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February 1, 2019

Good Morning

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What went well:

We had fluid comprehension when we were telling the jokes, and had a lot of consistency while performing the act.


What did not go well:

We did not influence the audience and make them laugh; we should work on our stage acting skills.

December 13, 2018

“Nothing More, Nothing Less.”

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The Pigman by kevin

The poster above features a movie poster about the book The Pigman by Paul Zindel. This book teaches us about several concepts about living. Family, Deception, and Death have all been frequently talked about throughout this compelling novel. Paul Zindel also teaches us several morality factors about everyday life. “Our lives would be what we made of it, nothing more, nothing less.” When you read through the book, you will learn that, after all, life is what is supposed to be in its basic form, and anything else that tries to change or affect the basic concept of life will be considered rather as futile.

“Nothing more, nothing less.”


Harmenszoon, Rembrandt. “Wise Old Man.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation,

November 21, 2018

The Rebellious Boxers

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October 28, 2018

The Aged Mother by Matsuo Basho

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“The eyes of the old mother were not so dim but that they noted the reckless hastening from one path to another, and her loving heart grew anxious.” (Basho, paragraph 4, line 1) At the beginning of the story, the author introduces the brutal law from the ruler that all old people must be sent to death. “This caused him to send out a cruel proclamation. The entire province was given strict orders to immediately put to death all aged people” (Basho, paragraph 2, line 2-3). After knowing this, the entire province abandoning old people was pretty common (Basho 2).  This is important because it tells us how the antagonist starts out, so that later in the story we can see him change. Not only this, because the ruler sets out a cruel proclamation that all old people must be sent to their death, it then tells us straight away that the ruler is cruel and inhumane enough to have this kind of mandate for a society itself.

Towards the end of the story, the ruler obtains his kindness and wisdom from the aged mother, who has the wisdom to save their land from the cruel leader “Ah, that I should have forgotten the well-known saying: with the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom!” (Basho 2). From this, we can now see that the province and society is now free from the abhorrent law, and from then on, the cruel hour was now abolished (Basho 2). Throughout the story, the antagonist is being dynamic because of how he changes from the start to the end of the story. At the start of the story, he is cruel and inhumane, and at the end of the story, he obtains wisdom and learns about kindness.

In conclusion, the main theme of this story is that a person’s morality is much based on their conceptions of what a person should be like, for example, in the context, the ruler has changed when he is being reminded of what wisdom, power, and kindness really is (Basho 2). Not only this, but the ruler is also considered to be dynamic because of how he is changing and being dynamic throughout the story. This is because at the start of the story, the ruler was extremely cruel and inhumane, but throughout the story he changes and learns how to be kind and obtain his wisdom.a

September 25, 2018

Protein Story

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This is my protein story. I drew a short comic about insulin and how it benefits the body from multiple perspectives and ways.


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September 19, 2018

The Theme of “A Sound Of Thunder”

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The main theme of “A sound of thunder” is an idea of the “Butterfly Effect.” This effect means that a small action can result in a major and unpredicted consequence. For example, when Eckels is warned to never step off the path, because they can only hunt animals that are almost dead, so if they step on nature then their actions may change history. Because of this, they shouldn’t even touch as much as one single grass, flower, or tree. The purpose of these objects are to keep you on the ground and not drift away in space. In the story, Eckels indulges himself to an extremely expensive trip that takes him 65 million years back to the age of dinosaurs. Despite several severe warnings that told him to be extra careful and to stay on the path at all times, he still killed a butterfly. In result, when he returns to the present, he suddenly realizes that the present that he knew of is not the same thing as the one right now.


Another idea that is implied from the author from “A sound of thunder” is that we need to have the ability to control the dominant technology that we will have in the near future. In “A sound of thunder”, the author demonstrates a downfall of mankind’s technology by writing the fact that we are using an extremely dangerous machine to our individual pleasure. Just like when Travis instructs that they are never to leave the path, and to not touch anything that they are not supposed to touch. Performing any of these actions may potentially cause massive consequences in the future.


Therefore, the main theme that this story is trying to convey has to do with the butterfly effect, which tells us that a small difference can result in a big difference.


September 6, 2018

Humanism 101

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June 11, 2018

Ignite Week 2018: Service Project Upcycle Sprinkler System

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Me and my group members (Michael and Richard) have created a garden sprinkler made out of garden hoses, T connectors, and recycles plastic water bottles. We have strongly believed that our prototype was a success mainly because we have solved two major problems that is currently occurring throughout the world. When we first arrived at the farm, we have noticed that they are lacking the amount of farmers and workers that are currently employed in the farm. They also have tubs of plastic bottles that have not been used, and also will be wasted if thrown away, and will also be harmful to our environment. We then thought of a solution for the plastic bottles, and came up with an idea that if we make a garden sprinkler made out of garden sprinklers that is hung on the roof for watering plants and crops, we can benefit this farm by making this garden sprinkler, which will reduce human labor greatly because it requires less workers to work and do their job. It will also reduce the amount of plastic bottles being wasted and being thrown away. One of the biggest challenges that we have faced so far was when we were working on our 2nd prototype. This was mainly because we were editing and revising the main part of our prototype, which was changing the garden tubes and upgrading the plastic bottles. I feel like the main L21 growth area that was focused in this project is creativity and innovation because we came up with new ideas that can impact our local community.

June 5, 2018

Feed the Future Driving Question

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This unit has made me think more about the growth of population amongst the world and how sustainable food can benefit the future of civilization.
At the start of the 19th century industrial revolution, the human population exploded by more than 65%. Cities have also become more urbanized throughout the years, This was mainly because of the sudden increase of cars, factories, and more. The industrial and economic developments of the industrial revolution also brought significant social changes. It also expanded social inequality like never before. Rich people had good jobs and a good place to live, however, on the other side, the poor and less wealthier people had lives that can be very miserable and no well-balanced because many of them do not have proper jobs, education, and a safe place to live.
The problems with food production these days are mainly focused on environmental, social, and economical impacts. Since the rapid of increase of population over the past years, farming has become more and more difficult due to the amount of people to feed.
I personally believe that the invention of agriculture has brought more cons than pros. Many of the humans that have been thriving on agriculture from the beginning have made the homo sapiens weaker in terms of physical strength when compared to the Neanderthals, when they used to hunt for there food.
50 years from now, I predict that earth will no longer be inhabitable, and humans have begun to find another planet that they can live on. Meanwhile, there will be an organization where they have to counter and at the same time find another home.

February 14, 2018

Kevin’s Colossal race car

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Kevin’s Colossal car

My first day during mentoring here next to the deign lab was pretty exciting. We planned on how we needed to build the car for the coaster, and what are the best materials.
Goal: I want to make a race car that can be functional when running down the roller coaster track.
1st paragraph: Design process and how you built the car
My main material was Styrofoam. I made the body out of Styrofoam, and I also used straws that attach onto the axels, mainly because when you hot glue the axels onto the car, the wheels will stop spinning. So if you attach straws to the axels after being hot glued, the car wheels would still spin. For my first prototype, I cut multiple pieces of Styrofoam and hot glued them together. For my second prototype, I cut off a smaller part of Styrofoam, and added some weight onto the car by putting a few rocks on the main part. I then used a coca cola can and hot glued it onto my car.

2nd paragraph: Problems or challenges that you face:
For the roller coaster project, we made coaster cars for the roller coaster track. I had three prototypes. However, all three cars did not make it up the first slope. I felt like this was mainly because that both my prototypes were to light, and that the shape made it slow down quite significantly.

3rd paragraph How would you improve your design.
I would improve my design by making a more aerodynamic shape, and changing the mass so that It would go over the first slope. I could also add more stable wheels so that it wouldn’t lose control and fly off the track. I would also rethink and make my prototype more unique next time.

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