In The Water

I chose the swimming unit to further improve my technique and swim more often to improve while sustaining a balanced educational life. I think I improved a lot with my dive with directions and guidance from coaches and also my self directed training. I was hopping to achieve more for my backstroke sprints but with the time limited, I was not able to meet my expectations.

I was able to take time to make analysis from my videos of swim and through repetition I made my angle of dive specific and smooth also by doing dry-land I advanced my explosive strength. My coached and I discussed about different kinds of dry-land to give us better suggestions.

I would like to focus on improving my backstroke rating to go faster in short sprint events.

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Creepy Set Up

I choose this formate to equally divide the poster into 3 pieces. Each piece illustrates an idea of an important place with a visual and a quote. The location of this story changes quickly between chapters, so I chose The Dredge because there was a lot of horror happening in the dredge (Skeleton Creek). The class room is where Sarah and Ryan (the main characters) started to get involved with the case. The connection of the main characters also plays an significant part in the mission.

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Close But Far Apart

This is a creepy and addictive story in a style you’ve never seen before. Strange things are happening in the Skeleton Creek. Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the heart of it. But after an eerie accident, Ryan is house bounded and forbidden to see Sarah. Their investigation takes two tracks: Ryan records everything in his journal, while Sarah uses her video camera to search things out, then email the clips for Ryan to see. In a groundbreaking new format, the story is broken into two parts – Ryan’s text in the book, and Sarah’s videos on a special website, with links and passwords given throughout the book. The Setting that entrenches throughout the story is significantly fit to the the plot and a mysterious mood.

What started out as a kind of innocent curiosity has led both Sarah and Ryan to suspect that something much more sinister is happening at the dredge. Ryan knows what he saw and experienced that night — something or someone was moving toward him in the cold darkness. He could hear the scrap of a foot against the floor and then a shape and then… the next thing he remembers he is waking up in the hospital. Stories abound about the place being haunted by old Joe Bush. Ryan and Sarah know these aren’t just stories. Something really is out there. For the time being, while Sarah is frightened by what has happened to her friend, she is determined to go ahead and videotape her explorations at the dredge. She links up to Ryan’s computer, and now the reader moves into an interactive experience. By following the links given in Ryan’s journal and entering the passwords, we are introduced to an even more terrifying world seen through Sarah’s video cam. Following her shaky camera at night is like walking into the phantom-filled Blair Witch forest.

Portland was a major part in the story. The clue Ryan finds there leads to the discovery of the missing books in the Jefferson library, but only after Ryan drives fourteen hours there and back. The main place in Portland is the underground tunnel, where Ryan discovers, the clue and encounters Old Joe Bush once again. Skeleton Creek is definitely where most of the story takes place. It’s small, only 700 people and very rural. Some talked about places in Skeleton Creek are: the dredge-a place where gold is developed from the local lake, abandoned, but haunted. The library-pretty normal and average library until together Ryan and Sarah discovered the missing Jefferson books there. Ryan’s house-and average home, mediocre size, and look to it. Where Ryan does most of his writing.

Imagine if our school was haunted…well this is a reality for Central Highschool. The paranormal has been sensed all over the school, but mainly in one extremely haunted location… room 311. The school is notable for its exceptional academic program, and its strange dark, underground tunnels. The paranormal sensed in room 311 includes: teachers stating that they locked the door at night only to find it swaying open in the morning. There are also students claiming that they hear the door slamming, and loud screams that can be heard from outside all coming from room 311. Sarah comes to Central Highschool in search of the second clue. She finds the key to the clue in a lampost, and yet again it all happens very late at night. Sarah is a brave kid.



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Swimming Unit Goals

Going into the swimming unit for PE, It requires a lot of conversation in the first few lessons about the set and coming up with our own plan of training.

I have a good sprint and a well distributed pace in long distance, but recently I droped in my times.


Have faster rating in backstroke

by the end of the year

I will achieve this through repetition and record

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Determining Sides

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Teenage Conflict

Relationships and characteristics of a being are what connects people in a society. In the well written novel Me and Earl and the dying Girl, A life bonding relation was demonstrated between the main character Greg and his pal, Earl. Who are devoting them-selves to make a movie for dying Rachael.

Greg fears that he can’t get into the surrounding environment, so he works hard to show his cheerful side. When his mother asked him to visit Rachel, a female student who had recently been diagnosed with advanced leukemia, he reluctantly went. But gradually they became friends, and Greg found a way to see the world in this change. And Rachel’s condition worsened, so Greg and Earl wanted to make a movie for her. Greg evolves throughout the story from a careless being to a man with goals and guts. “And the point of Rachel the Film should really have been to express how awful and shitty that loss was, that she would have become a person with a long awesome life if she had been allowed to continue living, and that this was just a stupid meaningless loss, a…… loss, a loss loss loss …… loss, there was no …… meaning to it, there was nothing that could come out of it…” (Andrews 159).

With advanced leukemia, both of them were unexpectedly familiar after Greg was forced to visit the disease. Rachel and Greg have a lot in common in character. However, their relationship did not develop into love as most people expected. Greg strives to bring more sunshine to Rachel’s life, and his straightforward humor makes Rachel’s life full of hope. Unfortunately, this does not retain Rachel’s young life. As a rather pessimistic figure in the story, Rachael kind of stands as an issue for Greg and Earl to solve, but also to improve in life. Thus, before the decision of making the film, the boys had arguments  and developed relatively new understandings for life. “But you gotta live your own life. You gotta take care a your own …… before you get started doing things for errybody else.” (93)

Greg and Earl are both movie enthusiasts, and they spend most of their spare time on spoof versions of classic movies. When friend Rachel’s condition worsened, Greg and Earl decided to make a movie for her. ‘“I mean, you can know someone is dying on an intellectual level, but emotionally it hasn’t really hit you, and then when it does, that’s when you feel like ……” Said Earl.’ (127)

Time is always short to value the relations you own. Those who bring us short-lived happiness, like a fireworks that ignite in a flash, immediately consume exhausted emotions. The thrill of passion is not unusual. In this era, there is no shortage of love and lack of true love. What is more cherished is those who are willing to understand you. Those who are soaking in the depths of water will always be willing to give yourself time to discover your beauty. Each of us seeks a kind of warmth from the mother in love, a kind of love that can be obtained without paying. If you can meet someone who will make you feel like a child forever, how good it is.

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Inspirational Poster

I made an inspirational poster with the external conflict in the novel Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. With the three main characters in the story, I came up with three words that represents each of their situation throughout the story and their personality. With quotes from the book and figures, I could better visualize the conflict and help readers to possibly acknowledge the value of life.


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Mid Summer Night’s Dream Magazine cover

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