My First Week

This first week was a awesome opening to 8th grade.

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Start of Grade 8 Humanities

  1. What are you looking forward to learning in grade 8 this year?

I’ve known plentiful of Chinese cultural revolution, but not much of the Western Histories, for example the American War of Independence. Ii can benefit my knowledge on this category with the opportunity to choose my topics during certain units.


  1. What challenges will you face?

I have always been an excellent speaker. I am not a fluent reader, so I would need to spend more time and/or concentration to understand difficult articles given in tasks.


  1. What is your plan to meet these challenges?

This year I am looking forward to improvements that are hopefully going to appear with specializing my reading and writing abilities. Doing so I would more easily overcome reading paragraphs and novels with a higher level of word use. Doing so I can get access to more necessary information.

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Hello world!

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