Cracked Underneath

The Lacemaker and the Princess, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, is a historical fiction novel about the events that unfolded during the French Revolution. In the book, there are two main characters: Isabelle and Thérèse. Isabelle is a poor lacemaker in the Third Estate, and Thérèse is the King’s daughter, living in luxury. Both of them face many problems, regardless of their social classes. In this diagram I tried to show, Isabelle’s struggles with picking a side when she is spending so much time with both classes, and Thérèse’s fight for the love and comfort of her mother.

Like what I made? I made it in Sketchbook

Marble Picture Citation: “Marble.” Spice Spice Baby,

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2 Responses to Cracked Underneath

  1. Claire says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed reading your post, the information given is very interesting. There are may point listed that caught my eyes. For example, Social class does not distinguish the line between problems. This is very much true and is clearly shown in your writing, pointing out that Isabell is caught on considering the side she should be on between two social status. I also liked the background you choose for your post. Nice!

  2. Linie says:

    Great Multimedia Blog Post Kelly!
    I really liked how you organized the graphic in a way to show the contrast between Therese and Isabelle- cracked dirt for Isabelle, and luxurious marbles for Therese. I read the same book and wrote a theme statement about friendship and social classes; however, I like how you thought in another clever way than I did- that everyone has different problems that you may not see. This reminds me of the time I’ve read a Korean book about a rich man who owned everything but wasn’t happy, along with a poor who constantly struggled with debt but lives a joyous life (similar to The Lacemaker and the Princess).

    What are some struggles you had faced like this throughout your life?

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