Crabbo Patto Robot

Our biggest obstacle was making the pinchers move. It was hard to attach the wire in such a way that it pulled the pincher correctly. When the wire was attached incorrectly, it pulled the arm of the crab so that it bent. We had to add another layer of cardboard to the arm so that it wouldn’t bend.

Our biggest success was the body and arms of the crab. Our measurements were well planned and accurate, and we finished the majority of the crab in the first few classes. The pieces were well attached and strong, and we used hot glue on the edges of the pieces to give them more support.

Overall, I think this product was successful because the color was bold and eye-catching, the structure of the crab was neat and strong, and the movements of the crab worked well every time during the exhibition.

One piece of advice I would give a future group doing this project is to allocate roles to each person. When one person is creating the robot, the other should be coding. This ensures no time is wasted when waiting for the other partner to finish.

Design Process:


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