaks in an enthusiastic manner. Also, our video communicates important timelines in the French Revolution.


About the Blogger (Dot Me Diagram)

About the Blogger (30 Word Poem)

I move my mouse to draw 
that can be interpreted into 
never-ending meanings.
Can’t be labeled as an
or extrovert,
It depends on the place,
the people around me.
1. Interpreted: Interpretation means the explanation of something. In this case, it is the digital art I create. When I draw, I might start out with one solid idea but it grows into many more.
2. Never-ending: Something that seems to have no end. I chose this word because people interpret pictures differently. Ideas latch onto another ideas of what the picture could mean and it grows into one big meaning that could be different to everyone. I am really passionate about drawing because it gives me a way to communicate to others without using words.
3. Labeled: A word that is descriptive of one person or a group of people. I chose this word because most people fall under the “introvert” or “extrovert” category and is labeled as such.