ONE 煎饼 please?

After a brief talk with my friends, we decided Jianbing was the best choice. We are all passionate about food and we also live in Beijing. Jianbing is a Beijing delicacy and we all lived in Beijing for over 10 years. All of us felt like this was more than learning about the food and we also learn about the culture of Beijing. Food is an important part of the Chinese culture, and mastering it is essential.

For the first couple of times we made the Jianbing, we were not successful; however, none of us gave up. We kept trying with the help of the chef. Eventually, we did it! Persistency was something that we were good at.

After today’s experience, we learned how to make 煎饼and how hard working the 煎饼 chefs are (making 煎饼is not easy!).

To make a perfect 煎饼, one needs to have a perfect 饼; however, making a round, big 饼 isn’t easy. We failed several times, sometimes it’s not round enough, thin enough, gets ripped, too little batter… etc. We got better after practices and learning from our mentor chef
We ate all of the Jianbing we made and did not 浪费 (Waste)

One Day is a student-led learning day. Middle school students design their own learning and follow their passions using the whole day. One Day is important because we students get to choose from a myriad of different activities and cultures and experience one through an extraordinary way. We also have the opportunity to learn about local cultures and activities will contribute to the diversity of ISB, as well as how to respect the cultures everywhere. One Day is a unique way of learning and experiencing cultures and activities that will help us grow in a lot of different ways.

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The Outsiders by Kenneth Ho

In the book cover above, it shows the divide between social classes, from a book named The Outsiders. A quote from where the protagonist, Ponyboy feels despair as people are judged, divided and bullied for their social classes. Another quote is when the main character is when the main character’s best pal, Dally, was dead and felt terrible. This book demonstrated a lot of conflict between the people between the social class conflicts.

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While researching to write this poem, I learned a lot about how humans pollute and disrupt the life and the ecosystem of the ocean. For example, hunting whales, dumping garbage and trash into the ocean, as well as the 706 million gallons of spilled oil into the oceans. These pollutions that humans created are poisoning and harming the ocean, as we are harming our entire species. Fish die because of plastic and poison, if we eat the fish, we are also harmed by our own waste. Think about this, if someone showed up at your house and started to unload a ton of trash in your place. What would you do? It would not be a suitable environment to live in. We need to change and make this fair for the creatures at the bottom of the mysterious ocean. We have to change, one bottle at a time. Use one less plastic bag would not hurt. If everybody contributes, tomorrow, a cleaner ocean will eclipse the one now.


By Kenneth

The deep dark mysterious ocean,

Now filled with a substance.


It’s Now covered by chemicals.


We are ruining a gift from the universe.


The Ocean is a gift to us.

It was once clean and pure,

We were just not aware.

For our own convenience,

We dump plastic without

Regarding the consequence.

Now, it’s filthy and tainted,

We need to act before hope faded.


The Ocean is a gift to us.

It was once energetic and lively,

But, we regard this too lightly.

Millions of gallons of spilled oil,

And all we do is watch it spoil.

Fisheries are infected,

We are affected.

We are watching our gift to be destroyed.


The Ocean was a gift to us.

We are the ones that should care,

We should make it fair

For all the fish out there.

It was the greatest gift ever,

If we lose it, we will suffer forever.

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The Sinister Foreign Ministers

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Path of Life

In the short story “The Aged Mother”, the dynamic character learns how to respect the elderly and the youth through the actions of the protagonist and the aged mother.

The governor gave orders to kill the aged people because he thought they were useless. The poor village “Was governed by a despotic leader who though a warrior, had a great cowardly shrinking from anything suggestive of failing health and strength. This caused him to send out a cruel proclamation,” (Basho 1). The governor thought about himself, and just the village. He thought the elderly could no longer contribute to the village and was still eating their food. So, he gave the order to exterminate the elderly people. The governor changes as he realizes what his people are doing to try and protect the elderly. In the beginning, people did not dare to disobey or go against the governor, so they came up with ways to fake out the governor, “‘Wait!’ She said. ‘I will think. I will think.’ On the second day, she told him what to do. ‘Make the rope of twisted straw,’ she said. ‘Then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night,” (Basho 2). With this quote, it is safe to say that the protagonist is changing and trying to save the elderly. After the youth had told the story of how he tried to evade the elderly’s death sentence, the governor had changed his mind. “Ah, that I should have forgotten the well-known saying, with the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom! That very hour the cruel law was abolished, and custom drifted into as far a past that only legends remain,” (Basho 2). After the acts of the protagonist and the aged mother, the law of slaying old people was abolished.

The story vividly portrays familial love. Even when the son carried her mother up to the summit of Obatsuyama, the mother was still able to be considerate and affectionate by placing piles of sticks so the protagonist can find their way back home.

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Hunting Down a T-REX

What if you got the chance to go back to the past and can shoot a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Would you be brave enough to hunt down this creature that towers 30 feet above the ground? Well, you might be like Eckles and run away. Eckles is the protagonist of the story A Sound of Thunder. It is a short story where one shows small things can lead up to big things and egoistic humans.

Travis, the guild of the trip, had told Eckles he had to stay on the path. However, when Eckles saw the dinosaur, he was so scared and ran. When Eckles stepped off the road, Travis said to him, “Get up! cried Travis. Go out on that Path alone, you’re not coming back in the Machine. We’re leaving you here!” (Bradbury, 366-367) The guilds mentioned many many times and told Eckles to not step off the road. This was a sign of a motif. This shows the character’s egoistic personality. Just because he was scared of the dinosaur, he stepped off the path when he was clearly told not to by the guilds many many times. He disobeyed the guilds because Eckles was scared by dinosaurs that he paid $10,000 to shoot. He was haughty in the beginning, thinking that he had hunted many other animals. After he steps off the path, he gets into trouble. He does not realize why the guilds told him to not step off the path.

In this short story, one also shows that small things can lead up to bigger things. Small things like stepping on the butterfly and leaving the bullets there can cause a lot of trouble. ( He realizes he steps on a butterfly and changed the future, “No, it can’t be. Not a little thing like that! No!” (Bradbury, 448-452) No…it couldn’t be that. Because they traveled to the past and they can’t leave any hints or trails behind them, otherwise they might change the past and different things with uncontrollable outcomes can happen. For example, Eckles squashed a butterfly in the past. When he realizes that, things like the spelling of words have changed and he paid the price for it.

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