This year for One Day, I made a shelving unit to fill the empty space in my room. This project let me experience using many new tools such as a compound miter saw (chop saw).

Some challenges I faced during the creating process was the size and shape of my shelving unit. As I continued to work, I made some changes. I realised a 22.5º angle was incorrect and that instead of having six sides per shape, each shelf ended up having eight sides instead. My measurements were also too big, so I reduced the length of each piece of wood from 21 cm in length, to 15 cm. There were some problems with the design along the way, but in the end, they were fixed and the design was improved.

Some successes of my project were using the compound miter saw. I learned how to match up the laser to my pencil marks, how to adjust the angles, etc. The shelf ended being pretty sturdy and held itself up.

Next time, if I did something differently, I would cut my wood pieces for the first shape and check if it worked, and then make the rest of the pieces. When I was cutting my pieces, I didn’t realise that the angles were wrong and I cut all 20 pieces. Because of that, I had to re-cut all my pieces to a reduced length.

Here are some pictures of my process:

Cutting wood pieces

Laying out one shape

Gluing all pieces together

Gluing all three shapes together and then clamping them

Final product


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One Day Design Process

This year for my One Day project, I will be making a shelf. I’ve always been interested in doing hands-on projects where I can learn new skills and attempt things outside my comfort zone. Last year, I had experience with wood working when making a table for my mom; however, I had a lot of assistance and guidance. My goal this year is to be more independent with my project.

My room has a lot of bare walls, and I’ve never found anything to fill up the emptiness. I feel that shelves help fill up space, and can be decorated with an individual’s personal style. I wanted to go for less of a standard design, and more for a geometric design. These were my inspirations:


Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

I ended up deciding on the hexagonal shelf because I felt that it was within my ability levels, but also a different project to something I’ve done before. This is my design plan:


Short description:

My design is made up of 18 pieces of wood with a 22.5º angle. The parts are connected by wood glue. My design plan includes the front view of the shelf with measurements, as well as the specific measurements of each piece of wood.


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The Pale Blue Dot

Claim: The Pale Blue Dot is more inspiring and humbling than the Hubble Deep Field.

Evidence: NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft captured an image of Earth from a record distance of 3.7 billion miles. 

Reasoning: In the Pale Blue Dot, it shows a perspective of Earth billions of miles away through space. The narrator shows us how every family, religion, ideology, creator, destroyer, explorer, etc. can exist on something so tiny. It helps us visualise the size of Earth compared to the vast universe, and how Earth is just a small speck of dust in a vast cosmic arena. The Pale Blue Dot is also very inspiring because it shows us the value Earth holds despite its size. This little speck of dust, is the only world known so far to harbour life and it is currently where we make our stand. We have the ability to visit other worlds, but for now, Earth is the only inhabitable world for our species. In conclusion, the Pale Blue Dot is more inspiring than the Hubble Deep Field because it shows us the significance of our home and its irrelevance to its size. 

Photo Citation:

Fernand, Jeremy. “The Pale Blue Dot.” Random Ramblings, 22 Oct. 2015,

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One Step at a Time


I chose Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, to use in my multimedia post. In the story, Ari struggles through pain, love, and isolation; however, later in the story, he unearths his identity and what he is worth. The envelope is a symbol in the story, and it relates to Ari’s actions and thoughts. He’s always too anxious to face the envelope, and it displays in his actions as well. He never opens up to anyone, and he doesn’t who he is; however, when he finally uncovers the envelope, Ari understands who he truly is, and what he loves. On the front cover, I chose to use a dark blue as the background, to signify that the world is so gloomy and daunting. Next, surrounding the envelope is a luminous glow. The light represents the importance of opening yourself up (and as a symbol, opening up the envelope), and how that can take you out of the gloomy and daunting world. On the back cover, I drew a dotted line leading up to a light in the bottom corner. The line represents a timeline of different situations Ari goes through, and how his brother’s envelope symbolizes that he’s too afraid to open up. In the end, the envelope reaches the light, and it is because Ari has finally learned his identity.

*All artwork done by me expect envelope*

Photo Citation:

“9-1/2 x 12-1/2 Manila Envelopes, Catalog Envelope, Open End Envelopes.”,

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It’s Sunrise, but Nobody Can Tell


This poem is about SDGs of life on land, life below water, and responsible consumption and production. If we don’t act now, this poem could be our future.


It’s sunrise, but nobody can tell,

The sunrays barely noticeable through the thick clouds,

The sky too dark to navigate through,

The plastic cartons, bottles, and kitchenware, decorating the streets like confetti,

Reminding you of the mess we created.


Dear future grandchildren,

Forgive me for your homes, almost concealed in plastic,

Forgive me for the air, what once was blue now grey,

What once was hazardous, now is typical,

From 50 to 1000, from what was our decent to yours,

Forgive me


Do you know the feeling of grass tickling your legs, like soft feathers?

Or the fragrance of flowers nearby?

Forgive me, you probably don’t. For you’re

Stuck in domes, and buildings all day,

Stuck with masks without anything to say.

For your flowers are candy out of a plastic bag,

Your grass is artificial

Forgive me


Forgive me for your daily trek to school, with

Plastic straws and wrappers coiling around your ankles like snakes,

The crisp crunch of a can as your foot pushes it even deeper into the mud,

The icky sludge of food and drinks sneaking their way into your shoes,

Making their way into the creases of your skin,

The dampness making your body cringe.

All while the straps of your mask hang around your ears,

Threatening to fall off.


You see a woman pass by

Boom, boom,

Her heart pounds louder and louder

As her breathing grows quicker and uneven,

An alarm rings in her ears,

She stumbles and collapses onto the ground.

Eventually, her breathing stabilizes,

“That was close”, she chokes out, wiping the sweat off her face.

She thinks she’s lucky, but let me tell you,

That was just the beginning


It’s sunrise again,

You look up into the sky.

The thick clouds once again hover over you,

Like a predator ready to pounce

However, this time, something is different,

Through the thick clouds, there’s one little beam of light,

Just barely showing through.

But that’s enough to tell you, there is still hope.

You can still make your home a clean, safe, and enjoyable place,

If you just open your eyes a little and strive.



Photo Citation:
Rob Merrick Deputy Political Editor @Rob_Merrick. “MPs Criticise Three Month Delay since Government Pledged to Tackle Plastics Pollution.” The Independent, Independent Digital News and Media, 22 Feb. 2018,
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The Path of all the Wrath

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Choose Your Own Path

You know that feeling when you visit your grandparents and you’re filled with warmth and happiness? What if I told you that in the past, people in Japan had to abandon and let the elderly die, just because they were thought as useless and weak. In the short story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the dynamic character starts off hesitant, but finally learns that what he believes in should come first, no matter what the circumstances.

At first, the poor farmer, the protagonist, starts off obedient to his leader, though heartbroken. For example, when the cruel proclamation of abandoning the elderly was announced, it said, “No one ever thought twice about obeying the mandate of the governor, so with many deep and hopeless sighs, the youth prepared for what at that time was considered the kindest mode of death” (Basho 1). Throughout the story, you can see the farmer’s regretfulness presented again and again, yet he continues to go along with the rules. Like when he referred to the journey up the mountain as painful, when his mother was a burden to be carried, and when he felt heart sick. This shows that though the farmer loved his mother dearly, he didn’t dare face the consequences of disobeying his leader. At the resolution, affected by an act of kindness, the farmer becomes aware that he should choose what’s right, and face the consequences if he needs to: “‘Alas! Alas!’… ‘the truth must be told!’ and with deep bows he related his story” (Basho 2). The farmer was finally brave enough to tell the truth and face his consequences. Before, he followed the rules even though it hurt him to do so. He put the rules before himself. However, after being affected by his mother’s act of kindness, he realized that he should be putting himself and his family before the rules.

The protagonist starts off conflicted between his mother and the government and chooses what makes the government happy. Later, realizing how kind and thoughtful his mother is, he chooses what makes him happy. This teaches us then when faced with the decision of following the rules and what’s right, always choose what’s right.

Photo Citation:

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A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare

This magazine cover is about the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare and focuses on the characteristics of Hermia. The cover talks about what Helena thinks of Hermia and how Hermia is determined, loyal, and can be too trusting. I used the thought bubble for one of the sections because I feel like Hermia is always talking about true love and that text is something that Hermia strongly believes in. Also, because my background is blue, I made all the subtitles orange to contrast to the blue and pop to make it easy for the reader to read.


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TIME to Pay the Price

Have you ever regretted something in the past? Daydreamed about what could’ve happened if you just changed one thing? In The Sound of Thunder, by Ray Bradbury, Eckels learns that small actions lead to big consequences.

While in the past, Travis describes to Eckels, the protagonist, the results of stepping on a mouse. When Travis explains why they can’t step off the Path, he says, “By stepping on one single mouse… [you] destroy this one man, and you destroy a race, a people, an entire history of life” (Bradbury 226). Throughout the story, you can see that the importance of staying on the Path is presented again and again. This shows that Travis is providing wise knowledge from his experience with time travel. Eckels is new to time traveling, so he doesn’t understand that one of his actions can cause an entire sequence of other events to occur. Another example of the theme of consequences can be seen during the climax when Eckels returns to present time. Eckels realizes the mistake he made by changing the past when he finds a dead butterfly stuck to the bottom of his boots: “Eckels mind [whirls]. ‘It couldn’t change things. Killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important! Could it?’” (Bradbury 236). You will notice that in the story, the idea of changing the future comes up a lot and is highly frowned upon. Eckels, the hunter that chickens out at the last moment, makes a careless mistake and steps off the Path. This leads him to unknowingly step on a butterfly and change the future. Here, Eckels learns that he has to pay the price for his carelessness. Bradbury symbolizes small actions leading to big consequences in the story by using phrases and sentences over and over again to foreshadow the theme. Consequences occur in the story frequently from actions done in the past.

Photo Citation: “Butterfly of Doom.” TV Tropes,

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I’m a Humanist Minus 10%

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