OneDay Project: Jewelry Making

For my OneDay Project, I made bracelets out of elastic embroidery string. I started twisting the strings together which created the basic pattern. The blue one down below was when I used normal embroidery string and braided it big enough so that the person wearing it could overlap it, like the picture below. I am going to give these out to friends after the exhibition.

I also made earrings out of basic gold and silver earring formats, multicolor beads, and tweezers. This was helped by Jeehyun because I was not sure what to do and she helped me a lot. This was also made for giving out, since I want them to remember me when they have it on.

Because I had enough time left, I decided to make a pillow with the sewing machine. I found small pieces of fabric and Sophia taught me how to use the sewing machine in order to make the small pillow. I made a mini pillow because of time constraints. I was thinking of giving this to my uncle’s son because he is very young and likes to squeeze things.

I learned a lot from OneDay because I learned that these bracelets could be handmade. I chose to do this for OneDay because it looked very interesting and looked very memorable. I believe that even though some people’s artistic skills are bad, but they can still learn how to make different jewelry and use a sewing machine. I also learned a lot because of my peers around me, and I learned the ways to use the sewing machine and to make different kinds of earrings using tweezers, beads, and basic formats of earrings. I had a great day, and I hope you had a great day too!

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Science Insulator Cup Project

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ONEDay Pictures 2


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ONEDay Pictures


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ONEDay 2017: Design

ONEDay Reflection


Q: How did you feel about completing this task today?

A: I felt very confident about completing this task, because I knew how I was going to design or even show my work during the whole day.


Q: What have you learned today?

A: I have learned how to design different things such as clothing and mugs, based on different events, such as the ISB OneDay and MS Overnight Trip.


Q: What do you feel proud of?

A: I feel proud of my hoodies, because I know that I did my best, and I know that I could actually print these out on hoodies, which I didn’t, and use them on the occasion that they were picked for.


Q: What did you struggle with?

A: I struggled with the different designs that I had to think of, and also the different kind of events that I had to represent using these hoodies, and also thinking about different people that were using the product that I might finally finish with.


Q: Is your product good quality? How do you know?

A: I believe my product is good quality, and I know because when I designed hoodies last time, people actually complimented them, and this time I used the same website and technics for these hoodies.
Q: Did you receive any feedback from your fellow classmates?

A: I received different feedbacks from Jocelyn in the middle of the process, and then I started thinking about how I might see my designs in a customer’s view, so I changed some designs, which made them look good to wear for school days, with anything inside.

Q: What did you create?

A: I created different designs for different things that only ISB students and faculties would use. I took screenshots.


Q: What were your successes?

A: My successes were different designs that I made, with different words or phrases, with a dragon on every single one.


Q: What were your challenges?

A: My challenges were that I had to think of different designs for different events such as OneDay or Overnight Trips.


Q: What was your impact and/or will you continue with anything from ONEday in the future?

A: I night continue to design different clothing, or even explore with different designs and logos, and nextime I do this, I might use different logos beside a dragon that represents ISB.

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Mindcraft Family

Hello, readers!

On this post, I will tell you today’s news.

Today, me and Charlotte had to choose a Mindcraft family between Courtney and Lida or the boys.

When we both chose Courtney’s group, Courtney seemed really shocked when she saw me and when I said I am going to be in her group, because I don’t play with her anymore. I think when we were sitting and working together, i understood that Courtney was uncomftorable, because she and Lida were talking in chinese, and laughing. Finally, Charlotte said to please stop talking in chinese and please talk in english. I felt like I was the one who was causing this whole thiing on the group and I am the one who was affecting the group’s work, so I felt really soorry and it wasn’t a good feeling.

Thank you for reading!


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Getting Ready For Our Sumo Robot Battle

Today, I am going to tell you about what things that I am excited about, what I am nervous of, and how do I think R.O.C.K. will do at the battle tomorrow.

First of all, I am excited about how our robot is going to win/beat up other robots, because we don’t have secret weapons or anything. We just have a plain-looking robot. I am also excited about will our robot be the champion robot that represents our class. I think ours has 1% out of 9%, because there are 10 groups of robot making, and we are  one of the groups.

Second of all, I am nervous about our pusher, because it might get broken in the middle of the race. I think that because we just put our pushers on today, and when we put it on, it sort of shaked. I think our pusher is not stable enough to push other robots out.

Finally, I think our robot will be okay, because I think there is a possibility for us to win.

Wish us luck!

This Blog’s Boss/Writer,


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We Hope We Can Battle On Friday With A Properly-working Robot!

Hello to everyone that reads my blog!

I am back with some GREAT news!

The good news is… that me and Courtney tested our robot several times, and it worked properly, so we only need pushers and we are ready to battle other robots! I think our robot is ready for the friday’s battle, because we only need to put our pusher on, and we can battle!!! Things we might do to make our robot look better is to decorate it with 1 or 2 pictures and put them on the pushers.

To Courtney,

I hope we can be ready for the friday’s battle after tomarrow’s Systems time!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy my other posts!

From this blog’s writer,


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A Lot of Good Work&Good Collaboration Happening In 4KM!

Hi to everyone that likes to read my blog,

Hi back!

Today, I am going to tell you about what went well and what we need to add.

After all me and Courtney’s awesome collabortion and hard work for today, we had a lot done. We checked if our robot is working properly, and hopefully it did! I was so happy that it was working like other robots do. We need to add our pushers on, then we are ready to battle with other robots, hopefully. Today, me and Courtney had a lot of awesome collaboration and hard work, we caught up a lot with others. I hope this collaboration and hard work is going all the way until this friday’s robot battle. Rock on, Courtney, Kelly, and R.O.C.K.!!!

I will have other posts soon! Hope you enjoyed all of my posts until this one! have a great time reading my blog!

With a lot of Thank yous,

Writer Kelly


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Me and Courtney’s Work For Today


I am back again!

On this post, I am going to tell you about all the work that we did on March 2nd, 2015.

We only did a few things, because we needed to write a plan on what are you going to do.

First, when we were having no idea and looking blank at the robot, Courtney got an idea to get the first pivit wheel to touch the ground, so it is also useful for the robot. We tried, but when we tried, we used longer screws to make the pivit wheel to touch the ground, but it lifted the front part of the robot, and we thought that if the front part of the robot is higher, than our robot can flip backwards or get easily fliped by the other robots. After looking at what happenes with our robot when we put the pivit wheel on the ground, then it tips a little bit backwards. Then we just left the pivit wheel to be normal.

I hope at the end of this week, our group will have a perfectly functioning robot.

Thank you for reading!

From this blog’s writor,

Kelly Lee

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