The most Famous Artist of All Time – Leonardo Da Vinci

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Where’s Justice?

Starr –  100 most influential people

The world is a beautiful place; full of great people and places. But, there are places and people that aren’t so good. People from all over the world face discrimination, injustice and insecurity every moment of our lives. What they do to deal with it is sometimes truly remarkable. “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas illustrates a girl that is influential to us in our own lives.


The death of the two best friends of Starr, the ongoing investigation of officer Cruise major and the chaos going on in Starr’s neighbourhood puts the theme of injustice in “The Hate U Give” the most significant one. In the magazine cover, the tilted balance, the police car, the gun and the coffin represent injustice. The fact that the officer Cruise shot Starr’s best friend for opening a car door, the death of the other best friend of Starr for no reason and the extreme poverty in Starr’s neighbourhood renders this story eye-widening perspective of the real world’s unfairness.  Some quotes from the book could be used to support my claim. “…people like us in situations like this become hashtags, but they rarely get justice. I think we all wait for that one time though, that one time when it ends right.” (Thomas 59) and “I can’t change where I come from or what I’ve been through.”(441) These two excerpts from the passage show how hard Starr’s life has been and the injustice she has gone through. Although Star goes through these hard times, she remains optimistic about life and does not hesitate to state her opinion about sensitive topics.


Another theme in this book is community. The gangs and poverty in Starr’s neighbourhood caused Starr to cast doubt on where she belongs to; Williamson, her “white” school, or Garden heights, an African American neighbourhood filled with drugs, chaos and violence. Ultimately, she remains loyal to her neighbourhood and tries everything to make it better. Some examples from the text might be: “If I face the truth, as ugly as it is, she’s right. I was ashamed of Garden Heights and everything in it.”(441)  and “Why should I be ashamed of what makes me, me? That’s like being ashamed of myself.”(441)  These two sentences tell that even that she was ashamed of her neighbourhood, it is still the first in her heart.


I once experienced a similar experience. When I was young, I grew up in the rural bits of China. In a village near the mountains in Anhui province. Although, we didn’t live in a uncomfortable condition like Starr, I always thought that I would be mocked if I told people where I lived. So, when I came to Beijing, I was always unsecure to tell people where I was from because I thought that the people from the big cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing would make fun of me. But, after some time of adjustment, I understood that where I lived makes a part of who I am and it is not right just to forget about it. I understood that I should ‘wear’ the knowledge that I am from a unique place with pride.


I wrote that Starr is one of the 100 most influential people on my magazine because even though Starr is just a teenager, she is willing to argue for what she believes in. She never gave up on what matters to her; her family, community and identity.




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Loup – The Humanist

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My goals for 2018-2019

Academic goal: try to get masterings for every grade on every assignment. I will work towards this by reading every rubric and taking pictures of the rubric and my work everyday.

Wellness goal: 50 push-ups every night before bed until the end of the year.

Personal goal: Play the polonaise in F minor (Piano) fluently before next summer.

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The Grueling Climb of the Social Ladder

The mission of a good parent is not to spoil his children, nor to be over-protective. The one true goal of every meritorious parent is to make his children successful, no matter the methods and paths they choose.


It is difficult to decrypt Waverly’s mom’s characteristics. She has a complex character, and if not understood properly, she can be interpreted as a despicable, foul person. But, to understand her idiosyncrasies, we must grasp the settings and timeline of the story. In America, Asians were discriminated against. Therefore, Waverly and her family were not rich. The only way for Waverly’s mom to change that was to try and give the best environment to the children, so they can climb the enervating social ladder. Waverly’s mom is strict, proud and most importantly, a mom who cares about the future of her children.


Like every good parent, Waverly’s mom had a stern personality. She wants her children to succeed, so she tries everything to help, support and motivate them.  Some evidence can be found in excerpts such as “Next time win more, lose less.” (Tan, 7) and, “…Her lips would be sealed tight, and after each move I made, a soft “Hmmmmph” would escape from her nose.” (5). When Waverly was playing she constantly watched every single move. She wanted to make sure Waverly was on task, playing responsibly instead of goofing around. Waverly’s mom also frequently gave constructive criticism to Waverly; even when she won the game so that Waverly would not make the mistakes again in the future. These excerpts in the passage tell us that Waverly’s mom is a strict parent that feels responsible for the success of her children. This is the best quality of Waverly’s mom. She is a parent that cares for her children. Although that “care” we are talking about may not be the sincerest love, but, she just has a different way of showing that she cares.


One admirable characteristic of Waverly’s mom is that she is a parent who is proud and supportive of her children’s achievements. There are many pieces of evidence to support my claim, for example, “my mother would proudly walk with me, visiting many shops, buying very little.”5, “That’s when my mother decided I no longer had to do the dishes. Winston and Vincent had to do my chores,” (4) and “Meimei play, squeeze all her brains out for win chess. You play, worth squeeze towel.”(4). When Waverly wins a chess game she is always the one who is smiling when Waverly plays in a chess competition, she is always that pays the most attention and when she is dedicated to practicing chess every day, she relieved her part of chores to help and support her. The compelling evidence above implies that Waverly’s mom is a supportive mom who is proud of the successes of her children.


Waverly’s mom’s characteristics are portrayed in most Chinese parents. When I was young, because of my parents’ jobs, I had to live with my grandparents until I was out of kindergarten. My grandparents are very similar to Waverly’s mom. They are strict, proud and they would do anything to make me more successful. When I was in kindergarten, we had a homework assignment to draw and color all the shapes we learned. My classmates and I scribbled and quickly filled in the shapes in less than 5 minutes. But, when I went home to share my “beautiful” shapes with my grandma, she started to lecture me, a kindergartener, about how I was not responsible enough for my work! However, I always loved my grandparents. Because, from the very first to the last moment that I lived with them, I knew that they were always thinking of me.


Parents will always care about their children. But, the ways of showing that they care, will always be different for every parent. Waverly’s mom obviously is a proud, supportive and strict parent that makes her best effort to aid Waverly. But, the paths she follows might not be completely understandable by everyone; all she wants to achieve is to help her daughter have a head start on the Grueling climb of the social ladder.

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James Exposed

James showing off his supercalifragilisticexpialidocious drumming knacks. Please luxuriate in the beautiful melody of the drum things…


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Unforgiving Eyes of a Tantalising Bass

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

Crowds of people pushed into the doors of the International School of Beijing. People from all over the world joined our warm and tight community. I came to ISB two years ago. Now, I am an eighth grader. Mom is right, when we are having fun, time always passes fast. This year, ISB finally began to understand what good food meant. Today, I finally ate a sandwich that wasn’t half bad! Also, our courses are absolutely awesome this year. In science, we are going to learn Astronomy, so, I am really excited to show off my skills to find stars and calculate the distances between them. Humanities is going to be awesome too! We are going to read a lot of my favorite books and learn about famous revolutions. Overall, I am extremely excited about the things we are going to learn, and the sandwiches in the cafeteria.

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Loup’s Goals for Humanities 2018

  1. What are you looking forward to in Grade 8 humanities?

I look forward to learning Social Science in Grade 8. I always loved History. I think that learning the past is the best way to learn why we are here and what we really are.

  1. What challenges will you face?

The biggest challenge I face in English is grammar. I never learned English systematically like the way I learned Chinese and French, so, I struggle to put words in a sentence correctly.

  1. What is your plan to meet those challenges?

I believe that the best way to solve my problem is to read and write. In the past, when I found figurative sentences in books, I would highlight them and try to remember them. This way, I could use these sentences and put in my own words.

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