American revolution Journals

The American revolution lasted from 1765- 1783. It started because of America wanting to separate themselves from Britain. This revolution was very violent and many people suffered and died for their country. It important today because they claimed independence, and America is now its own country. My journal showed one perspective during the American revolution, and it showed life as a British soldier. It also showed that when a group of people come together they can overcome almost anything.

American Revolution in Plain English

Aileen and I created a video about the American Revolution using the main ideas and paper cutouts. This is being assessed for collaboration, speaking, and communication historical ideas. Aileen and I split up the parts evenly of the project. Overall the big idea of the American revolution is that if a group of people come together they can overcome almost any challenge.

Give Me Liberty- Theme Statement

Give Me Liberty, written by L.M. Elliott, is set just before the American Revolution started.  The main character is Nathaniel, an indentured servant who works in Williamsburg, Virginia, under the orders of his master Mr. Maguire.  Nathaniel learns to read, write and play musical instruments from the school teacher Basil.  Along the way, he finds his old friend, a slave named Moses, but later on, they part ways and Nathaniel fights for the Patriots, and Moses fights for the Loyalists.

The theme of Give Me Liberty is hard times force people to make tough decisions.  In this case, the decision was between two friends were forced to choose which side of the battle they are on, the Loyalists or the Patriots. A common motif in Give Me Liberty is friendship. Whether it was deciding who your friends are, or knowing who to trust, friendship is an important part of the story. For example, a quote from the novel is “You must learn to stand by your friends Nat.” This is important because Nathaniel is making the choice to be friends with someone, and later in the story, the friend ends up betraying him. He has to make a tough decision there. The title of the book is a decision within itself, “Give me liberty or give me death!”. He either wants to be free or he wants to die. He has to choose between living freely and fighting in the war against his friend or dying under Britain’s control. In this case, his decision is to risk his best friends life in order to live the rest of his life freely. He makes a tough decision in a hard time.

Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

I think NASA should focus future missions to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The first time anything went close enough to get more information about Europa, was in 1997. NASA’s spacecraft Galileo flew by Europa to collect data, although it only could get 93 miles above it, it was close enough to fly through a watery plume. Water is crucial to life, and if there is water there is a high chance of life on this moon, that means there could be some form of life even if it is just bacteria. Taking a sample of the crust and the water could be the easiest was to study the planet. Jupiter’s moon has a thick icy barrier and it is cracking open. Galileo flew by Europa 11 times, and each time it saw consistent changes to the moon’s surface. The reason it is cracking open is that there is heat or a warm liquid underneath the barrier; when it gets warm it cracks. I think do not it would be too extravagant to go to this moon again and find out even more information. The more information collected the more we can discover and infer about Europa. Because Europa can provide a lot of answers and much more, NASA should focus future missions to the moon.

The Most Important Image Ever Taken

I think it is the most important image because it is very far into space and no one has ever taken a photo that far from earth before. I also think it is important because scientists can make new observations and inferences about the universe. We can find out if there is life and it gives a better perspective on how big the universe actually is. It is a potential advancement of society and now we know it exists. It is 78 billion light years away and this is helpful to know that information to inform future generations.

The image of DNA could fall into the same category because it is the structure of life. If we never took the image or discovered DNA, we wouldn’t understand the science behind life. Overall, yes I do think this is one of the most important images ever taken.

Distance Between the Planets

In class, we tried to discover how big the universe is. We were trying to see how far apart the planets are by converting the actual distance between them to a scale factor so that we could walk the distances. We converted the distances between the planets so that they were in meters. For example, Mercury is 58,000,000 kilometers from the sun, but converted, it would be 11.6 meters. We walked around the school the distances between the planets and I started to realize just how bid the universe is. In total, we walked 1180 meters, and times 5,000,000, which would be the actual distance, is very far.


Open Art: second day

This is my final product of one day. I am happy with it and I think it turned out well.

One Day Open Art

I am going to paint with acrylic paint. I am going to express flowers in my painting. I will need a canvas, paint, and brushes. I am going to paint flowers.

What did I achieve in PE swimming?

Swimming is really fun and I enjoy doing it. Swimming feels really good, all the water rushing on your body, jumping in and feeling the water push back against you, it is a great feeling. The lessons in PE are always different and exciting, not only is it fun to swim with your friends, but you get a good workout and learn how to improve your strokes.

My two goals were improving my breastroke technique and improving my dive. Those goals were reasonable and I could achieve them over a couple of lessons.

My technique improved a lot and now I can swim and dive more efficiently.

My video:


Now I think I am going to focus on my stamina in swim team.

Overall I enjoyed swimming this unit and I think it is so cool that one hour of the school day is swimming and having fun! And I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone who is an incredible swimmer looking to improve their stroke, someone who has never been swimming before, or to anyone that just wants to have fun!

Current Event

According to, The New York Times article: “China’s Chang’e-4 Launches on Mission to the Moon’s Far Side”, China’s Chang’e-4 solar-powered rover is scheduled to land on the far side of the moon around January 1st, 2019. It is landing in a crater called ‘Von Karman’ which has a 1,600-mile diameter. The rover is going to identify the composition of the rocks and dirt and find information in the area. China is also conducting an experiment where the rover will plant a seed and testing if it can germinate in the moon’s low gravity. “Nobody has landed on the far side of the moon, mainly because of the communications difficulty.”(The Guardian) It is really hard to communicate with the rover because the signal is blocked on that side of the moon, and if the signal is blocked, China will have no idea where the rover is inside of the crater. The reason it is landing on the far side is because it hasn’t been explored before, and China is hoping to land the first ever rover on that side of the moon. The reason it is called the far side is because that side always facing away from the Earth, so it is much harder to get a spaceship with the rover from Earth to the moon than all the way around it. Chang’e 4 is really going to help to discover and understand more about the moon.


This is a major event for space history because the far side of the moon has never been explored before. This is going to be extremely helpful to scientist to see the make-up of the moon and gain more information about it. China is taking a really big risk by sending a huge spaceship with a 300-pound rover inside of it. If even the smallest thing goes wrong, then a lot of money and hard work is going to be wasted. But even if it does fail, everyone who was involved in the making of Chang’e 4 will learn how to make it better. Since the rover is going to the far side of the moon, there will not be a strong connection so if it loses connection it will be “deaf and blind” (Aljazeera) so they should also launch a satellite to keep the connection. This mission matters because, again, the far side of the moon has never been explored before and China will be the first. Readers are going to be really interested in this topic and they are going to want to do more research on this story. I think this is a really worthy but risky mission, and we will gain a lot of information from Chang’e 4’s discoveries. But what if the rover breaks when the spaceship releases it on the moon? Or what if the seed that they are going to plant actually grows, then won’t it spread so that the moon will be infested with the plant? And why hasn’t this mission been made before?