The Golden Compass


The initial setting for The Golden Compass portrays a young female rebel pushing against a sexist, elitist, school.  This setting provides the foundation for her future conflicts in the story.  The protagonist Lyra, attends Jordan College, which is a boarding school for kids with wealth and prestigious parents.  Lyra’s parents were prestigious but have died.  And she rarely sees her Uncle, the only remaining close relative.  Not having family members to hold her responsible or discipline her, allows her to push boundaries.  The only check in her rebellious behavior is her demon.  Everyone human in The Golden Compass has their own personal demon.   Lyra’s demon often tries to discourage her rebellious behavior.  For example, page 7 states “ We’re going to have to stay here now. Why don’t you listen to me?”.  Nevertheless, Lyra ignores her demon’s pleas for her to stop, but she likes to explore and push boundaries.  For example, Lyra would go to areas that are forbidden in the school.  Page 4 states, “She had lived most of her life in the College, but had never seen the Retiring Room before: only Scholars and their guests were allowed in here, and never females. Even the maidservants didn’t clean in here. That was the Butler’s job alone.”  Not only does Lyra like to push physical boundaries, she likes to push social ones too.  Many of the students at Jordan College refuse to socialize with the workers and their kids who are generally of lower social-economic class.  This initial setting of the novel establishes Lyra as a young female rebel, foreshadowing of adventures to come.


Found Poem

This found poem was created with the words of William W. Jacobs. In the story, “The Monkey’s Paw”. I chose to take words from the climax of the story because I thought it showed how Ms. White (one of the main characters) changed drastically. Ms. White at the beginning of the story started off as a nice old lady “sat knitting by the fire”, however, towards the end she becomes almost mad, scaring her husband, causing him to cry “Good God, you are mad!” The left side of the page shows how Ms. White was scaring her husband, and on the right of the page shows how Mr. White is desperately trying to find the monkey’s paw before the thing outside was let in the house. My background for my poem is a hand reaching to knock on the door, I chose this image because I thought it fit the theme of horror and in the story, there was a lot of knocking during the climax of the story.

Thirty Word Poem

Exploring the unknown,
Love going outside, but my body doesn’t… Allergies,
Hanging out with Beiya, she welcomed me home,
Sammy smile,
Shy when not confident, loud with friends,
Confidence gives me courage



ONEday 2017

Bali and I created four non-bake desserts, however, we only recorded three. Our desserts were delicious and easy to make. Bali and I had trouble rolling our lemon truffles in the sugar because it wouldn’t stick. After we tried a few more times we thought of dipping the lemon truffles in lemon juice and it solved our problem. Time was a factor that challenged us as a group. We only had enough time to do 3 out of 4 video tutorials. I thought it was a fun and new experience for me. However, in the future, I believe I will try to do an ONEday project that involves knitting because I enjoy knitting and it’s not as stressful.