With Determination Like Malalai Of Maiwand

For this multimedia blog post, I designed a cover for the book I Am Malala written by Malala Yousafzai, who was named after the Afghan hero Malalai of Maiwand. The book educates us about how it feels to be a girl in a society where females are traditionally suppressed. Themes of this book include education for all and women’s rights. Although she had later regretted it, Malala’s mother didn’t complete a single term in school because she thought that she would have no use for education in her future role. “There seemed no point in going to school to just end up cooking, cleaning and bringing up children…” (Yousafzai, 40) Although she was lucky enough to have a father who encouraged her education, Malala was unfortunately shot by the Taliban, an organization that is against women’s rights. “From 15 January girls must not go to school, he warned.” (146) In the book cover, Malala is shown holding a book. This represents education, especially female education, something which Malala emphasizes and believes in greatly. “People have lost trust in each other, but I would like everyone to know that I don’t want support for myself, I want the support to be for my cause of peace and education.” (311) In the speech bubble above her head, there are quotes from the book which represent Malala’s strong support for world peace and education. In her words, Malala’s hope and determination for the future world and herself were made very clear. In her vision of the future, the world will be accepting and calm, without the violence and oppression that she had to witness and experience.



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A Single Spark- One Day Claymation

Here’s a little reflection:

What did I do well?

Although it was my first time doing claymation, I was pretty proud of my final product (mainly because the figures actually moved). I persevered and had fun, which is very important! I also utilized all my time well and remained focused.

What did I learn?

I learned how to do stop motion animation with clay. In the process of preparing for the actual making of the video, I discovered how to make tiny trees for the set. Although the set didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, it was fine considering how quickly things were moving along. I also learned how important lighting and the stillness of the set were.



What challenges did I face and how did I overcome them?

A challenge that I faced was keeping the lighting consistent and moving my figures smoothly. The reason why my lighting kept changing was that I was moving my set slightly when I shifted my figures. I did not manage to solve this issue. As for moving the figures, I just needed more practice.


The Russian Revolution

What had changed in Russia from 1905-1939?

The Russian revolutions overthrew the Tsar monarchy and Lenin rises to power. In 1918, the civil war broke out between the Reds and the Whites. The Reds (Chekas) succeeded in defeating the Whites, and the system of War Communism was introduced. Food was scarce for the peasants, and many were starving. In March 1921, the New Economic Policy was founded. When Lenin passed away, Stalin worked his way up to the leadership position. During his time in power, Stalin made two five-year plans, which both turned out to be less beneficial and they didn’t lead to improvements in the economy. There was a famine in 1950, in which 5-6 million peasants died of hunger. The Gulag was set up, and workers were sent there for small mistakes such as being 10 minutes late for work. The five-year plans contributed large numbers to the numerous labor camps around the USSR.

What had stayed the same in Russia from 1905-1939?

Like before, peasants were still the majority of the population, and they were hungry. There continued to be political conflict among the people considered influential and important. The government took extreme measures to reach their goals; for example, in Lenin’s time, men in troops were shot to enforce fear. An extreme measure than Stalin took was the raiding of villages due to the shortage of rations.

In 1939, how was Sergei’s life the same or different from 1905?

Unlike in 1905, Sergei didn’t have much choice of political leaders that seemed to be good choices to follow. Now that Lenin had died, he was questioning the future of the USSR. Lenin allowed Sergei to access food. In addition to Lenin’s death, Stalin holding the power also impacted his faith in the country. Although Sergei revolted against the Tsar, fear kept him from speaking against Stalin. Being a determined and obedient soldier, Sergei continued to carry out many orders. Stalin installed fear into Sergei’s mind. Fears include the Gulag, famine, death, and Stalin’s purges. Soldiers had a better life than the workers and peasants since they worked for the government; however, they were still constantly hungry due to the food shortages.

On The Way To One Day (Updated: 1/22/18)

This Once Day, I will be using stop motion animation to create a claymation MASTERPIECE (I’ll try). I am working alone, which will definitely provide some challenges- I will have to do everything myself. Down below is a journal following me on my journey to the final piece. The journal will be updated on Mondays and Tuesdays before One Day (and after with photos of the process).


Today, I just brainstormed a few ideas for the claymation. Since the ideas are very vague and I have no idea how to describe them, I will not be writing them on this post.


Planning! A crucial part of any masterpiece is the planning. Being a lone(ly) artist, I don’t have a second opinion on my ideas. I am leaning towards the polar bear idea. Here are some ideas so far:

-Polar bears (global warming)

-Forest fire (animals)

-Dogs and cats switch bodies (???)

Not Alone

The Hubble Deep Field video was more humbling and awe-inspiring. The Hubble Space Telescope captured an image while facing seemingly empty space. In reality, the space was filled with thousands upon thousands of galaxies, each with millions of stars and possibly their planets. Earth is the only planet that we know of that has contains life. With so many galaxies and planets unknown to us, there could be more planets that other organisms call home. Knowing what isn’t known allows us to realize how little is actually known. This tiny planet is only one among possibly millions of planets. That one picture captured only a small portion of the universe. We are not alone. We are just one dot in this one galaxy. While the Pale Blue Dot video shows us how small Earth is, the Hubble Deep Field video shows us how much bigger the universe is and could be. All in all, the Hubble Deep Field was far more humbling and awe-inspiring.

Join The Brother-Disciples!

For my multimedia blog post, I decided to create a recruitment poster for the Brother-Disciples. The poster provides the key beliefs of the Brother-Disciples, and why people were motivated to join them. The recruitment poster is for the Brother-Disciples from Gene Luen Yang’s Boxers. Through a poster, I was able to show what the Brother-Disciples believed in and why people would want to join their group. The poster was much similar to war propaganda, such as that World War I propaganda. This is because both the poster and propaganda are for recruitment, and promote patriotism and nationalism. “By day, we bring justice wherever it’s needed.” (178) The poster shows how citizens the Brother-Disciples were respected for bringing justice. In their minds and anti-foreign Chinese citizen’s minds, the Brother-Disciples were heroes who were there to rid China of the foreign devils. The anti-foreign thoughts were formed after the war, where the Chinese were greatly impacted by the foreigners. “By the end of the day, every male over the age of twelve has come out to train with us.” (143) Many men joined, fueled their hatred of the foreigners and the idea of being a hero to their country.

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