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Wanna Girls R U CRAZY dance

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I chose Just Dance as my One Day Project because I enjoy dancing, and I believe it’s the best way to express myself.

I worked with Hannah, Amily, and Britney to make a dance choreography with the pop song “R U Crazy”. We decided to a Live performance, with clothing of Blue/ Black legging and short black shirt (t-shirt) & Makeup. (as shown on the index card above)

As you can see in this picture, first, we learned the dance moves by watching a youtube video. We then repeated few parts at a time, making sure that everyone is comfortable moving onto the next step, which was to play the music while dancing. Since most of us just started to learn how to dance, some challenges were faced during the rehearsal such as making up moves for slow beats. Eventually, our group (WANNA GIRLS) somehow managed to get through the whole piece efficiently(1 minutes 30 seconds).

Our final dance was shown during the exhibition the next day.


This is a short video of how our dance looked like…


Overall, I learned a lot during OneDay. I learned some dance techniques as well as teamwork and collaboration. I enjoyed dancing during this OneDay project and I am really looking forward to another one next year.


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One Day 2017

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For my one day project, our goal was to make different kinds of butter and see which one tastes the best. We made 4 different flavored- butters: salt, garlic, maple, and raisin. First we added whip cream to each bottle and shook them for about 2-3 hours. Then we mixed the flavorings to the normal butters. After that we spread some butters to the crackers. If was really fun but it was harder than we thought it would be because we didn’t have much time. We succeeded in this project because we got to the classes on time and even though we made some messes in the middle but it tasted really good. The challenges were that we had to shake the bottles for the whole time, teachers and students helped but it wasn’t still enough.

Track & Field Day

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On Friday May, 8th we are having track & field events in our school. I signed up for softball throw, long jump and one more (I forgot). If the AQI si below 200, we can have track and field and if the AQI is over 200  you don’t have to go because of the wether. I really wish the AQI is below 200!^^

When I got the mail about track and field day, the first thing I saw is the schedules. The bad news is 4th grade has to do swimming at the morning, right after we get to school. I don’t think it is bad news for other kids but I want the swimming to be the last!! The reason is because my hair will be tangled up and also wet!*-*

I wish I can get a lot of ribbons and never loose them. Last year, when I put them on my house color shirt, 2 3rd place got off when I was walking back to my home room. That day, I was really sad!!!!

ISB pic                                             ISB! Go Dragons


Author Study Book Reviews

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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is really a good book it’s written by an author called Kate Dicamillo.


The china rabbit, Edward had an owner called Abilene. One day somehow Abilene dropped Edward in the ocean and they couldn’t see each other for a lot of year. At the end they saw each other in the doll shop. Will Abilene, the old owner live with him again or will he forget him and don’t care about him anymore? If yes, is Abilene going to keep Edward until she dies or is she going to give it to her daughter, because she is already an adult?


Kate Dicamillo’s book had received over 10award in her career, including the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for this book. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a novel book so the reading level is mostly for elementary kids. One of the best quotes from this book is, “Open your heart. Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart.”


    Flora& Ulysses

Flora& Ulysses is an awesome book and an author called Kate Dicamillo wrote this story.


One day, Mrs. Tickham got a Vacuum cleaner from a man. She went to vacuum up the backyard, but she accidently vacuumed up a squirrel. The squirrel became Flora’s pet. Flora finds out that the squirrel can type& hold heavy things with only one hand. Flora’s mom doesn’t like that squirrel so she asked her husband to kill him. At the end, Ulysses (the squirrel) became Flora’s best pet ever! ~ I wonder why does Flora care about Ulysses a lot? Does Ulysses like Flora?


Kate Dicamillo’s book had received over 10award in her career, including the Newbery Medal for this book. Flora& Ulysses is a novel book so the reading level is higher than The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and it is also a level for elementary kids. One of the best quotes from this book is, “Nothing would be easier without you, because you are everything, all of it- sprinkles, quarks, giant donuts, eggs sunny-side up- you are the ever-expanding universe to me.” (The Squirrel-Ulysses wrote this)


New Zealand

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The country that I really want to go is New Zealand! Some of you should know where it is and if you don’t, it’s in the very bottom of the Globe and it is below Asia. I think NewZealand is a really good and interesting place to enjoy your time!

The first reason I want to go there is because my best friend called Claire is there. She went to NewZealand to learn english. We were friends since we were in kidergarden. She was really a good friend but I could only meet her 1or 2 times a year *^*. If we go there, I would meet my bff and also go to different places and have fun! I really want to see her, but I have to wait almost 3years before she comes back~~~

The second reason I want to go there because my friends really recommended to me!!!! Once a girl told me that the kiwi bird is really famous in that country. And once, I watched a movie called 아빠 어디가? and they went to a trip to newzealand and it was really super duper interesting.

Now, I would really recommend you guys who never been there before to go there! If you wantch that program, you would really understand why I am really convincing you guys.

Favorite Author, Kate Dicamillo

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My favorite author is called Kate Dicamillo. Her book called Flora& Ulysses been the panda book for 2015. I started liking her when my last year teacher, Mr.Cook read us Because of Winn Dixie. I liked the part when Opal’s dad told her about 10things about her mom. I would highly recommend you!!!

The first reason I like her is because she writes really fun& interesting books. She included some funny jokes and she puts fun& interesting facts! When I first read a book called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane I was really suprised how she wrote the story!~

The second reason I ike her is because she has a lot of good books that is perfect level for me. Her book is  always easy to understand. Our class is working on the author study project which we have to write the themes and mood/tensions. Of course I had chose my author Kate Dicamillo! I had wrote a lot about her and the book ’cause it was really easy to understand!!!!!^^

I think now you will get why I really like her book& HER! I can’t read her book today because I acidently left the book at school! HOW SAD#-#


Favorite movie/ tvshow

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Hi! My favorite movie is Bighero 6 which is really popular now. I chose Bighero as my favorite movie because I think Baymax is really cute and I liked the part when Baymax saved Hiro when they went in the hole to save somebody’s (I don’t know his name) daughter. So me and my best friend always does the fist bump (like in the movie) when we meet.

A little bit about me

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Hi my name is Linie. My hobby is to swim and design. My BFF is Arisa and Claire. I live in China. I super duper love my family. Bye~~^^