Swimming Unit Goals

Going into the swimming unit for PE, It requires a lot of conversation in the first few lessons about the set and coming up with our own plan of training.

I have a good sprint and a well distributed pace in long distance, but recently I droped in my times.


Have faster rating in backstroke

by the end of the year

I will achieve this through repetition and record

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Determining Sides

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Teenage Conflict

Relationships and characteristics of a being are what connects people in a society. In the well written novel Me and Earl and the dying Girl, A life bonding relation was demonstrated between the main character Greg and his pal, Earl. Who are devoting them-selves to make a movie for dying Rachael.

Greg fears that he can’t get into the surrounding environment, so he works hard to show his cheerful side. When his mother asked him to visit Rachel, a female student who had recently been diagnosed with advanced leukemia, he reluctantly went. But gradually they became friends, and Greg found a way to see the world in this change. And Rachel’s condition worsened, so Greg and Earl wanted to make a movie for her. Greg evolves throughout the story from a careless being to a man with goals and guts. “And the point of Rachel the Film should really have been to express how awful and shitty that loss was, that she would have become a person with a long awesome life if she had been allowed to continue living, and that this was just a stupid meaningless loss, a…… loss, a loss loss loss …… loss, there was no …… meaning to it, there was nothing that could come out of it…” (Andrews 159).

With advanced leukemia, both of them were unexpectedly familiar after Greg was forced to visit the disease. Rachel and Greg have a lot in common in character. However, their relationship did not develop into love as most people expected. Greg strives to bring more sunshine to Rachel’s life, and his straightforward humor makes Rachel’s life full of hope. Unfortunately, this does not retain Rachel’s young life. As a rather pessimistic figure in the story, Rachael kind of stands as an issue for Greg and Earl to solve, but also to improve in life. Thus, before the decision of making the film, the boys had arguments  and developed relatively new understandings for life. “But you gotta live your own life. You gotta take care a your own …… before you get started doing things for errybody else.” (93)

Greg and Earl are both movie enthusiasts, and they spend most of their spare time on spoof versions of classic movies. When friend Rachel’s condition worsened, Greg and Earl decided to make a movie for her. ‘“I mean, you can know someone is dying on an intellectual level, but emotionally it hasn’t really hit you, and then when it does, that’s when you feel like ……” Said Earl.’ (127)

Time is always short to value the relations you own. Those who bring us short-lived happiness, like a fireworks that ignite in a flash, immediately consume exhausted emotions. The thrill of passion is not unusual. In this era, there is no shortage of love and lack of true love. What is more cherished is those who are willing to understand you. Those who are soaking in the depths of water will always be willing to give yourself time to discover your beauty. Each of us seeks a kind of warmth from the mother in love, a kind of love that can be obtained without paying. If you can meet someone who will make you feel like a child forever, how good it is.

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Inspirational Poster

I made an inspirational poster with the external conflict in the novel Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. With the three main characters in the story, I came up with three words that represents each of their situation throughout the story and their personality. With quotes from the book and figures, I could better visualize the conflict and help readers to possibly acknowledge the value of life.



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Mid Summer Night’s Dream Magazine cover



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Band Recording Asesment

Band Recording

Abandon Treasure Hunt

Mesure 48-79(End)

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Ready Player One

In the novel Ready Player One, people have abstracted them selves from beliefs like Santa Claws and zombies. Main character Wade Watts has a name bolding from the reality. His dad thought having a name like Peter Parker or Bruce Banner brings fortune. In fact, Wade was an outstanding hero to the participants of the oasis.

The looks of Wade could be well described as ordinary, and like every other super hero, he is trapped in a conflicting family structured with his aunt Alice and an uncle that is a VR addict. The protagonist of the novel, Wade Watts is a kid in the slums of Oklahoma City who becomes the first person to find the Copper Key (one of the keys that seals a way the easter egg), starting the true hunt five years after it began.

Later in the story, Wade has constructed a team in the “Oasis” of four other elite players. The outfits’ coloring of their avatars are fairly chromatic. In the novel, Wade’s avatar Parzival is prominently blue, Art3mis and Daito wear red, Aech and Shoto wear yellow. As the action girl in the team, Art3mis is very formidable in the “Oasis” and is much higher level than Parzival when they first encounter each other.

Creator of the OASIS and starter of the hunt for the Egg, Halliday was a computer programming genius prior to his death. An Eccentric Millionaire, he’s modeled after Howard Hughes and Richard Garriott. Halliday was displayed with some Ambiguous Disorder. In such case, his distinguished ways of hiding hints further advanced the process of Wade’s team uncovering the cases that in the end, lead to the easter egg, and the authority over the “oasis”.

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Myosin Protein Story


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