My Personal Goals 2018-19

  1. Academic: Be able to throw a basketball and make it into the net 5 times in a row by December: practice on weekends, and try harder during PE
  2. Personal: Read a fictional novel within a week: Read 20-45 minutes of the novel every night
  3. Wellness: Drink at least 3 water bottles of water per day: bring a reusable water bottle to school
  4. Academic: Be able to get all MA on tests for Chinese: read and write more Chinese articles, while learning new vocabulary on my own time



Personal Goals Part 2: February 18th

For my first goal (basketball) I was able to achieve this goal. Even though I didn’t practice on weekends, I found that the class periods in the basketball unit was enough for me to improve and achieve my goal.

For my second goal, I did not achieve this goal every week. On some nights I was able to read 20-45 minutes, but not every week. I will continue to work on this goal.

I did not achieve this goal. I do drink enough water everyday to keep me non-thirsty but not the daily recommended amount. I will continue working on this goal

Lastly, may fourth goal was partially achieved. In the goal it states that I get MA for ALL tests. I do get MA for some tests but not all.