One Day Design Process

This year for my One Day project, I will be making a shelf. I’ve always been interested in doing hands-on projects where I can learn new skills and attempt things outside my comfort zone. Last year, I had experience with wood working when making a table for my mom; however, I had a lot of assistance and guidance. My goal this year is to be more independent with my project.

My room has a lot of bare walls, and I’ve never found anything to fill up the emptiness. I feel that shelves help fill up space, and can be decorated with an individual’s personal style. I wanted to go for less of a standard design, and more for a geometric design. These were my inspirations:


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I ended up deciding on the hexagonal shelf because I felt that it was within my ability levels, but also a different project to something I’ve done before. This is my design plan:


Short description:

My design is made up of 18 pieces of wood with a 22.5º angle. The parts are connected by wood glue. My design plan includes the front view of the shelf with measurements, as well as the specific measurements of each piece of wood.


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