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Buried Insult

On OneDay, me and my partner(Olivia Xiao 6-4) did great experiments. We did three different kinds of experiments. They are, “Traveling Water”, “Elephant Toothpaste”, and “Mentos with soft drinks”. Our first two experiments were successful but the last experiment with mentos could have been successful.


On My Way To Find Me

On My Way To Find Me

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The adventure of Sherlock HolmesDo you like famous mystery books that you can talk to your friends with? Are you looking for a book that you can read with question marks all over you? Well, then I guess that this is a good fit book for you. The adventure of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle is a mystery book about Sherlock Holmes(The detective) and Dr. Watson(his friend, the doctor) solving the mystery together. But, one day Sherlock Holmes gets tricked by the smart lady who tricked the king of Bohemia. Will he ever be able to catch her just like what he always did? Read on to figure it out!


By: Katie Kim 6.2

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