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February 14, 2018

Kevin’s Colossal race car

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Kevin’s Colossal car

My first day during mentoring here next to the deign lab was pretty exciting. We planned on how we needed to build the car for the coaster, and what are the best materials.
Goal: I want to make a race car that can be functional when running down the roller coaster track.
1st paragraph: Design process and how you built the car
My main material was Styrofoam. I made the body out of Styrofoam, and I also used straws that attach onto the axels, mainly because when you hot glue the axels onto the car, the wheels will stop spinning. So if you attach straws to the axels after being hot glued, the car wheels would still spin. For my first prototype, I cut multiple pieces of Styrofoam and hot glued them together. For my second prototype, I cut off a smaller part of Styrofoam, and added some weight onto the car by putting a few rocks on the main part. I then used a coca cola can and hot glued it onto my car.

2nd paragraph: Problems or challenges that you face:
For the roller coaster project, we made coaster cars for the roller coaster track. I had three prototypes. However, all three cars did not make it up the first slope. I felt like this was mainly because that both my prototypes were to light, and that the shape made it slow down quite significantly.

3rd paragraph How would you improve your design.
I would improve my design by making a more aerodynamic shape, and changing the mass so that It would go over the first slope. I could also add more stable wheels so that it wouldn’t lose control and fly off the track. I would also rethink and make my prototype more unique next time.

December 14, 2017

Something Interesting

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Chengdu vs Datong

June 6, 2016

impact reflection 6-06 16

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I think that the impact unit this year was really successful because I worked hard on my final project and i think this was also an important unit because it helped us learn about the global changes, animal threatens, Politics, health and many more. But i think most importantly, we learned that everyone in this class can make a impact big and small. You just have to try hard enough, and never quit. Our group, me and Felix, wanted to present to 4th grade classes, but they were already full, so we decided to just present to 5JM. When we were at the impact fair, we didn’t need any trifold board, we just needed our computers. We were at the front of the table, but after recess some group took our spot and we only got about 4-5 visitors because we were at the back of the table, hardly and barely noticed. The only visitors we got was from My mom and Felix’s dad, David, Ms.Marquardt, Ms.Philen, and Kenny.
We chose cyber bullying as our impact topic because this was a real problem these days, so we wanted to teach people not to cyber bully. During the impact fair, my computer ran out of battery at the first 20 minutes, so our project was even harder to notice. Even when we were presenting our project at Ms.Marquardt’s room Felix’s computer lagged out when we were about to play the video. And even if our project wasn’t such a big success as we expected it to be, we were proud of our selves that we tried our best and that we finished it on time. Sometimes We admit that we are not really on task, we would get on task at the first 5 minutes. That is how we started and finished our project. And last of all, i think that the impact unit was the best because we learned the most compared to the explorers,Prove it, and human body.

April 22, 2016

Reading Journal # A 22 16

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i have read a book called Wonder and it is about a boy who was born with medical conditions. Everyone tries to make fun of him. so for 7 years, he did not go to school and his mom homeschooled him. That boy was named August. his first day at school has been okay, since it was really short.


April 13, 2016

Human body summary

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for my human body unit i have learned lots of things, the first thing i have learned is about skin and we watched a bill nye video. We also learned about hair, and why it grows. We learned about adolescence and puberty and all the disgusting stuff that all teachers and parents say its normal. And we also did the biggest project of the human body and presented it. The fun part is that we watched a movie called osmosis Jones,

March 11, 2016

timmy failure

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Timmy failure’s family got their name from faylure. They own a company called Greatness, a giant tower.
the entire tower says, offices for rent. But day after day,no one comes to get a job. Timmy’s mom and dad still would not give up even after 123 days. Timmy’s business partner, called total is a 1500 pound polar bear.

January 29, 2016

Diary of a wimpy kid

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Greg Heffley, 12 is a not very ordinary kid. He wants to be Rich and famous, and plays 2 hours of video games each day. Unlike most kids, during the summer kids want to play outside.
However Greg wants to play video games only.

January 27, 2016

Cooking Class Refelction

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Today we went to the kitchen to bake muffins and smoothies. It was actually math, because it was kind of tricky. We had to do some fractions during baking the muffins because we would mess up. We also made smoothies.

January 22, 2016

Reading journal, (January 22 2016)

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Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw

Greg Heffley’s good idea of a summer vacation is staying inside and playing video games all day. While the other kids enjoy the sunshine and the beach. Unlike most kids, he would have nothing to think about except the game Twisted wizard. Anyway, so greg has been going to the country club with his friend, Rowley. Greg thought the outdoors wasn’t so bad anymore,but then Rowley’s dad said Greg didn’t pay 120 dollars, so he got kicked out. His mom is constantly telling him to go out and get some exercise, but greg wouldn’t budge.

Science Rotation Reflection

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My favorite rotation was the dissection because it was cool. We also split the heart open in half.It was cool and gross at the same time. But i thought everything was pretty fun also. We also learned about the digestive system and i never thought the inner digestive system was that long. My second favorite was the brain because i thought the video was really cool. My third favorite was the digestive system in ms handys class. I also liked Ms. Philens class because if you finish first you get prizes like candy and stuff like that. Mr.LLaban’s class learned about the circulatory system. we also watched a mini movie.

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