Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

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Am I A Renaissance Humanist?

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Mothers Are Always Right… Or Are They?

Some children like Waverly need a mother-sitter. Waverly Jong’s mother was a lousy parent, for she was haughty, controlling and childish. She was a shadow peering over the chessboard, unrightfully judging every move.

Waverly’s mother did not miss any chances to show her arrogance. “She not want it. We not want it.” (Tan, 2) She disapproved of the idea of the gift, not wanting charity. Like many parents, Waverly’s mother cherished independence. She believed that keeping the gift would make it seem like they could not afford these things themselves, and therefore lead to social disadvantage. “Better to lose less, see if you really need.”
(Tan, 4) Although Waverly’s mother did not do anything during the chess games, she felt that she contributed to her daughter’s victories. If the opportunity were to appear, Waverly’s mother would prove that she was right and Waverly was wrong. She looked down on her children with disdain but did not hesitate to use them for her benefit.

Control was the ideal upbringing in the eyes of Waverly’s mother. “Lost eight piece this time. Last time was eleven. What I tell you? Better off lose less!” (Tan, 4) Every word Waverly’s mother says is caused by the need for something. In this case, the goal was to feel powerful. Waverly’s mother wanted to feel in control of her daughter as if Waverly were a chess pawn. “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” (Tan, 5) Using her authority, Waverly’s mother used Waverly as a trophy. To Waverly’s mother, it did not matter how anybody felt, as long as the passerby’s understood that everything related to Waverly was hers. Her daughter, her tournament and her success.

Childish and immature, Waverly’s mother was easily irritated. Unfortunately, this meant that Waverly had to put up with many attempts for attention. “She retreated to the kitchen and made loud noises with the pots and pans.” (Tan, 5) Children often try to get their way by throwing fits, similarly, Waverly’s mother furiously clanged the pots in hope that Waverly would give in. “We not concerning this girl. This girl not have concerning for us.” (Tan, 5) Stubborn as a toddler and determined to be the victor, Waverly’s mother gave no thought that her daughter would be missing a meal.

All in all, Waverly’s mother was a detestable parent. She was condescending and filled with pride. Controlling her children like puppets and using them for her benefit was her objective. Waverly’s mother displayed self-indulgent and babyish behavior. Dear reader, do not take your mother for granted.

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Haunted Memory (Found Poem)

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

By: Katherine

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My First Week

I appreciate this taste of a new year. Over this one week period, I had the chance to understand what 8th grade would be like. I met many new students, reunited with my friends, and got to know the teachers. I’m relieved that the school gave us time (again) to ease into a new grade and that they didn’t bombard us with homework assignments immediately. Nevertheless, I’m so very sure that the next week won’t be as… simple.

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I Can See The Future… or Maybe Just Grade 8

1.     In 8th grade Humanities this year, I am eager to learn new vocabulary and improve my public speaking. I am also looking forward to writing projects that can provide valuable feedback for future projects.


2.     Over the course of this year, I will face challenges such as gathering the confidence to present well in class and physical challenges in PE. I will also face challenges at home, like trying to balance school and social life, electronic usage and sleep.


3.     I plan to manage my time wisely by completing homework the day it is given out, knowing when to decline social interaction and have a sleeping schedule so I can rest for 8-10 hours. To ensure that I do not forget any assignments due, I will create a checklist on my desktop so I can be reminded of what work I must finish.

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One Day project- Stop motion movie about how to make a pie

Hello! This blog will be about One Day! On One Day, my partner Alice and I  created a stop-motion movie about how to make a pie. The movie will be posted on Dragon’s Tube. The process was fun and interesting.

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Survival of the sugar free

One week ago, grade 6 did ( or attempted to do) a no sugar week. Why? Because we wanted to see how we would feel while we were doing this challenge and how this challenge will affect our daily diet. We still had to eat carbohydrates, protein, veggies, and fruit (natural sugar), but we had to avoid added sugar, like ice-cream, chocolate and… ice tea. I think I coped pretty well although on my fourth day I accidentally ate a salmon sandwich, which contained 2g of sugar! But people said we only had to do no sugar week for three days so that made me less freaked out. It was really challenging not to eat sugar, I forgot about the challenge when I went home and was about to munch on some pineapple pasties but an alarm bell rang in my head, so in the end, I didn’t eat any and instead gave the pasty to my mom.

I am now trying to eat only 1 piece of chocolate every few days, including hot chocolate. I will try to eat more veggies and persuade my brother to eat more too. I think in my family we should drink more vegetable soup and buy less chocolate (brother problem) and not drink ice tea but bring tea to school instead. At school I will ignore ice tea and drink it only 1 time a week, I also think that the school should make the meals and drinks more balanced and healthy but still tasty (like freshly squeezed juice that is not too expensive). I will also try to eat low sugar, low salt, low oil foods and eat a healthy balanced meal each day.

Energy drinks or other drinks that may seem healthy may actually be quite harmful to your body.  Remember, think, fruits are candy made by mother nature! (Also, Santa will forgive you for not eating candy canes… maybe he’s worried the dentists will get him.)

Before no sugar week

Before no sugar week (above)

Note: Baozi means bun (vegetable bun for me)

No sugar week

No sugar week (above)

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