We Should Explore Comets

Exploring comets would profit the world more then a trip to Titan. Firstly, this would be the first trip to land and observe a comets icy surface. This would be a breakthrough and might allow us to understand how to prevent or change the course of a comet. Secondly, comets are the most scientifically important objects in the solar system but most poorly understood according to Steve Squyres, a Cornell university researcher. If we can unlock the secrets behind comets we might be able to understand the universe better.  Thirdly, the trip would not only allow us to study the comets but bring back samples which the titan trip would be unable to do. For these reasons going to a comet would benefit us more than one to Titan.


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Time to Fight

What We Did Well

Our group was very focused throughout the project and this allowed us to finish our filming stage before lunch and finish our editing with an hour left before one day was over.

What Did You Learn

I learned that making a film is a time consuming and slow process. At first I believed that making a movie would be short and easy. I was very ambitious in the beginning hoping that the final product would be very cinematic. But as the day went on I had to scale down and go for a simple but entertaining movie.

What Challenges Did We Face

There were arguments on how the movie would turn out. One person wanted to make a film about a card game while other people wanted to make one on fighting. We wasted a bit of time but in the end most of the arguments were resolved

Why is One Day Important

One Day is important because it allows students to explore there passions and give an idea to students on what they want their future career to be.


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Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot video had more of an impact on me than the Hubble Deep Field video. In the Pale Blue Dot video, the quality of the video is better so you can better see the incredible visuals of the movie. The Pale Blue Dot video can go up to 720p while the Hubble Deep Field only reaches 240p. The two videos also have different narrators. The on in Pale Blue Dot is more dramatic and more deep while the one in Hubble Deep Field is more casual. The Pale Blue Dot video is also structured better than the Hubble Deep Field One. The Hubble Deep Field is just visual of space played throughout the video with a jazz playing in the background. This bored me and I could barely sit through it all. On the other hand Pale Blue Dot has a these moments of tension and chaos. It also has interesting visuals like the scrolling paper of all famous world leaders that encapsulate the entire video. In the end the Pale Blue Dot had a deep impact on me than the Deep Hubble Field

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I chose this unit to improve on my swimming skills since i am in the swimming team.

When I am swimming I feel myself accelerating in the water. The water breezes across my body and give me a sense of surrounding. i can hear the bubbles rising and my breathing getting faster. That is the feeling of swimming.

My goals were to improve my dive and my turns on backstroke and freestyle.

I have improved my length of dive and my pushoff distance off of a dive.

From the pictures you can see how I have lengthened my diving distance and my pushoff distance.

I think I can still work on how big my splashes are with my arms because that slows me down a lot.

i think this unit has really helped me improve and was a lot of fun.

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Code Name Theme

I believe the theme of Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein is how far friendship goes. The story follows the perspective of Maddie and Julie, Best Friends. Throughout the story the situations these girls are put in results in pushing their friendship to the limits. For example, when Maddie’s plane was being shot at she “flew that plane straight into the ground.” (Wein 317). Practically sacrificing herself to give Julie, who was on the plane, a chance to bail out. Another extreme example, was when Julia was held hostage and Maddie “Shot her.” (Wein 286). Maddie did this because she knew if she didn’t Maddie would be tortured and would die a painful death. Despite of significant risk of be court-martialed and having to murder her best friend. I think Code Name Verity author Elizabeth Wein is trying to show how friendship can last though even the toughest times.


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What you need to do:

  • Open your Blog please
    • New Post – catchy Title
    • Category: PE, Swim, Aquatics
    • Write a brief Introduction about the unit so far. (Why did you choose it? What are three things you have learnt so far? What are you hoping to get from this unit?)
  • Find your Films – Optional: upload or screenshot a picture to use on your blog. You could create a Gallery or such if you want to add multiple media
  • Share your Focus area/s for the unit based on the conversations. This could be dot points or paragraph form.
    • Based on the video analysis I decided…
    • Looking at my film I noticed…
    • My coach and I discussed…
    • I would like to focus on… because…
  • Use specific Swim Vocabulary where you can. If you aren’t sure please ask someone to help you
  • Tag your post with three words that sum it up!
  • Publish it.
  • https://sites.google.com/view/isbmspe/assessment

During the swim unit we will be improving our aquatic skills in the swimming pool. I choose this unit because, I’m in the swim team and I want to strive to be better and faster. I already have improved my dive by using my arms more. I also have improved my freestyle technique by keeping my arms under control more.

Based on the video analysis I decided to work on my freestyle technique.

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Poem Video


Hi, this is Skylar Fox reporting from Zambia. One of the hungriest countries in the world. Here in this village the primary occupation is a farmer. However, despite most adults having a job directly related to food, they only get to eat once a week. Back to you Max.

Thank you Skylar, now let’s move on.


A couple reporters came to my village today

They came down, talked to a camera and left without a say

I stopped pondering about today

Because what was on my plate was not a steak

It was better, it was great

I could almost smell the taste

The juices came out the food teeming

The food was so hot it was steaming

The smell of warmness

Felt like a harness

“You going eat that?”

I was about to bite down

But then I looked at my brother

“Yeah I am”

Then I noticed how his build was sleight

He was skinny and was short in height

I was about to give him my plate

But he wasn’t the only one light on weight

Selfish I might seem

But I was the captain of the soccer team

Plus, I haven’t eaten in a week

I was losing my muscular physique

When I looked back

My brother was done

But his face told me he had just begun

Then I realized

I was used to eating less

Now I don’t even protest

I looked at my brother

The one that dreamed of being a linebacker

then I gave him my plate

My plate of crackers



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The Boxer Rebellion

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Character Change in The Aged Mother

“I will not leave you. Together we will follow the path of twigs, and together we will die!” (Basho 2). In “The Aged Mother” by Matsuo Basho a village is tormented by a cruel law formed by a fierce governor, but with the wisdom of the old it changes the governor forever.

The governor of Shining is a dynamic character in the way that he made a 180 degree turn on his cruel law of killing aged people. Shining’s governor is an inhuman and sadistic leader. He has a loathing against anything that shows weakness and failing health. Because of his hatred for weakness he decided on making a cruel law that forced his subjects to, “immediately put to death all aged people.” (Basho 1). This shows his dislike of weakness and old age. His hatred comes again and again and is his defining characteristic. However, after one elder uses his wisdom to create a rope of ash, Shining’s governor has a change of heart. He says, “Shining needs more than strength of youth,” (2). Directly indicating that his province does not only need strength from the young but the wisdom of the old. With that he abolishes his old law and it became only a legend. This shows a direct 180 turn from being an advocate of killing elders to a supporting the need for old people in his community.

In the end, Shining’s governor who was once a cruel and vicious governor, willing to kill all elders in his community is now a respectable governor.





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People Magazine

Mid Summer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. The topic of this magazine is characterisation and the character it is on is Lysander. I based my cover on People Magazine’s World’s Sexiest Man Magazine.

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