Who is Waverly?

Characters and certainly people in real life often aren’t defined by one specific character trait. For example, I will act politely and respectfully in front of adults or strangers but in front of my friends… not so much. So it isn’t surprising that even if she is very mature, patient and calculating in chess, she is very demanding with the mindset of “everything is mine and will go my way” in real life.



In Chess, Waverly is witty and strategic. Waverly proved this point when she was able to beat people older and have more experience with chess than her. “I was a national chess champion. I was still some 429 points away from grand-master status, but I was touted as the Great American Hope, a child prodigy and a girl to boot. They ran a photo of me in Life magazine next to a quote in which Bobby Fischer said, “There will never be a woman grand master.” “Your move, Bobby,” said the caption,” (Tan, p.4). She is very talented good at analyzing the situation.



However, in real life she is very demanding of those around her. For example, take a look at this excerpt from the beginning of the story. “”Let me! Let me!” I begged between games when one brother or the other would sit back with a deep sigh of relief and victory, the other annoyed, unable to let go of the outcome. “(P2). This got worse due to her mother spoiling her too much after she discovers Waverly’s potential for chess. Sure, Waverly had to attend a lot of classes but outside of that, she is able to make demands without limit, just because it bothers her.



To conclude, Waverly is a complex character. To say that she is not smart is invalid but at the same time, she is very childish and demanding. Ultimately, these personalities caused her dearly as she was unable to hold back her tongue and said something she never meant to say to her mother. In the end, whether or not Waverly is a good or bad person does not matter. She is a logical and smart kid that had made many bad decisions.


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Found Poem

From The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant by W.D. Wetherell

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About Me Poster

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Hopes & challenges

What are you looking forward to learning in Gr.8 this year?

In Humanities, I am looking forward to improve my writing skills in a few ways. Firstly, I want to improve on my sentence structure so that I would be able to express myself using fewer words and making more sense. I also want to learn to end a story without rushing it.

What challenges will you face?

The main challenge I will face is time management. This is because I often spend too much time planning a certain project rather than doing it, making the work unnecessarily long.

What is your plan to meet these challenges?

I plan to set a timeframe for every project that I do. For example, I will use 15 minutes to plan the beginning, 20 minutes to plan the middle and 10 minutes to plan the end of a story that I write. Then I will start the plan over for the amount of time that is needed to complete the story.

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Creating an Original Graphic Novel

My goal for one day was to draw the first few pages of a graphic novel my friend and I were working on.

Firstly, we made a basic storyboard for what the first few pages were going to be about.

My partner then drew the sketch for the first page. 

Then I drew the lineart and colored the picture.

Finally, I inserted the page into my Tumblr account.

The project took longer than I expected as we only had time to finish the first page and did not have time to start anything else. If I were to do this again, I would probably leave the picture after finishing the lineart and inking it. This way, It would take less time to progress through the project. The other thing I wish to change was the plot of the story as we did not take the story very seriously and focused instead on the art.

The project was overall really enjoyable as we were able to draw and write a fun story.

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What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott- my reflection

What waits in the Woods is one of my favorite books that I read over winter break. The genre of the story is realistic horror mixed with a tiny bit of romance, a very interesting read compared to the thousands of horror fantasy books that often have a lot of unexplainable plot changes. The story starts with a seemingly very random entry of a recovery journal. Then the perspective switches to the main protagonist of the story, Callie as she and her new friends Penelope and Lissa decides to go camping to know each other better. Callie, being a lazy country girl, did not know what to bring for the trip and was fairly uncomfortable for the first part of the story. But then, after an accident where half of their food was lost to a stream, things start to change. More of the recovery journal entries starts to appear between chapters and they seem to be connected to the main story in alarming ways. I found this book a very interesting read but it is not very suitable for people who are easily disturbed.

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My OCHA Character Profile for the Phoenix Project

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Garden On August 25th


Today, I cleared out my garden space with the mini-hoe. I cleaned out the unnecessary grasses and dead plants out of my area.


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Lit Circle Working Agreements

Here are the agreements my Lit circle has made:

  1. Everyone should ask questions in the group
  2. The group should follow along with the conversation
  3. The group should listen to the speaker
  4. Everyone should stay on task



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OneDay Project


My goal for OneDay was to design and make a drawing tutorial of a dog. The goal changed when the FlipBook didn’t save and I had to restart my project. I finished the drawing of the dog but it didn’t turn into a tutorial. Instead, I used screenshots to make a presentation with a step by step design. I did’t get to finish the tutorial unfortunately, but I learned how to use the FlipBook add-in for SketchBook pro

.screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-9-24-05-am     screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-10-51-58-am




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