My OneDay Project

During One Day, we had to work on something for the entire day. My partner and I started working on the cover page of a comic that we’re working on.  First, we wrote down the basic summary of the beginning of the story. After agreeing with how the beginning should go, we started to work on the actual comic itself. At first, we planned to make at least the first two strips, but then we realized we wouldn’t have enough time to make either of them. So, We just decided on making only the cover. I started out making the sketches, and my partner worked on the line work and coloring. Then, we tried to think of a title. We eventually came up with the name “Tales of Aletha”. Unfortunately, I took too long on making the sketches, leaving a shorter amount of time for my partner to make the final touches. If there’s anything I’ve learned from this One Day experience, it’s to not take too long on your part of a project when you’re working with someone else!

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One Day 2017

For Oneday, my project was to FINALLY type down a story that I have been planning for over a year. I found it easy to type down the ending of the story because that’s what I have been planning out the most. The thing was, the rest of the story wasn’t as planned out, nor did I have enough time to look over and edit it. Because of how unfinished it seems, I’d say that it was a draft for a much bigger story. Maybe, I could keep building up the story until it actually seems finished. Then, I’ll be satisfied. For now, though, the story remains incomplete. photo-on-1-25-17-at-9-53-am

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The Underneath

Haunting and beautiful, perfectly crafted.”  – Sharon Creech

A calico cat has been abandoned in the forest, right in the middle of a rainstorm. But that’s not the worst thing. How could she have kittens in this condition? Suddenly, a sorrowful song breaks her out of her thoughts. She followed the beautiful sound, only to find out that the music was coming from an abused dog by the name of Ranger, who was chained to a post by a cruel man known as Garface. Ranger offers her shelter, Which is under the house (hence the name The Underneath), and the two become the best of friends. Eventually, the calico gives birth to two kittens, Puck and Sabine. But what happens when Garface finds them? Read to find out.

One of the reasons I love The Underneath is because it is very poetic. Imagine trying to think of some deep description of something simple! That’s what I love about Kathi Appelt. I want to put one of the many poetic sentences here, but I don’t have the book with me! Another reason I live the underneath is because  it can teach some lessons. Like when the calico approached the dog. Calicos are cats, and you know how it is. Always dogs versus cats. But, instead of fighting, they become a family. This teaches people that some people aren’t who they seem to be. I recommend it to those who love animals and poetry, and I Guarantee that this book will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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