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Why Risk It: Capstone video

For this capstone movie I touch on the dangers of air pollution. Air pollution is a life-threatening danger that not only affect your health but also the environment.  In this video I reveal what air pollution can do to your health. I also include ways you can prevent air pollution such as recycling, planting trees and saving electricity.

Polymer Journal 5

Final Procedures:

Which Prototype Was The Most Successful?


Prototype 3 was the most successful because it had the most cornstarch to guar gum ratio.


Pototype 2-

2 tbs cornstarch, 1 tbs guar gum

  • Squishy
  • Flexible
  • Holds its shape
  • Bouncy
  • Too sticky

Prototype 3-

6 tbs cornstarch, 2 tbs guar gum

  • Squishy
  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Holds its shape
  • Dries hard and strong



For our final polymer we wanted a clay that was squishy, soft, flexible and had the ability to hold its shape. When you add water to the guar gum and cornstarch mixture, it allows the particles to move around and form long chains. After, when microwaved, the long chains grabbed onto each other forming the clay itself. In prototype two, the cornstarch to guar gum ratio was 2:1 while in prototype 3 the ratio was 3:1. According to the data collected, it proves that in prototype 2 because there was too much guar gum the polymer was observed as too sticky. In prototype 3 there is much more cornstarch in the mixture giving the polymer clay a dryer and more desirable texture.


For this product we wanted to create a 100% eco friendly and safe polymer clay that could potentially replace the plastic in plastic toys. We started with the clay base, cornstarch and water. It was not stretchy enough so we added guar gum and altered the ratios to make the perfect polymer clay. After we made each prototype we put them through the ‘crack test’ where we let them dry and picked out the one prototype that cracked the least when dry.

For our pitch, our main goal was the idea of replacing plastic in toys with this eco friendly and safe polymer clay. In our pitch we also talk about how it is made, and the science behind it, presenting the audience with physical examples of our polymer clay.

Our polymer is 100% sustainable because it is made of all natural ingredients (cornstarch, guar gum and water).

Todd Hewitt : Characterization

Paragraph A:

In the book The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, Todd Hewitt is constantly running away from death and chasing after the truth. Todd’s characterization slowly changes throughout the story. The main character is from Prentiss town, a place where everyone could read each other’s minds. A place where people become crazy when the noise gets too much.


Paragraph B:

 Todd may seem like the hero of the story but he surely does not want to be. On page 47 Todd exclaims “No, its not all right. It’s not all right at all.” Todd refuses to leave when Ben and Cillian rush him out of the town purely for his own good. There’s a fighter in Todd but there’s also a softer, kinder side. Almost everybody who meets him knows he isn’t a killer. Even in the fight for his life, Todd didn’t have the guts to kill Aaron- the pastor that wants to kill him. Todd is surely “The boy who can’t kill” (p. 451). In the beginning of the story, when Hewitt finds the hole (Viola) he helped her survive. Viola later becomes a great help and they face the Prentiss town together as one. Todd was brought up with a kind family, Ben and Cillian. After his mother was killed Ben took him in and raised him. Todd has a strong bond with these two people and depends on them mentally throughout the whole story. Lastly, “…if yer the last boy in town, you just have to wait…” (p. 10). Todd is the last boy to become a man (turning 13 years old) and he has prominent cheekbones.


French Revolution: Journals

This revolution journal is in the time of the French Revolution. In the journal it describes life of the main character, a second estate, and how he felt at the time. Ethan faces the problem of either fighting for what he believes in or staying loyal to King Louis XVI. Also, the journal entries  brings the reader through the events that happened during the French Revolution such as the storming of bastille, Reign of terror and when Napoleon becomes becomes Emperor.