Traveling Back in Time

Going back in time is a dream for many but is it as desirable as it seems? In Ray Bradbury’s “The Sound of Thunder” the main motto is to be ready and be prepared because being unready can be dangerous and can  change one’s life.


In the story, Eckels is a rich man who wants to have a hunting trip of his lifetime. Before he steps in the time machine, Time safari Inc. reinforces that Eckels has to be prepared or else he will have to pay a hefty fine, for example when the official says “’we don’t want anyone going who will panic at the first shot.’” (Bradbury 3). The official says this because he doesn’t want someone panicking and add to the already big death toll the safari has. This relates to Eckels getting scared of the dinosaur because it is the exact opposite the company wants. When Eckels goes back in time, he immediately ran when he saw the T-rex despite the many warnings and consequences Time Safari Inc. and Travis had set in place. For example, when the official says “’you joking? You know very well. Deutscher of course.”’ (Bradbury 14). This is after Keith won in the original world but after Eckels fall which killed the butterfly he changed it to Deutscher. Because of Eckels being scared and unprepared it led him falling off the path and killing the butterfly. This led to him changing the president to Deutscher, a tyrant and ultimately leading him to his death.


In the end, the sound of thunder is trying to get through a message of being prepared for everything. In life this is very important and Bradbury wants to spread that message as well.






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Am I a Humanist?

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There are “Two Kinds” of People in this World

“’You have natural talent. You could be genius if you want to… You just not trying,” (Tan 8). Amy Tan like many of us have experience of this being told to us. The protagonist in her short story “Two Kinds” needs to understand this. Unlike me, she is a whiney child that needs to comprehend that you need to work hard for success.


In the exposition, the protagonist does not come off as fretful but as we delve deeper in to the story we realize that she has a rather complaining attitude. The text states, “When my Mom told me this, I felt as though I had been sent to hell. I whined, and then kicked my foot a little while I couldn’t stand it anymore.” (Tan 3). Her reaction over her mom booking a class is completely unacceptable. She even states that she “felt as though I had been sent to hell” (3). Feeling as if you had been sent to hell is an awful exaggeration for just being told you are going to have piano classes. This was obviously an overreaction on her part to get her mom to feel bad for her which is a move a whiney child would do. Because of her querulous attitude it connects to the fact that she never works hard. The protagonist never registers that you have to work hard to become a prodigy. She continued her piano lessons in her nonchalant way. Then when she had the performance she assumed she would be successful and finally become a prodigy but in reality her lazy work ethic resulted in a lackluster performance. Even after this her stubbornness persisted and she kept being lazy. It was only after her Mom explained how she could have been a prodigy years later does she comprehend. “’You have natural talent. You could be genius if you want to… You just not trying,” (Tan 8). In conclusion the protagonist is a stubborn and lazy child. She never gets anything accomplished because of her lazy lifestyle.


I believe that I am different from the protagonist in Amy Tan’s short story “Two Kinds”. The protagonist is a whiney and lazy child. I believe I am unlike the protagonist. Firstly, I do not ever whine. I have many extracurricular classes and I often feel like I am being worked too hard by my parents. I overcome the urge to whine by realizing that these classes are meant for me to be better. On the other hand, the protagonist begins to cry after be assigned to piano class. Secondly she is very lazy while I am not. I understand that you need to work hard to achieve your goals. After growing up and learning in a school that pushes that agenda, I believe I am the opposite of lazy. I try to do my best on homework knowing it will help me in the future. I always do extensions because I know that is the only way to get better. In the end I think I am unlike the protagonist in Amy Tan’s short story “Two Kinds”.


Caspermunoz. “Whining GIFs.” Tenor, Tenor, 7 July 2016,


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Why Conflict is Needed in Stories

The found poem above was taken from page two and three of the short story “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by W. D. Wetherell. It highlights the man versus man conflict between the protagonist and Sheila Mant. The conflict is found in the inciting incident of the story and it focuses on Sheila’s distaste of fishing and the protagonists love for it. The opposite thinking creates a tension inside the protagonist’s brain. He realizes there’s a fishing rod beside him and he thinks about which choice would be best for discarding or hiding the rod to not look lame in front of Sheila. He decides on pushing the rod further backwards where it would look more inconspicuous. This choice is what fuels and progresses the story furthermore. Without conflict in stories they would be very bland and boring. Without the conflict in “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” it would just result in a casual canoe ride to a concert. Though this conflict is considered one of the smaller ones. It ultimately lead to the man versus nature and man versus self-conflicts furthermore progressing the story line.

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Bloody Man

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I am from storybird poem

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The Great Zoo of China By: Matthew Reilly

The Great Zoo of China is the book my brother recommended to me and is the real reason I was hooked in to reading. This book is about the wealth of china’s government and what the can do with it. Read it to find out what is in the Great Zoo of China. If you love action and so animals then this book is for you packed with fast paced and descriptive action and a lot of REALLY BIG animals… it has great characters like the main character who is a american reporter and the Chinese internet trilionaire

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